Casinos remain closed as Laos eases lockdown measures

Posted: May 19, 2020 11:13 Category: Asia , Casino , Posted by Maria Debrincat

No new cases of COVID-19 in the country for 35 consecutive days

Laos government has lifted travel restrictions enabling people to travel freely within the country as it eased Covid-19 preventive measures to lessen the impact on livelihoods and the economy. Under the latest announcement, all forms of interprovincial public transport by land, water and air may resume operation, as well as trading and services businesses.

However, the government will continue to enforce certain measures under Prime Minister’s Order No. 06 until 1st of June which includes closure of entertainment venues, cinemas, gaming shops, sports competitions, night markets, bars and casinos 


With 19 confirmed cases and no deaths, authorities lift ban on interprovincial travel.


The announcement from the Prime Minister’s office came after records show that no new cases of Covid-19 has emerged in the country for 35 consecutive days. The total number of cases remain at 19, with 14 recoveries and discharged from the hospital.  

This is the second time an announcement was made easing lockdown measures since the government ordered the lockdown last April 1st.  

The latest step in virus control is in effect from 18 May – 1 June after which, decisions shall be made to either relax further or re-impose restrictions depending on the outbreak conditions.  

With the lifting of control measures, the government is advising everyone to adhere to strict virus prevention measures, which include social distancing of at least one meter, washing of hands with soap or alcohol-based hand rub, wearing face masks, regular checking of everyone’s temperature, and strict sanitation measures within the premises.  

All types of entry visa for citizens travelling from or transiting via Covid-19 outbreak countries will remain suspended except for visas for diplomats, experts and technical staff workers, who are considered essential.  

Closure of all local and international border crossings to the general public remain suspended until 1st of June, and foreigners entering Laos are required to comply with the country’s Covid-19 prevention measures following instructions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at a later date. 

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