Foul play in Bolivian football

Foul play in Bolivian football

The Bolivian Football Federation (FBF) has cancelled the country’s two top-flight football tournaments amid investigations into allegations of corruption and match-fixing involving referees, players and club executives. The federation has also suspended the referee’s association.

The decision to cancel the tournaments came after a meeting of a soccer council in the region of Santa Cruz, where first division clubs agreed to stop the domestic league and the National Cup. The FBF said it will ask the region’s governing body CONMEBOL to organize a quick competition until the end of December to replace the cancelled tournaments. The competition will determine the spots for the 2024 international tournaments.

The FBF also filed charges to the country’s public prosecutor’s office and fired the three members of the country’s refereeing commission.

The alleged match-fixing scheme involved at least four games in which referees allegedly favoured one team over another by awarding penalties or expelling players.

The Bolivian Football Federation (FBF) acquired a recording of Marcos Rodríguez, football club Vaca Diez president, fixing the result of a match with a referee for cash.  In the recording, Rodriguez can be heard asking the referee to ensure that at least three goals are scored by one side in the first half. 

Match-fixing scandal in Brazil

Brazil match-fixing scandal is a recent and ongoing investigation into a criminal organization that operated to manipulate the results of football matches in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B of the Brazilian Championship. The scandal was exposed by the Public Ministry of Goiás (MPGO) in February 2023.

The investigation has revealed evidence of wrongdoing by soccer players who allegedly made sure to get bookings and gave away penalties in exchange for bribes. The scandal has international reach, as some of the players involved have connections to clubs in other countries, such as the United States. The Brazilian authorities have launched a federal investigation into soccer match-fixing and are cooperating with foreign authorities. Brazil’s lower house of Congress has also opened a probe into the scandal.

