Former NBA Star Shaquille O’Neal set to penetrate the sports betting market

Posted: Nov 19, 2020 15:03 Category: Americas, Sportsbetting, Posted by Content Team

Shaquille O’Neal and Authentic Brands Group are looking to team up with a sports betting operator to launch their website – SHAQPOT

As sports betting across the U.S has grown astronomically in short span of time, various business, figureheads, government officials and pop-culture icons are now casting a wondering eye on the sports betting industry.

Such an appeal which is now gathering major traction is further justified by the fact that several well known personalities are getting in on the action.

The most recent high-profile American keen to penetrate the market space is a Legend of the NBA, Shaquille O`Neal. The American Idol Shaq Ohas most recently filed for a trademark for SHAQPOT and is planning to launch his own sports betting website under that name.
The brand SHAQPOT has requested a trademark in conjunction with Authentic Brands Group (ABG), which is a company specialising in brand management that is also responsible for O`Neal`s several business ventures.

According to submitted documents SHAQPOT seems to be a website with the purpose of including online betting, gaming gambling, and wagering services in relation to sports events. Additionally, unquoted sources have mentioned that this site would offer a program dedicated to rewards with an aim to offer something different to the current industry.

Currently, there is no mention of where the site would operate, however, there Is no Shaqshortage of destinations due to the current (or in advanced process) number of legalised sport betting states reaching 25. With this, it may be safe to say that a niche approach within a settled market with an established brand may be Shaq`s best bet.

It is understood that Shaq and Authentic Brands Group will have to align with a current sports betting operator. Any site would require serious backing as the industry will look to destroy a stand-alone company, with no support, entering its space.

Within a market of well experienced competition, an attempt to wonder into the world of gambling may be a long shot for O`Neal as legal gambling is becoming increasingly competitive, entering the market will be very challenging. However, given Shaq is a world wide icon and is most famous within the sports sphere along with his alignment with the Authentic Brands Group, it is expected that O’Neal will bring immediate exposure to the yet-to-be-developed brand.

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