Famous faces: SiGMA Magazine reaches out to professional sports brand ambassadors

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Maria Debrincat reaches out to professional sports brand ambassadors who have joined gaming companies to find out what’s their aim in doing so and what their experience has been like so far

This article is taken from the 14th edition of SiGMA Magazine which is now available online here.

Recruiting brand ambassadors helps companies reach customers and target new individuals who wouldn’t have otherwise be a target for their brand. Betting companies are using celebrities with a good amount of name recognition to assure players a seal of approval and boost their label.

The way they do this is by onboarding eminent faces and followers and getting them to know the acclaimed brand they’re advertising for through the fandom they share. When speaking to SiGMA Magazine, Fernando Morientes, recently appointed as a brand ambassador with Melbet, agreed with this statement and said that betting companies are intensely competing in their niche “this is why they come up with various creative ideas where we, as ambassadors are directly involved. Being the face of a sports betting brand is very interesting, especially if you are coming from the sports industry yourself.’

Roberto Carlos Brazilian football legend Roberto Carlos, who also comes from a sports betting background, has jumped on the ambassador bandwagon. When asked by SiGMA Magazine for his comments, he confirmed that he is delighted to be the Brand Ambassador for Betwinner, representing the Brazilian and LatAm markets.

“Betwinner is an ambitious team with a good strategy and it’s my pleasure to help them by giving them my collaboration and provide them with support on football and entertainment in Latin America. I don’t just choose my partners as they come. The chemistry I feel when choosing a project is very important and for me, this partnership hit home as Betwinner’s colors are reminiscent of the ‘Verde-Amarela’ of the Brazil team. Betwinner has been a reliable and serious partner and with my style and professionalism this is an honor for me to help fans discover this great brand.’

Pixel - Sigma Having grown up in Nagasaki, Kōhei Uchimura, the twenty-one-time World medalist, and seven-time Olympic medalist winning three golds and four silvers also don’t choose partners as they come. He has been recruited by Pixel Companyz as an ambassador for the famous Nagasaki IR bid. CEO of Pixel, Hiroaki Yoshida told us that he has been impressed by how Uchimura has continued to evolve as a player, striving to be the world’s best by hitting unreachable targets.

Speaking about this ambassadorship Uchimura said, “I wondered if there was a way I could be useful for my hometown Nagasaki in my work as a professional gymnast, so I am very happy to have this opportunity. Nagasaki has wonderful potential for tourism, and I hope that many people from all over the world, and not just Japan, will become fans of Nagasaki. As an athlete, I have been assigned a major role in advising this project from the perspective of sports and health. I hope that I can contribute to Nagasaki’s future.”

Basketball legend Shaquile O’Neil has also become the latest sports personality to join Australian operator PointsBet. Like Uchimura, he aims to target a specific niche when representing the brand and is considered the face of responsible sports betting. He says that “The rise of responsible sports betting is really exciting, and I am so excited to join forces with PointsBet, the best-in-class partner in Australia when it comes to online sportsbooks.”

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