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Today, we virtually met with ATMOSFERA’s Chief Executive Director, Yury Ermantraut, to gain a deeper insight into the gaming software developer

ATMOSFERA is a young company that has made their presence known within the gaming industry. The company is devoted to developing innovative live casino games, combining live broadcasts from their very own studio with game logic and interfaces.

Their mission Atmosferais to create high-quality innovative products that can evolve the gambling industry while maintaining a cool and tailor made environment in the workplace as ATMOSFERA believes that their employees will be able to transfer their atmospheric feeling to their players – giving a ‘vibe of trust, reliability, expertise and a good mood.’

To learn more about the company and the obstacles they encountered throughout their journey, we met with Yury Ermantraut, Chief Executive Director of ATMOSFERA, who has been at the company for more than a year now and is at the forefront of the company’s growth.

What’s the idea behind ATMOSFERA? What triggered the start of this journey?
The opportunity to gather a combination of like minded people, experience in gaming and investors’ confidence set the wheels in motion for the start of our company.  The core idea is in the naming itself. The concept of atmospheric feeling is maintained and transmitted internally to our employees and externally to partners and end users.

We aim to keep a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone who works with us gets a vibe of trust, reliability, expertise and of course a good mood.  These characteristics are then transferred into the games we create. ATMOSFERA is where players in a relaxed and stylish atmosphere enjoy their favourite game.
How has maintaining a good working environment affected the company’s performance? Do you think the atmosphere at the company plays a big role in ATMOSFERA’s success?

The main source of success of the 21st century – people. As I mentioned before, we try to create and maintain a comfortable work environment according to our employees requests, this is how we maximise the efficiency and everyone’s participation in the company’s growth.

The Atmospheric vibe activates the synergy of all aspects of our work, and communications brought results that we haven’t even expected. During the lockdown period our team not only showed planned results but much more. Extra outcome means that we are going the right way.

As a young company willing to catch up with the speed of everyone who has been on the market for a long time, we have to move fast, that’s why we are paying attention to the atmosphere inside.

What obstacles, other than high-speed broadbands, have ATMOSFERA encountered throughout their journey? Have these obstacles stunted any potential growth?

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere. – Frank A. Clark. The key, of course, is to learn from your experience then use that experience to build a more optimal future course of action.Our main issue was the insufficiently accumulated market expertise but we compensated with extreme ambition. Sometimes, yes, we paid for unforeseen mistakes. For example, it is very expensive to change the usual player’s experience. We do this in order to achieve additional visual aesthetics. It takes time to get used to new ways of working and risky decisions for end users. The main thing is that we are in love with the process and see the potential in what we do.

What are ATMOSFERA’s competitive advantage? Is the flexibility of the company the unique selling point?

Our advantages and directions we are working the most on are the following:

  1. flexibility in all aspects of our service;
  2.  focus on partners necessities and quick adaptation;
  3.  radically new visual solution for studios.

These skills helped us sign more than 10 important agreements with future partners during this year. Of course, this is only the start.

What are ATMOSFERA’s future aspirations? Are there plans to expand into other regions or even sportsbook?

The expansion of the casino product line with the launch of new games is the key goal of ATMOSFERA for 2021.Next year, we will spend a lot of time updating our own infrastructure and expanding the list of devices on which our products will be available. In the past, we made mistakes by focusing on directions and tasks that were secondary, so now we don’t even think about the sportsbook. Our main goal is to become a strong, important and reliable partner and take a top place in the live casino market.


ATMOSFERA produces cutting-edge LIVE gaming products such as Live Roulette, Bingo, Keno and Bet on Poker.

Maximum attention is paid to the creation of a unique user experience using the latest innovations of video broadcasting.

ATMOSFERA provides gaming content 24/7 in HD quality with the effect of a player’s full presence in a real casino. Thanks to their own Game Presenters Academy, the working process in studio is kept on the highest level.

ATMOSFERA’s professional team creates new game mechanics, user interfaces, visual effects to ensure the highest entertainment value and genuine player loyalty.

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