Bojoko: Niche payment methods lead to more FTDs

Content Team 6 months ago
Bojoko: Niche payment methods lead to more FTDs

Christoffer Ødegården, the Head of the Casino at the award-winning affiliate Bojoko, is encouraging Canadian casinos to diversify their payment options. He believes that offering a variety of payment methods leads to more first-time deposits (FTDs) and opens up opportunities for casinos to attract new players.

“We’ve seen firsthand how important payment options can be in attracting new players. A core part of Bojoko’s offer is to let players themselves choose what they are interested in when they select a new casino, be that through our comparison tool or our hand–picked selections. Time and time again we see players valuing payment methods, and it is not just the usual suspects. What becomes apparent quite quickly is that there are a number of players most Canadian casinos do not cater for.”, says Ødegården.

Operators without eCheck are missing out on potential FTDs

“It is easy to understand why operators opt to only go for the biggest payment methods, as they can quickly cater to the majority of Canadian players. However, what is often not considered is that all casinos are fighting over this exact group. While smaller payment options do not have the same the same userbase, the competition for these users is low. Offering alternative payment methods such as eCheck open up new avenues for acquiring and retaining players.”, Ødegården explains.

Bojoko’s platform assists players find casinos that offer a range of payment options, including eCheck casinos. If you have not previously heard of eCheck, this is a secure and reliable way to transfer funds electronically between banks, regulated by the Federal Reserve and governed by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA).

“Competition is fierce in the online casino space, and operators need to constantly find ways to differentiate themselves. If a player prefers to make a deposit using eCheck, they will only look for casinos that accept eCheck, and the casinos that don’t will lose this player. The high activity on our overviews for niche casinos are a very noticeable indicator of this. Because most casinos do not stock them, players will actively look for the few that do.”

Ødegården states that eCheck, prepaid cards like Paysafecard, and mobile payment options like PayByPhone are amongst the key niche payment options that should be considered.

“It is really a question of whether or not Canadian casinos want to appeal to as many players as possible. As long as they are not offering these payment methods there will be a subset of players who just won’t consider them. This is a shame, as it is so easy to correct.”

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