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Is Detroit Becoming the New Home of Gambling in the USA?
Everyone knows that Detroit historically is the home of the automotive industry in the USA. In fact, it has been branded the home of the motor industry world and was undoubtedly the birthplace of the mass manufacture of autos. However, the heyday of car making has long passed, and Detroit fell into hard times. Not only did automotive manufacturing move away, but the decline in all heavy manufacturing badly affected the economy. Self-Preservation is in the Soul The city that brought us cars and some of the most incredible music ever written was not just going to roll over and take it. Detroit has a soul forged in hard work and invention. Those cars didn't build themselves, nor did the endless stream of hits produced on the Tamla Motown record label in the 1960s and 1970s. Instead, soul superstars like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, and Aretha Franklin had their foundations in the city. Diversification and Change What is driving Detroit's success these days has somewhat changed. Just as now the city's most famous recent musical export, The White Stripes, are a far cry from the sweet harmonies of earlier decades, so too are Detroit's current economic successes. Detroit is about evolution rather than total reinvention. The automobile industry is still an incredibly important part of its output. However, the cars have changed, and the parts that the city makes have as well. Dancing in the Streets Detroit has always had a vibrant night economy. This isn't surprising, given the sheer volume of musical talent available. However, it's not only music that creates thriving nightlife. At the end of the 1990s, legislation was introduced which allowed the wolverine state to open land-based casinos. Rather than look at the glittering towers in Toronto across the water, Detroit chose to bring gambling on land. Bringing Gambling into the Light While Detroit has never positioned itself as a rival to Las Vegas, it has seen the benefit of operating regulated and safely controlled casinos. The city has three commercial operators and another twenty-three tribal casinos across Michigan. When the initial plans were approved, there was much skepticism as to whether a city built on steel and rivets could be revived with chance and luck. However, the city's first commercial casino was built on a fifty-seven-acre site next to General Motors Corp, so there have always been parallels. Pennsylvania Brings in the Most Pennies Since then, Pennsylvania has become the financial giant in the commercial casino world. When we think of gambling, we might conjure up Vegas images; however, Pennsylvania produces the lion's share of the gambling purse in terms of tax receipts. In 2021, Pennsylvania's national tax revenue from gambling was over $2,016.1 million compared to Nevada's $1023.2 million. New York is the second-highest contributor to the country's taxes, and Detroit is in seventh place at $607.61 million. Michigan Has its Own Firsts However, although Detroit lags a long way behind Pennsylvania and doesn't have the glamour or temptation of Las Vegas, it does have its own accolades. While Michigan was one of the first states to allow land-based casinos, it was a much later adopter of online casinos. Therefore, it could be argued that it has some catching up to do. Nevertheless, many believe it is a state to keep an eye on. Catching Up Online Michigan didn't pass the legislation to allow online casinos until December 2019. There are now fifteen online casinos in the state, and it's one of only six US states that have legal, regulated online casino games. Even Vegas doesn't have online casino games available for residents to play. This means that in terms of gambling legislation, Detroit is one of the states that is most friendly for people who enjoy a flutter. Big Names Succeeding in Michigan Michigan is home to the big names in commercial gambling. According to independent experts, the best Michigan online casino is DraftKings. It scores 93/100 across a wide range of criteria. The casino is licensed outside the Bay Mills Resort and Casino in Brimley. While Brimley isn't in Detroit, the beauty of online casino gambling is that players don't need to go to a physical location to play at the tables or slots. Anyone resident of or visiting Detroit aged over twenty-one can play their choice of games. Sports Betting is Starting to Fly Gambling in Detroit isn't just about casino games. When online casinos were legalized in 2019, so too was sports betting at online sportsbooks. Sports betting didn't get up and running until January 2021, and it got off to a flying start. Sports betting is incredibly popular online but has also been a significant draw for brick-and-mortar casinos. Three casinos in the city have a retail sportsbook. The MGM Grand Detroit, The Greektown Casino, and The MotorCity Casino are attracting people keen to bet on their favorite sports. In October 2021, the three casinos between them took £34.2 million in retail sports bets. It is too early to say if Detroit will become the new home of gambling in the USA, but it could be worth taking a punt on it.
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MST extends XB Net agreement before Pegasus World Cup
Leading Italian horse racing provider rolls out U.S. horse racing to its extensive network in enlarged agreement with leading Stateside supplier. XB Net, the leading provider of premium content for North American racing, has extended its new distribution deal to deliver its comprehensive horse racing portfolio across the Americas to powerhouse platform provider, MST (Media System Technologies). The agreement sees MST harness most of the premier stateside races to Italy, including the Breeders’ Cup World Championships and January’s upcoming highlight of the Pegasus World Cup on 28th January at Gulfstream Park. More broadly, it offers a wide range of XB Net’s live pictures, data and betting services from an unrivalled network of over 60 North American tracks (over 75% of U.S. horse racing) allowing MST’s partners (retail and online) to flexibly fill their programming timetable. As a result, MST’s own burgeoning suite of products now covers over 500 racecourses on four different continents. Accordingly, MST’s proprietary platform can support its clients (such as Eurobet, Goldbet, Sisal, BetFlag, SKS365, Lottomatica and the Microgame network) with an authentic 24/7 horse racing turn-key service which neatly plugs any gap on the daily betting calendar with engaging, easy-access content. MST’s platform harnesses everything required to run a responsible horse racing business across online, mobile and retail. This daily schedule of immersive content, which complements Italy’s domestic sporting action, provides MST with a reliable source of fast-settling betting content between 18:00 and 05:00 CET. This engaging action is proven to capture and retain the attention of audiences during competitive digital-entertainment cycles, driving new revenue streams across many of the planet’s most prestigious horse races. These include the Pegasus World Cup, two legs of the revered Triple Crown, featuring the Preakness and Belmont Stakes, alongside the aforementioned Breeders’ Cup. XB Net is the proven pacesetter for live North American racing content, managing international rights, data, odds and live broadcast and video streaming on behalf of its growing global portfolio of partners. Harnessing low-latency feeds from more than 2,500 meetings, showcasing over 25,000 races per year, North American racing is engaging more and more bettors as worldwide operators plug the gaps on an uncertain sporting calendar. Currently working with many of the world’s leading fixed-odds, spread-betting and commingled wagering companies (such as Flutter Entertainment, bet365, William Hill, Playtech and Entain) XB Net enjoys a growing geographic footprint in mature and emerging markets across Europe, the UK & Ireland, Asia, North and Central America, and Australia. XB Net is now a key product of 1/ST Content, the innovative operating group for 1/ST’s media and content companies. 1/ST is the biggest racing company in North America, with a mission statement dedicated to redefining and supporting Thoroughbred horse racing and the ecosystem that drives it. Moreno Tanfani, Head of Horse Racing Business at MST, said: “For Italian operators, North American racing represents a great opportunity to expand their offering beyond traditional fixtures and has proved a boon for acquisition and retention with those clients who’ve prioritised it on their integration road maps. Their players have already seen the added fun and value that U.S. racing brings to the betting experience, providing a trustworthy and regular flow of rapid-cycling opportunities. It’s an honour to be bringing events like the Breeders’ Cup World Championships and the Pegasus World Cup to Italy. “After Italian restrictions on broadcasting horse racing from overseas were belatedly eased a couple of years ago, international content is growing in its appeal and assimilation. Indeed, XB Net now represents a significant part of our total turnover, including Italian races. “XB Net is helping MST meet the demands of all kinds of player, allowing our clients and their customers to enjoy the best live racing from around the world 24/7. It’s a real boost for both increased betting activity and engagement.” Simon Fraser, Senior Vice President of International at XB Net, added: “Wherever you set your scene on the map, delivering the right content at peak leisure-times remains of paramount importance. XB Net’s wide range of low-latency racing solutions and racetracks are now ensuring the requisite flexibility for MST and their impressive rollcall of operators, and we’re delighted with this progressive partnership. “While it’s always fine to plan globally, you need to remember to deliver a flexible enough solution that works locally. Live, premium daily sport is ostensibly an easy sell wherever you are in the world. However, if that sport’s betting markets are consistent and the framework familiar to customers, not to mention the timing matches up well with local leisure periods, then we’ve found that engagement takes hold more quickly and proves enduring. “Italy’s CET time zone is perfectly-placed to transition from its domestic racing scene into top-class ‘evening’ meetings stateside, so high-quality 24/7 programming is now an attainable reality for our customers, thanks to this evolving collaboration. We can’t wait to see how these innovative products continue to perform over upcoming highlights, with the upcoming Pegasus World Cup an obvious highlight.”
Content Team 8 months ago
Irish Racecourses will operate at 50% capacity from Monday 6th September
Operating all 26 courses in Ireland, the news is being welcomed by the Association of Irish Racecourses

