China mulls intensified legal action for international gambling operations

Posted: Oct 14, 2020 11:40 Category: Asia , Regulatory , Posted by Maria Debrincat

China warns international gaming companies of possible revisions to existing gambling crime regulations.

On October 13, China’s 13th National People’s Congress held a second review of the Criminal Law Amendment Conference, which was aimed at revising existing gambling operations crime regulations and increase penalties.

防疫優先大陸全國兩會將延期- 兩岸要聞- 中國時報The report pointed out that due to the serious cross-border gambling crimes and a large amount of Chinese domestic funds overseas, China’s international image and economic security was affected heavily.

In response to this, the second-review of the Criminal Law Amendment is expected to be revised and to further adjust the penalty allocation for the crime of opening a casino.

Chinese individuals who walk on the edge of a grey zone and think that it is legal to engage in the gambling industry in the Philippines should be more cautious. Once this bill is amended, penalties on gambling crimes will increase greatly.

At present, the maximum sentence for the crime of opening a casino in China is ten years imprisonment, however, once the amendment passes, the sentence could be extended to 20 years, or even life imprisonment.

This amendment indicates China’s intensified efforts  to regulating online gambling.

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