Focus, autonomy and efficiency: How operators can benefit from Fast Track CRM

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Fast Track is a player engagement platform built specifically for iGaming, SiGMA News speaks with Isla Stewart, Marketing Manager at Fast Track

What is Fast Track’s Focus?

For the last 3 years, Fast Track has had a single focus: to digitalise the iGaming industry. We work exclusively within iGaming because we understand the challenges operators face and believe they deserve a solution that is built specifically for them.

Fast Track CRM now powers player engagement for a large number of operators across the industry. We provide operators with an efficient answer to scaling their engagement that gives them the same autonomy as an in-house solution, without the burden on their internal tech teams.

isla stewart fast trackHow important is it for a provider like Fast Track to understand the needs of the operators they work with?

We measure our success by the success of our partners and the strength of the relationships we build with them. We put a great deal of time and energy into understanding their unique goals and pain points so that we can deliver a custom solution for them. Their creativity should be their only limitation and our platform should enable them to achieve anything they can envision in terms of player engagement.

Do operators have any shared challenges?

The key challenges for nearly every operator are efficiency and scalability . How do they work in a way that best uses their existing resources and how do they grow without needing more? This applies to both operational and technical teams.

Operational teams are dealing with the legacy of using tools that are not really designed for iGaming. This creates a lot of inefficiencies; data is not consolidated in a single place and there are usually multiple systems in place that do not communicate well with each other. We find that most of these teams are spending the majority of their time on execution rather than ideation and analysis.

What these teams need first and foremost is one central system where they can access and action their data as well as manage all their communication channels. When teams have access to the right tools, you can really see the benefits in terms of efficiency and scalability. Hero Gaming, for example, has been able to produce 40% more CRM activities per month per resource with our platform.

On the tech side, every operator has a backlog and competing priorities. It just isn’t always possible to fulfil every request for new development or integrations. One of the ways we help operators with this is by giving them direct access to our development team.

The support we provide can range from integrating 3rd party providers to workshopping and developing new platform features. In this way we can relieve some of the burden on technical teams while simultaneously promoting each operator’s autonomy in deciding how they want to make use of our platform.

Is it possible to serve the needs of all operators with a “one size fits all” approach?

Fast Track CRM wouldn’t exist if we thought a “one size fits all” approach worked for operators. Every brand has its own vision of how they want to engage their players. If you combine this with the pace of change in both technology and regulation, then the flexibility to adapt as and when it suits your business becomes absolutely vital.

Operators need tools that are going to grow with them. We custom-build every instance of Fast Track CRM to suit the operator we are working with. The platform is also extremely flexible, so if an operator decides to introduce a new communication channel or a new loyalty program, we can support them in doing so relatively easily.

In fact, nearly every instance of Fast Track CRM is unique because of this. In the case of Hero Gaming, for example, we worked with them to add a ‘brand navigation’ feature to help them more efficiently move between their different brand instances of our platform. Other operators have needed custom calculations added to their segmentation models or specific functionality to manage rewards.

With so many different requirements, how does Fast Track maintain focus?

It could be very easy for us to get side-tracked into trying to address every challenge ourselves. However, we are very clear on what we are good at and we only channel our energy and resources into what we know we can do better than anyone else.

We are never going to be delivering email or SMS, or building custom jackpots. However, what we can do is make it easier for the providers who do these things (and more) to connect with operators who need those services.

This is why we have “Alliances” with other providers. It doesn’t make sense for us to use resources to build solutions to problems that are already solved. We are committed to delivering the most value that we can to the operators we work with by addressing the pain points that no one else has.

What is the impact on an operator when they partner with Fast Track?

The ability to work smarter is key for operators who want to achieve scalability. It isn’t sustainable to just hire more people as your business grows, at some point you also need to reflect on where time is being lost that could be saved with the right technology or by changing the way you work (or both).

With integrations made easier and faster by our platform, and thanks to our Alliance network, the burden on internal tech teams is reduced. They can spend more time focused on other initiatives and improvements.

Operational teams who work with Fast Track CRM are more productive. They are able to automate a large portion of their engagement and creating new engagements takes significantly less time. In addition, they are able to spend more time thinking of new ways to engage players and are no longer limited by the capabilities of the tools they are using. We are working with individual operators who are running over 1000 different activities on our platform, ranging from lifecycle management to personalised, real-time, on-site engagements.

Other teams also feel the benefit. For example, data teams no longer need to spend time manually pulling player lists and customer support can easily find information on who received what and when with consolidated reporting.

Overall, we see that more efficient processes underpinned by cutting-edge technology enable operators to achieve greater focus, autonomy and efficiency. A fundamental shift is made from working to maintain the business, to constant improvement.

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