As of tomorrow, September 6th, Irish racecourses will increase their outdoor capacity and start operating by “up to 50%.” Racecourses may also utilise 60% of their indoor capacity for hospitality purposes, however, visitors must consume food and beverages as well as provide proof of their Digital COVID Vaccine Cert under the new restrictions (DCC).

After the lifting of all COVID limitations on Oct. 22, attendance in both domains is eyed to grow to 100%.

Racegoers who have pre-registered tickets to Irish Champions Weekend, which takes place on Sept. 11 and 12, will be able to purchase them on Sept. 3; all other tickets will be available to the general public on Monday.

4,000 people are permitted to visit Leopardstown and The Curragh. On both days, there will be a mix of outdoor and inside events, with evidence of vaccination necessary for those who wish to consume food and beverages indoors on both days. A maximum of 2,000 people each day will attend the seven-day Listowel Harvest Festival from Sept. 19-Sept. 25. The event will be held outdoors and is open to the public.

[caption id="attachment_134075" align="alignleft" width="413"]brian kavanagh, chief executive of horse racing ireland Brian Kavanagh, Chief Executive of Horse Racing Ireland.[/caption]

Brian Kavanagh, Chief Executive of Horse Racing Ireland, said: “It has been a very difficult 18 months for everybody in society, and racing can be proud of the way it has come through it. However, without racegoers, racing has been missing one of its essential ingredients.

