Betmacan launches new MLP Jackpot game (My Lucky Point)

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My Lucky Point Jackpot from Betmacan offers an exciting new bidding game for players

Betmacan has announced the release of its latest entry into the gaming industry. A winner’s game, My Lucky Point Jackpoint is an exciting new jackpoint game with brand new features – making it easy to play with any strategy. 

betmacanThis jackpot game consists of 100 numbers where you can make your choice by selecting a number and applying your bid. Players who win 94 times on their bid value can achieve many more chances to win across other categories. The draw takes place every hour. 

There are four types of bid categories in the MLP JACKPOT game. MLP is a two digit game, with each game consisting of 100 numbers. Multiple players are also able to win in a one draw event. A common draw is for all players and all categories.


Common right advantage
Right-most digit matches
#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #0
Win 9x and if both right-left digit matches win 12x

Digital Root

A digital Root is a value obtained by a repetitive process of adding digits until a single digit number is reached.
95 digital root, DR5
9+5=14 = 1+4 =5 (DR 5).
All numbers digital root groups are
DR1, DR2, DR3 … DR7, DR8, DR9.
Win 8x



There are five pre-defined group containing 20 numbers each. 

Win 4x


There are ten pre-defined group containing 10 numbers each. 

Win 9x


There are 100 options in this category.

Win 94x

The company believes that having a good strategy makes your winning chances higher. Players can delete and modify their bid, starting off with an opening bid of just €1.

The company mainly focuses on 100% satisfaction of players, providing great entertainment and value for money, with exciting games full of wins. In future it is planning to spread globally.

The company is planning to launch new features for the provided games and also new innovative game titles shortly.


About SiGMA’s revamped website:

SiGMA Group is excited to announce the launch of its newly revamped website. The website is currently available in 5 languages, English, Russian, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish with plans to add another 5 languages over the coming months – namely French, Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Hindi.

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