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How large operators use Bluepear.net and how much money they save

Hello everyone, my name is Daria and I am the Head of Accounting of Bluepear.net. This is a service that protects operators from contextual traffic to the brand. In this article I will talk about how large operators use Bluepear.net and how much money they save. I’ll tell you about our most successful cases.

Why you need BluePear

The casino operators have a problem: some publishers are driving PPC traffic for branded search queries of the brand itself. It turns out that the operator pays for their own organic traffic. Operators have long understood the problem and have been trying to solve it on their own for a long time: they hired employees to monitor search results manually and tried to create their own programs for automated search for key queries. All this wasted large resources of the company in the form of people, money, time and did not give any result.

In the field of gambling, tracking such violations is particularly difficult, because publishers know that they are being dishonest. They do not want to get caught and have developed a large number of ways to avoid getting caught: they let ads, for example, only at night, only to certain regions, types of devices, and IP-addresses, and also use black hat.

BluePear service2Search results for the same keyword and one country at different times

That’s why we developed BluePear.net. Our first clients came to us a little over a year ago. I will tell you 2 cases to show how much money you are losing now due to unscrupulous publishers, and how Bluepear.net fixes the situation. For the analysis, I will focus only on the indicators for the UK (although our clients can monitor as many countries as they want).

Why BluePear is profitable

Since the beginning of 2020, our system has found a huge number of results for each client. For company A this is 26 265, and 28 941 for company B. Is it possible to collect so many by hand? The system monitors search results 24/7, so we can track all the facts of the brand bidding.

I think no one will argue that it is ethical to leave brand names incognito, so no passwords and appearances. There are just dry facts that you cannot argue with.

We used ahrefs.com to calculate how much traffic came to the site for key queries. We took the average data on CTR and CR, the average CPA rate for the UK and got the following math:

So, (not) many numbers:

Company А

  • Number of search queries: 38 000
  • CTR of an advertisement – 10%
  • Number of clicks to the site = 38 000 * 0.1 = 3 800
  • CR in deposit = 1%
  • Number of CPA = 3800 * 0.01 = 38
  • Pay by CPA for UK = $400
  • Total = 38 * 400 = $15, 200

$15, 200 per month – this is how much our client saved on one brand in one country. And this company keeps track of 8 brand names in our system for 10 different GEOs, which, with minimal calculations, gives us more than half a million dollars in savings per year.

Company B. Tracking 11 brand names.

According to the data of the same analytics service, the average number of visits to the site per month is 28, 000. Using the above formula, we will calculate the amount that the company would have to pay to publishers for dishonest traffic.

  • Number of search queries: 28 000
  • CTR of an advertisement – 10%
  • Number of clicks to the site = 28 000 * 0,1 = 2 800
  • CR in deposit = 1%
  • Number of CPA = 2800 * 0,01 = 28
  • Pay by CPA for UK = $400
  • Total = 28 * 400 = $11, 200

$11, 200. More than $112, 000 monthly. For traffic that should be free.

How we work

For each violation found, we provide: the publisher’s id, screenshots of the landing pages, and target links – all the necessary evidence to refuse the publisher to pay for this traffic. In fact, this means that we identify each dishonest publisher and transfer it to the brand for further work.

But besides this, we often see next situation when analyzing the results (those thousands of results). We go to the site that the program found, and… we see competitors’ advertisements there! That is, in fact, you are looking for casino A in the search, click on the advertisement and get to the site of another online casino or rating, which does not include your brands, but the brands of a competitor. What is the prospect doing? Of course he buys, forgetting that he was looking for another brand. We cannot calculate the lost profits from such actions, but the numbers, as we saw above, are impressive. This means that we can save the brand not only real money, but also lost profits.

SiGMa - BluePear The rating that we found for the key requests of our client, but his casino is not here
SiGMa - BluePear You can see how other casino sites are promoted by key requests of our client


















And for almost a year now, BluePear has been monitoring search results, and our clients have been working on these violations. And do you know what trend we see? Dishonest traffic is not decreasing! Some publishers are replaced by others, but the problem remains. Prompt response to emerging violations is the best strategy we are implementing. Our clients no longer need to inflate the staff of managers, drain salary budgets, and get average results. You just buy BluePear, get 24/7 monitoring of your search queries and save money.

What to do right now to make it better

If someone asks me, “Why do we need BluePear?”, I can easily answer: “Because we are saving over $500,000 a year.” I am so confident in the need and coolness of our product that I suggest you contact me either via email or via LinkedIn and get a free trial period in the system for 10 days!

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