A statement from the association stated that like many industries, there is still much work to do, but there is no real progress and forward steps to normality. Welcoming back racegoers in measured but increasing numbers is one of those steps, and from Monday, Irish racecourses will be free to use 50% of their capacity to allow racegoers back on the track in real numbers.

“And as we know, this good news comes just in time for some of our most important race meetings: the Longines Irish Champions Weekend at Leopardstown and the Curragh on Sept. 11 and Sept. 12, and Listowel's Harvest Festival which begins on Sunday, Sept. 19.

Irish Champions Weekend at Leopardstown on September 11th and the Curragh on September 12th will be limited to 4,000 persons each day, according to Horse Racing Ireland.

“I would like to thank all our customers for their patience and look forward to race meetings becoming just that again–a place where racegoers can meet each other in a safe environment and enjoy our great sport.”

Irish racecourses now host around 380 races a year. There are currently 26 racecourses in Ireland. Currently, 1.3 million people watch the sport each year. Owners, trainers, jockeys, stable personnel, Turf Club stewards, and officials are among the participants. Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) officials, as well as a different racecourse and other workers, would make up the support crew.

Many of the players, including the racetrack's owners, stewards, and other employees, are working on a voluntary basis. In Ireland, horseracing is a tremendously popular activity, and it puts the country in a very positive light on the international arena, where there's regular competition with the world's finest.

SiGMA Americas Virtual 2021:

The SiGMA Americas Virtual show will run from the 13th to the 14th of September, 2021. Features include a fully interactive expo floor, networking chat rooms, and a high-profile lineup of panelists. Explore the agenda below or check out who’s on the floor plan.


