Commission on Crown Casinos investigates gaming regulator lacking key competencies

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Western Australian gaming legislator Ord confesses to have no prior experience in the field

While investigating illegal activities surrounding Crown Casinos, the Perth Casino Royal Commission has revealed the Western Australia gaming legislation staff to lack the necessary experience to monitor Casinos accordingly. Hearings on Crown Casino had started this week, examining the operator‘s activities surrounding Casino junkets and money laundering earlier this year. The process is likely to result in a revoked operating licence.

Duncan OrdThe first witness , Duncan Ord, Gaming and Wagering Commission chair, stated he had no former experience in Casino regulation. He was appointed director-general of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries since the amalgamated “mega-department” was created in 2017.

‘I had to take the role on at obviously a short notice, I did what any new member would do when they’re appointed, which is to take advantage of the expertise of the department’s staff.’

According to Ord, only one commission member had prior skills or experience in casino operations or regulations.

Subsequently, the inquiry is examining whether Western Australia’s gambling legislation remains fit for purpose, ten years after coming into force. Casino regulation will continue to be a focus for the Royal Commission.

A full interim report is scheduled for Jun 30, the final report for November 14. Crown’s executive chair Helen Coonan is expected to be called as a witness in the upcoming weeks.

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