Brazilian casinos receive significant support

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The new president of the Brazilian Association of Tourism Journalists, Luis Solano, is in favour of legalising casinos in Brazil

Legalisation of the casino market in Brazil seems to be more of a matter of when rather than a distant possibility.

The journalist, Luis Solano, will take over as the new president of the Brazilian Association of Tourism Journalists (ABRAJET) effective from the 18th of December 2020.

The journalist is a member of the Planalto Academy of Literature and Arts, the Federal District History and Geography Institute and also served as the head of journalists at the Palacio do Planalto, the Brazilian presidential palace and the National Congress.

Solano, is seen to be in favour of the legalisation of casinos in Brazil. Solano, has also voiced his support for other gaming segments such as Jogo do Bicho which is currently an illegal game in Brazil.

Having said that, tourism minister, Marcelo Alvaro Antonio (pictured), does believe in the legalisation ofMarcelo Álvaro Antônio integrated resorts and is in favour of large tourism projects, however, he is not in favor of permitting bingo halls or slot halls.

Senator Angelo Coronel, whom is also a strong believer in the legalisation of casinos across Brazil, forecasts that such an industry would see the community benefit from approximately 700,000 job creations directly related to the industry whilst another 600,000 indirect jobs. He also believes that a new stream of income through generated tax will be of a huge benefit to the sate.

Furthermore, Coronel additionally proposes the immediate inclusion of games such as bingo, slots and several other games of chance, as he debates that casinos alone would not be in a position to generate reasonable and immediate revenue within the state and it would take up to five years to do so.

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