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Malta regulator announces partnership with Badminton World Federation
Gaming regulator The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) said that it formed a partnership with a data sharing partnership with The Badminton World Federation (BWF) Integrity Unit to share data. Recent suspicious betting activity in the sport has brought about this much needed initiative which will scale up monitoring and investigations of match manipulation. This will lead towards a future of a 'clean and fair sport'.
I am very pleased to see the Badminton World Federation added to the long list of Sports’ Governing Bodies whom the Authority already assists on a practical level, and we look forward to working with the BWF’s Integrity Unit on any issues that may arise” Antonio Zerafa - MGA Head of Financial Crime Compliance
This partnership is being recognised as crucial to the future of badminton. It will enable BWF to monitor and prevent suspicious betting and match fixing activity. The Secretary General of BWF, Thomas Lund explained that the partnership is very significant to the sport as the MGA will be able to facilitate sharing of data between betting operators to increase the integrity of the sport.
We see this as being a deterrent to potential corruptors of the sport as we continue to preserve the integrity of badminton.” Thomas Lund, Secretary General - Badminton World Federation Integrity Unit
Malta Gaming Authority The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) regulates the gaming industry in the jurisdiction of Malta. The Authority ensures that licensed gaming operations are fair and transparent to all players, preventing crime, corruption and money laundering, whilst safeguarding the interests of players. The Badminton World Integrity Unit The integrity unit offers monitoring and investigation in all aspects of the sport that include anti-match fixing and anti-drug testing programmes with a view to identify individuals who are most at risk and monitor irregular activity in the sport. The monitoring and testing programmes target individuals to see whether they are compliant in terms of the anti-doping and anti-match fixing regulations and where appropriate, investigations are scaled up. Player information is gathered, matches and competition details are analysed and intelligence is used in investigations into any circumstance of possible match manipulation with the support and advice of professional resources and partnerships. The partnership with MGA will benefit BWF Integrity Unit’s capabilities to investigate suspicious betting activity on badminton matches and is part of continuing deterrent initiatives against corruption in the sport. Related topics:
Lea Hogg 7 months ago
Growth, innovation and investment in people among Betsson’s goals for 2023
Enhancing its already strong global presence, innovation, and investment in its people are among Betsson’s goals for 2023. Betsson will be announcing its earnings report for the fourth quarter and full year of 2022 on 14th February. The company recently announced that Q3 of 2022 was its “best quarter ever,” posting a revenue of $201 million. Betsson's update to SiGMA News Ahead of the announcement, SiGMA News spoke with Betsson spokesperson Roderick Spiteri Schillig, who outlined the company’s vision for the coming months. “In the upcoming year, I anticipate that we will be exploring further opportunities to enhance our already strong global presence. By maintaining a diverse and comprehensive portfolio of brands across multiple markets, we aim to drive continued growth for the company.” “Additionally, we are dedicated to continuously evaluating ways to improve and innovate our products and services, through the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies, as well as by implementing effective marketing strategies. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations and provide exceptional experiences through superior products and engaging partnerships that cater to the needs of our diverse audience in different markets,” Spiteri Schillig said. Betsson will also continue to invest in its people “by further improving our policies and processes. As a demonstration of our commitment to our employees, we are proud to announce that we have recently been recognised as a Top Employer by the international Top Employers Institute.” What are the company’s highlights of the last 5 years? “Over the past five years, we have experienced significant growth and success as a company. Despite facing various challenges, our teams have demonstrated exceptional dedication and professionalism in overcoming these obstacles.” [caption id="attachment_773971" align="alignright" width="300"] Roderick Spiteri Schillig[/caption] Some of Betsson’s notable achievements during this period include obtaining licenses for several markets including Sweden, Colombia, Croatia, Kenya, Argentina (Province and City of Buenos Aires), Colorado (US), Greece, and Mexico. It also made strategic acquisitions such as the B2C business of GiG, which included brands such as Guts, Rizk, Kaboo, and Thrills. We also acquired Suaposta in Brazil (2020) and Inkabet (in 2021). Betsson also launched a Sustainability Framework that establishes five focus areas with long-term ambitions for our work on sustainability: Business Compliance, Responsible Gaming, Employee Impact, Social Impact and Climate Impact. This framework sets out long-term goals, KPIs and activities for each area. Additionally, it launched a new website,, representing the next chapter in the Group’s continuous efforts in social engagement and responsibility. Other notable achievements Betsson also embarked on several exciting sponsorship opportunities such as the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) in 2018, Alfa Romeo Racing (2019), Liga 1 in Peru (2021), La Roja in Chile (2021), the sponsorship of the worst team in the world - Ibis Sport Club in Brazil (2021), Nordic Bet Liga in Denmark (2021), CONMEBOL Copa America (2021), the EKO Acropolis Rally in Greece (2021), Colo Colo in Chile (2022), the Pernabuco championship and the Gauchao league in Brazil (2022), became the official regional sponsor of AC Milan in Latam (2022), and CONMEBOL Copa America Women (2022). Moreover, it received several certifications such as ISO27001:2013 (in 2019) and eCOGRA’s seal as a Safe and Fair operator (in 2019). Diversity Projects Spiteri Schillig added that Betsson also launched the Women in Betsson network and became a founding member of the All-In Diversity Project. “We are also proud that we organised the first Diversity and Inclusion conference in Malta (2022).” “We’ve also seen an incredible amount of recognition by trade media as over the past five years, we’ve won some 93 awards in multiple categories. These achievements are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our teams, and we look forward to continued success in the future.” B2B and B2C expansion A leader in the gaming sector, Betsson Group recently celebrated 60 years since it was established in 1963. Today, Betsson operates in 14 countries covering 20 territories with plans for more strategic B2B and B2C expansion.
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SOFTSWISS Sportsbook launches new Freebet Version – Freebet Booster
