Eunoia Partners with Databricks to drive business value with unified data analytics

Posted:: Mar 26, 2021 11:02 Category: Europe , Online , Posted by Michael

Eunoia today announced they have partnered with Databricks to drive business value by unifying data and artificial intelligence

Confirming the focus of Eunoia into the data and analytics space the announcement provides inherent value by addressing the gaps in the data strategies of organizations that wish to put their data to the service and retrieve new insights to drive their business.

Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform helps organizations accelerate innovation by unifying data science with engineering and business. This managed Cloud service auto-scales clusters and includes an optimized version of Apache Spark that is up to 50x faster, and uses Delta Lake to bring data reliability and scalability to your existing data lake. It’s the best-in-class collaborative platform that truly unifies data science and data engineering for fast iterations of data prep, model training and production deployment. Databricks customers also benefit from data security, compliance and reduced DevOps costs. All of this means organizations can finally apply AI across their data and drive disruptive innovations to the market.

Eunoia is a data and analytics company which provides industry focused business intelligence solutions. As a cloud first company, we build solutions that deliver scale and speed, ensuring optimal ROI through highly engineered orchestration, paying only for the value consumed. Our objective is to actively empower our users to look for potential risks and opportunities and increase the automation and correctness of these processes. The discussion on the use of machine learning and predictive analytics has long started, but it all boils down on how good the ground data is. Therefore, we apply rigorous cleansing methodologies to ensure the veracity of the base data to deliver on the promise of predicting outcomes. Today many of the platforms we use are commoditized as platforms which are consumed as a service. As a result of the partnership, enterprise organizations will realize the collaboration with Databricks will increase the value at the customer by providing innovation and scale to the data estate whilst releasing the potential of AI.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Eunoia and look forward to seeing the value this partnership delivers to our joint customers,” said [Databricks executive]. “Using the power of Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform, Eunoia will help accelerate how businesses solve problems and better prepare for the future in an uncertain world. Ultimately this will help our joint customers maximize the business value of their data.”

“The partnership with Databricks cements our maturity in the platforms that we use and the unique talent pool that we have in our holds. We are very excited with the closer relationship with Databricks to address business problems and deliver value with the technologies of tomorrow. Our conviction is that the journey with Databricks will impact positively our customers.”

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