Digital marketing success in Asia: Insights from industry experts

Shirley Pulis Xerxen 1 month ago
Digital marketing success in Asia: Insights from industry experts

The second day of the conference at SiGMA Asia brought together a panel of experts, supported by Wicked Games to discuss the strategies and platforms that are driving success in the Asian market. Mikhail Jon Penalosa, Marketing Director at Saakuru Labs, Gerry Go, Founder & CEO at MagniViral 360 Performance Branding Co., Karl von Brockdorff, Head of Brand at Wicked Games, and Richard Mifsud, CEO at Xprizo, shared their experiences and forecasts regarding the impact of influencers, key opinion leaders (KOLs), and social media on consumer behavior and brand awareness in Asia. The discussion was particularly relevant for businesses aiming to navigate the complex and dynamic online marketing landscape of the region.

The panellists emphasised the importance of aligning influencer partnerships with core brand values, stressing the need to find influencers who resonate with the brand’s identity. von Brockdorff highlighted the significance of localisation in marketing strategies, emphasising the need to tailor products to specific markets to ensure a meaningful connection with the audience. He emphasised the importance of understanding the audience and creating engaging content that resonates with them. He stated, “Well, primarily always look at the audience first, right? Being, an in highly influenced market, what we always do is, see what kind of content works in that type of area.” Gerry Go highlighted the need for localisation and market-specific strategies, stating, “It has to be adjusted to the right market with your marketing strategy. Otherwise, if you don’t connect to your crowd then it wouldn’t make any sense at all, right?”

Trends in the industry

The panellists also discussed the critical role of trust-building and quality assurance in the gaming industry, particularly in the Asian market, with a focus on certification and rigorous testing to instill confidence in players. Furthermore, the panellists delved into the evolving trends in the gaming industry, emphasising the need for a balanced portfolio that incorporates familiar elements while also exploring innovative mechanics to cater to diverse player styles and preferences across global markets. They also discussed the impact of social media platforms and influencers on consumer behavior, highlighting the need for engaging content that captures audience interest and drives brand awareness.

The panellists also addressed the importance of understanding regional differences in affiliate networks and the need for trust and alignment with the brand’s core values when partnering with influencers. Additionally, they emphasised the significance of market-specific strategies and the localisation of marketing content to cater to the unique preferences of different regions, particularly in Asia. Richard Mifsud emphasised the importance of understanding regional differences and tailoring products to specific demographics, stating, “From any product development, basically, if it’s games provision, if it’s FinTech, if it’s whatever it is, I always believe that there’s no one size fits all. You need to look at where you’re going to target, what kind of audience, like from geolocation, the trends, the age groups.”

Mikhail Jon Penalosa stressed the significance of aligning brand values with influencer partnerships, stating, “Before I involve myself with this project, I ask, is it going to benefit me? Is it going to benefit my audience, instead of thinking about money and not thinking about my audience.”

All eyes on East Europe

The gaming world will be turning its focus on East Europe this September when SiGMA East Europe Summit 2024 lands in Budapest.

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