The new functionality is part of SoftSwiss's Sportsbook strategy to gamify the gambling process and player experience The SOFTSWISS Sportsbook is upgrading its online betting solution with the launch of an updated Freebet bonus feature – Freebet Booster. The new functionality is part of the Sportsbook’s strategy to gamify the gambling process and player experience. The expanded bonus functionality will help operators offer more attractive terms to players, which will increase their loyalty and engagement. The new Freebet Booster feature will complement the lineup of existing player rewards. At the moment it includes three types of Freebets (No Risk, AllWin and OnlyWin), Comboboost, and the sport betting platform's recent novelty – Hunting bonus.  The principle behind Freebet Booster is to multiply the standard Freebet bonuses that can be assigned to players. The Freebet Booster will be given to the user at the same time as a standard freebet. The player will need to activate the Freebet Booster (clicking on it) in order to take advantage of the bonus. The bettor will then be able to get from 1 to 5 additional Freebets identical in value to the ‘boosted’ freebets. An operator determines the number of freebet bonuses a player receives after activating the Freebet Booster. The SOFTSWISS Sportsbook plans to extend the Booster model to other available bonuses at a later date. The SOFTSWISS Sportsbook is a reliable sports betting solution which allows for the running of a successful sports betting website. Platform clients have access to data from the leading provider of live odds for eSports,, and the leading sports odds feed supplier, Betradar. In addition to an extensive set of bonus tools, which now includes three types of bonuses, the Sportsbook offers its clients flexibility in managing sports betting bonuses and promotions, as well as:
  • 22,000+ live events monthly
  • 180+ sports on 1,200+ markets
  • Advanced player segmentation
  • eSports and premium сricket odds
"The SOFTSWISS Sportsbook has a number of advantages as a flexible online sports betting solutions for both operators and players. We are constantly working to develop our product to reflect the latest requirements of the iGaming industry. Therefore, the launch of the new bonus will be great news for all those who would like to bring gamification elements to their betting sites. Freebet Booster will be appreciated by those players who value interactive and dynamic gameplay. And that is certainly the majority of casino and betting site visitors", commented Alexander Kamenetskyi, Product Owner at SOFTSWISS Sportsbook. ABOUT SOFTSWISS Launched in 2020, the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook Platform offers a gaming experience that can be enjoyed by seasoned punters and a new generation of players. SOFTSWISS is a widely-acclaimed iGaming expert, supplying certified software solutions for managing online gambling operations. The company has an international team, which counts 1,000+ employees and has an official presence in Malta, Belarus, Poland and Georgia. SOFTSWISS holds a number of gaming licences, including Curacao, Malta, Estonia, Belarus, Belgium, Sweden, Nigeria, Ghana, Serbia and Greece. The company has a vast product portfolio, which includes an Online Casino Platform, Game Aggregator with thousands of casino games, the Affilka affiliate platform, Sportsbook Platform and the Jackpot Aggregator. In 2013 SOFTSWISS was the first in the world to introduce a bitcoin-optimised online casino solution. ABOUT ODDIN.GG is a B2B provider of Esports odds feed, risk management, and iFrame solutions. It delivers the most engaging Esports betting experience with industry-leading uptime and the highest number of live market coverage. The solution boosts engagement, drives volume, increases margin, and thus accelerates profitability. This is only achievable by a combination of state-of-the-art technologies, advanced data science and machine learning algorithms, experienced traders, and official data. The team has more than 50 years of combined experience in betting and Esports, successfully having done business with the most complex global platforms, including Betfair Exchange.   Asia Awards 2022: The Asia Awards will be held during the first edition of SiGMA Asia. Alongside premier networking opportunities, the gala event brings together luminaries in the industry for an evening of recognition and celebration of achievement, attracting a guest list of over 300 esteemed individuals to its inaugural debut. Give recognition where it’s due by nominating someone whose work has created a positive impact on the industry. You can join us and witness the most intriguing and creative projects changing the face of the sphere. Book a seat at the Asia Awards by sending your request here.
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Single-event betting backed by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation
Single-event betting will generate an estimated $125m to $175m via online and land-based platforms The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) has backed single event betting in Canada. (more…)
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SiGMA granted affiliate licence in Michigan
SiGMA Play, a B2C affiliate portal, has announced that it has obtained an affiliate licence for sports wagering and casino from the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB). Additionally, SiGMA also holds several licences in salient US states, including New Jersey and West Virginia Commenting on the acquisition, Mex Emini, MD of SiGMA Play, said, “We are delighted to have been granted a licence in Michigan. We are committed to establishing a strong presence in the North American market, and this will be an important step forward for SiGMA Play. As the go-to source for all things iGaming, we will endeavour to provide an unmatched gaming experience, bringing even more value to the players of Michigan. An appetite for success in the Wolverine State [caption id="attachment_35326" align="alignleft" width="250"] Michigan Gaming Control Board.[/caption] Since Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the Lawful Sports Betting Act into law in December 2019, the Wolverine state has seen a steady rise in sports betting revenue. Michigan commercial and tribal operators reported a combined $185.8 million total internet gaming gross receipts and gross sports betting receipts in May. iGaming gross receipts totaled $150.6 million and gross sports betting receipts totalled $35.2 million. Sportsbooks have seen revenue grow 12% year-over-year, from $32.4 million in April 2022 to $36.3 million in April 2023. The three Detroit casinos reported paying the City of Detroit $7.6 million in wagering taxes and municipal services fees, while tribal operators reported making $3.4 million in payments during May 2023. Sportsbooks such as FanDuel and DraftKings continue to lead the way, followed by BetMGM. Michigan’s largest city, Detroit, brings local sports teams the Lions (NFL), Tigers (MLB), Red Wings (NHL) and Pistons (NBA) to a loyal fanbase. Betting lines are available on each of these teams throughout the season.  Michigan allocates $50.7M in state budget funds to Michigan Gaming Control Board  As part of the Fiscal Year 2024 budget Michigan has allocated $3 million of ongoing, annual funding to support its “Don’t Regret the Bet” responsible gaming messaging campaign. Once this budget agreement is signed into law, funding should take effect from October 1st. “A well-funded gaming control agency is crucial for ensuring fair and honest gaming in the State of Michigan, preventing fraud and illegal activities, and addressing problem gambling,” MGCB Executive Director Henry Williams said. SiGMA Play SiGMA Play is an internationally renowned site for online casinos and sportsbooks, featuring online reviews, bonuses, and guides for players navigating the casino game industry. Their industry experience and knowledge bring valuable and trustworthy advice to players everywhere. The SiGMA Play website, which has been growing rapidly since its launch in 2020, recently unveiled a revamp of its website, revealing a sleeker, more user-friendly design to players.   The site offers quality content, where operators are clearly represented, and customers can find the best casinos catering to their needs. 
Katy Micallef 3 months ago
Spain: Online gambling revenue increases by 13.8% in 2020
The Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) has recorded a year-on-year increase in gross gaming revenue despite a fall in sports betting revenue The Spanish regulator, Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), has announced that the gross gambling revenue (GGR) for the year 2020 has amounted to €850.7m. This is a significant increase when compared to 2019 when Spain's GGR amounted to €748.2m. (more…)
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SuperNopea launches Metric Sportsbook for the start of European Championships
B2B Sportsbook provider Metric Gaming has unveiled its latest partnership, with the launch of SuperNopea’s Sportsbook

