Beyond Innovation: How Partner Care Drives Fintech Success

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Beyond Innovation: How Partner Care Drives Fintech Success

bill_line is a Ukrainian Payment Services Provider that has demonstrated the adaptability to diverse payment needs of businesses. It may be young (founded in 2019), but the company is already making bold strides in the fiercely competitive markets of Europe and South America. Today the bill_line team reveals their main secret to success.

What helps bill_line rapidly grow

In the foundation of bill_line’s business model lies the principle of Partner Care. By prioritizing exceptional customer support, the company ensures that businesses can maximize the value of their partnership with bill_line, cultivating relationships founded on trust and reliability.

“At bill_line, Partner Care is not just a buzzword; it’s at the heart of our business model”, says Maksym Boronenko, Chief Commercial Officer of bill_line. “We genuinely care about our partners’ success and work tirelessly to support their growth. Our goal is to provide them with the most advanced and secure payment solutions, enabling them to focus on their core business and scale with confidence”.

How Partner Care principle is different from other companies’ support

bill_line goes beyond conventional support. Recognizing that each partner is unique, bill_line takes a tailored approach to addressing their specific requirements. By offering customizable payment solutions, the company ensures seamless integration into partners’ existing systems and workflows. 

Each bill_line partner gains access to a dedicated personal manager. These skilled professionals not only assist partners in selecting the most suitable payment methods but also provide the latest statistical data about the partner’s operating region, facilitating informed decision-making.

“We believe that by offering personalized attention to each of our partners, we can create thriving relationships that drive mutual success”, said Roman Puzin, Head of Support, bill_line. “Our partners’ achievements are a reflection of our professionalism. bill_line optimizes payment processes, leveraging advanced analytics and industry insights to drive our partners’ growth”.

About bill_line

Established in 2019, bill_line is a dynamic payment services provider that specializes in delivering efficient payment solutions to partners in various industries. With a diverse array of payment methods and currencies, bill_line is committed to satisfying partners’ most specific preferences. The company also has the highest PCI DSS Level 1 security certification, which ensures that customer data is protected at all times. 

Discover the future of payment services at SIGMA Europe 2023, where bill_line will be offering innovative solutions catered to your business.

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