Experts in Ghana push for use of celebrities in responsible betting ads

Posted:: Nov 09, 2020 11:22 Category: Africa , Responsible Gaming , Posted by Laetitia

Branding expert and entertainment advisor, Jesse Agyepong, urges the gaming commission in Ghana to make use of celebrities to promote positivity in the gaming industry.

According to the expert, the continual growth of the gaming industry will continue to boost the economy of the country. 

He advised that the gaming commission should begin a campaign on educating people on the dangers of betting irresponsibly. Mr Agyepong commented after the ban by the commission on companies that makes use of celebrities as brand ambassadors in their advertisement saying:

Jesse AgyepongThe menace of betting will be pervasive from now onward and will get worse. Once the industry is growing, the menace will grow. So do not fight it by shutting the celebrities away, pick them and use them to drive a responsible betting behaviour. 

The gaming commission explained that the reason behind this decision is due to the increasing number of celebrities cornering endorsement with betting companies, thereby selling a false narrative to the younger generation and luring them into the antics of gambling.

The decision did not sit well a lot of people, so much that artiste manager Bullet referred to the new guideline as ‘Stringent and heart wrenching’. On a show organized by Showbiz A-Z, Reggie Rockstone said that it was unfair of the commission to put irresponsible actions of individuals on celebrities who are used as a brand ambassador. 

On October 12, Sadiq Abdulai Abu, CEO of 3Music on his discussion with Andy Dotsy on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM explained that:

Sadiq Abdulai Abu, CEO of 3MusicOnce we recognise these celebrities have a certain power to influence, we should recognise that they do not only have the power to influence negatively but also positively. If the idea is that young people are easily moved by them, then, it should tell you that the same people as brand ambassadors can take the lead in influencing younger people positively. 

He further explained that with or without the endorsement of celebrities, gambling is addictive by nature. Therefore, the responsibility falls on the commission for proper regulations on the industry. 

Mr Agyepong urged the commission to raise money through sponsorships from betting companies that have celebrities as brand ambassadors encouraging individuals to have a more responsible betting culture, suggesting that the commission requests for 0.1% profits off sponsored advertisement and regulates the gaming industry. 

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