It has been a busy few weeks for Metric with three Sportsbooks being bought to market. The venture further strengthens the partnership with operator, Spiffbet AB, following the groups Turbo Vegas release last month.

Content Team 2 years ago
SpotonBets announce launch in South Africa backed by a globally recognised world class platform
SpotonBets brings the fun and excitement back into sports and betting for all South Africans The South African platform Spotonbets,  is proudly backed by a world class platform that is recognised globally.  The Spotonbets website allows sports bettors from all over South Africa to access over 650,000 betting markets on popular sports such as soccer, rugby, cricket, tennis and much more, on mobile and desktop devices,  from as little as R2.   (more…)
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Iowa baseball under sports betting investigation
26 student-athletes from the University of Iowa Baseball team have been withheld from a recent weekend series due to their implication in a sports betting investigation being conducted by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission. Most notably, regular participants Keaton Anthony and Jacob Henderson among others were dropped from the playing staff when their team travelled to Ohio state. The director of the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, Brian Ohorilko made this statement on the matter:
The commission takes the integrity of gaming in the state seriously and is continuing to monitor the situation and will provide any additional information when able
The specific accusations for, and the details of these competitive withdrawals themselves are as of yet unknown. The Iowa baseball team only gave a statement clarifying that the players were not present due to what they described as a “potential NCAA violation”. It is heavily implied that due to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission’s presence in the matter that there has been in some way a sports betting impropriety on behalf of the players or the program. [caption id="attachment_836738" align="alignleft" width="300"]Downtown Des Moines, Iowa, USA. Downtown Des Moines, Iowa, USA.[/caption] The NCAA were also unavailable to give further detail only reciting a similar statement to the commission and university, who have by all accounts fully complied with the investigation. What is known is that sports betting operation and activity surrounding the “Hawkeyes” has not been halted. This investigation comes in lieu of an Alabama baseball scandal in which coach Brad Bohannon was dismissed by the school for a sports betting violation of some magnitude. Scratching the day’s starting pitcher for their match against LSU as 2 sizable bets were placed in favour of Alabama’s opponents at the Bet MGM Sportsbook at Great American Ballpark. Conversely in this case the coach was implicated, as there was no evidence of playing staff involvement. One has to wonder how deep this issue of impropriety stems not just in NCAA baseball but in other entities such as the NFL as well, with several players having recently received indefinite suspensions and comprehensive bans. Perhaps a re-regulation of the governance regarding playing staff and sports betting is in order as many of the charges found to hold weight have been stated to not have altered or damaged the outcome of any respective competition with exception of Bohannon in Alabama. SiGMA Americas SiGMA Americas is coming to Brazil this June. Don’t miss out on what promises to be an extraordinary event, with a wealth of industry leading knowledge, innovative insights and a plentiful plethora of premium networking opportunities.
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Kiril Nestorovski joins Soft2Bet as new Director of B2B
Soft2Bet is pleased to announce that Kiril Nestorovski has been appointed as the new Director of B2B

