Esports global industry set to be worth a mammoth $3.5billion by 2025

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Esports sponsorships are expected to be the main driver behind the industry’s growth

A study conducted by Juniper Research concluded that the global Esports and streaming industry is set to be worth $3.5billion. Currently, in 2021 the industry is worth $2.1billion. Therefore, the industry is set to experience growth of 70% over the next 4 years.

The researched conducted predicts the following in the Esports industry:

  • Market value driven by subscription spend to streaming platforms
  • Advertising on streams will also effect market value
  • Urges stakeholders to invest in broadcasting rights, live event ticket sales
  • Stakeholders should focus on high-value sponsorship deals to maximise the market value

Esports industry Insights

Juniper Research anticipates that viewers will reach 1 billion by 2025 for Esports and games; an increase from 800 million viewers expected by the end of the year.

Esports industry set to be worth $3.5billion by 2025 - SiGMA News

Putting that number in perspective, for every nine people in the world – one would count as a viewer, with the Asia Pacific region dominating this.

The region is expected to account for more than 50% of the 1 billion viewers by 2025 and LatAm region is also identified as a key player in Esports growth over the next four years.

The study predicts that there will be over 130million Esports and games streaming viewers in the region, with co-author Saidat Giwa-Osagie stating:

‘Successful streaming platforms will be those that can cater for the differences in geographical regions, by including locally popular streamers and games titles into eSports events.’

The rise in viewership will also create competition between content and gaming platforms, which includes YouTube and Twitch.

Therefore, these platforms will need to promote their content to new audiences while aligning the Esports industry with industries such as the entertainment industry – as this will allow the opportunity for streaming platforms to attract new audiences.


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