EGBA push for safer online gambling following new COVID-19 restrictions

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Milos Pavlovic

15 online gambling associations announce renewed call for safer gaming and responsible advertising in Europe during the pandemic.  

Recently, many European countries have returned to more serve COVID-19 restriction in bid to address the increasing number of cases. In response, online gaming associations have introduced new measures gambling companies should enforce to ensure the safety of their customers. 

These new measures have been highlighted in response to concern that isolation and lockdown in response to the increase in COVID-19 cases could lead to gaming abuse and addictive behaviours. EGBA announced:   

Gambling companies should therefore be vigilant to promote safer gambling and protect their customers, particularly those who are vulnerable, during these difficult times”.  

In bid to strengthen and promote safer gambling during the pandemic, the EGBA have introduced some of the following measures for online gaming companies to implement: 

  • Advertising and websites contain clear and visible information about minimum age restrictions, national problem gambling helplines and self-exclusion registers where possible. 
  • Advertising does not portray gambling as a solution to boredom or social, personal or financial problems. 
  • New customers are duly informed of safer gambling tools when they sign up. 
  • Customers are closely monitored for problematic gambling behaviour and the companies step up direct safer gambling interventions with their customers when appropriate. 

Maarten HaijerThese are simple but essential measures which all gambling companies should adopt to protect their customers, step up their social responsibility efforts and ensure their advertising is conducted in an ethical and responsible way. We urge all online gambling companies to adhere to them.

Maarten Haijer, Secretary General (EGBA) commented. 

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