Esports Entertainment Group acquires Lucky Dino for $30million

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Lucky Dino: A white label success story

Esports Entertainment Group, through its Malta licenced subsidiary (Esports Entertainment), has acquired a Malta-licenced online casino operator – Lucky Dino Gaming Limited for $30million. The deal was announced last December but was finalised this month.

This deal sees Esports Entertainment Group gain access to Lucky Dino’s high end casino platform.

Why Lucky Dino?

Lucky Dino first started off as a single brand white-label casino operator. White labels usually have their integration ready and outsourced software deals also in place. Due to its usual outsourcing, white-labels are not in full control of their roadmap and may prove to be costly.

However, Lucky Dino were able to evolve into much more than a single brand white label casino operator. The online casino operator has an impressive portfolio which offers remarkable simplicity, scalability and flexibility. Features that any investor would be interested in.

Lucky Dino is now a multi-brand, leader and technology business rather than a single brand white label operator.

The online casino operator also boasts an impressive combination of processes, tools and solutions that include affiliate marketing software, payment servers, and a gamification and loyalty engine in their CRM system.

The CEO of Esports Entertainment Group, Grant Johnson, feels that this acquisition is vital for the Esports organisation to continue their expansion.

Grant Johsnon EEG acquires LuckyDino - SiGMA News

In addition to further strengthening our tech stack, Lucky Dino’s assets will give us a substantial foothold in multiple new jurisdictions across Europe, particularly in Scandinavia where Esports are extremely popular, and with Lucky Dino’s 25k monthly active casino players we will have tremendous cross-selling opportunities with our SportNation and VIE.bet betting platforms.

According to Johnson, in recent years Lucky Dino has experienced exponential growth with an 86% annual growth rate and the main aim of this acquisition is to bring the casino online platform to the US market, joining its VIE.bet Esports betting platform.

The online casino platform also registered revenue of $21.5million and EBITDA of $4million in their 2020 financial year.

Lucky Dino’s new adventure shows that white label operators are more than capable to evolve into something much bigger. Their journey is one that should bring about a level of admiration and respect among other operators and it may also push other white label operators to evolve into what Lucky Dino has become.

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