Betmacan launches MLP Jackpot game

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World’s first game of its kind. Players are given full control of the game, prioritising strategy over luck

All categories are simple and logical. Betmacan promises the player that this game is designed keeping in mind the entertainment gambling of player with excitement. No huge bid option and No huge deposit is required in this game.

About Play categories in MLP Jackpot

Four types of bid categories (horizontal coverage, vertical coverage, zigzag coverage and exact match in MLP Jackpot Game). A game of the 100 numbers.01, 02,03,….98,99,00. Players can create the highest chance of winning by making strategies in different categories with bid modification and delete features. Multiple players win in one draw result according to their bid. Draw is same for all players and all category betmacancombinations, with the draw taking place every hour.

MLP Jackpot Game offers the customer four types of category with five type of bid combinations that can be made in the game with your strategy and multiple type of bid values according to your bid plan. The unique platform is a 100 number that provides you payouts on each of its game categories. Before you submit your bid, a bet slip shows your winning possibilities and details of the bid.

The company mainly focuses on 100% satisfaction of players, providing great entertainment and value for money, with exciting games full of wins. In the future it is planning to spread globally.
The company is planning to launch new features for the provided games and also new innovative game titles shortly.

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Categories that provides combinations from 100 numbers
01, 02, 03…, 98, 99, 00.

Player can play starting with 1 playing point up to 30 playing point.

CRA (Common Right Advantage)
Horizontal coverage as single bid covers 10 horizontal numbers
9x/12x winning

DR (Digital Root)
Zigzag coverage as single bid covers 11 zigzag numbers
8x winning

T-10 (Target Ten)
Vertical coverage as single bid covers 10 vertical numbers
9x winning

T-20 (Target Twenty)
Vertical coverage as single bid covers 2 vertical lines of 10 numbers each
(All Twenty numbers covered) 4x winning

T-Shot (Top Shot)
Exact Match of single bid covers one number
94x winning

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