Responsible for leading and executing expansion strategies for the company’s B2B products and services in new, emerging and diverse markets.
Kiril will mentor and lead the B2B Team in their efforts to ensure an effective execution of the company’s ambitious B2B plans.
Prior to Soft2Bet, Kiril spent over 20 years in ICT sales, with the last eight years in senior positions within the iGaming industry. His last position was Head of Sales at EveryMatrix, where he helped drive incremental growth for new clients over the last three and a half years.

[caption id="attachment_326374" align="alignleft" width="171"]Boris Chaikin. Boris Chaikin, CEO of Soft2Bet.[/caption]

“We’re delighted to have Kiril on board in this vital position,” said Boris Chaikin, CEO of Soft2Bet. “His insight and experience are a great fit for Soft2Bet, and with his appointment, we are emphasising our commitment to ensuring Soft2Bet recruits top talent and gets closer to the realisation of our ambitions to successfully grow our company and enter new regulated markets.”

[caption id="attachment_441984" align="alignright" width="173"]Kiril Nestorovski. Kiril Nestorovski, Director of B2B at Soft2Bet.[/caption]

Kiril Nestorovski, Director of B2B at Soft2Bet, added: “I am happy to be given the opportunity to contribute to the continued success of Soft2Bet and leverage my experience and expertise in this challenging industry to help accelerate the Soft2Bet Rocketship to new heights.”

Soft2Bet is a rapidly growing and dynamic casino and sportsbook platform provider and operator group offering exclusive games and the best titles from the world’s top gambling suppliers, including jackpot slots, branded video slots, tournaments, live casino and sports betting.

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The cross-collaboration of each brand makes Malta Week the number one destination for leading think-tanks of the gaming sector, emerging tech, digital health, and digital marketing. The middle of the Mediterranean is the perfect place for multi-faceted business deals and face-to-face conversations with leading affiliates, policymakers, and thought leaders.

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Aspire Global expands to Russia by signing platform deal with Sports Lotteries LLC
Aspire Global has expanded to the Russian market by signing a platform and lottery agreement with Sports Lotteries LLC Through this landmark agreement, Aspire Global’s BtoBet will provide its technologically advanced Player Account Management (PAM) module platform and provide access to lottery games on online and retail channels to the Russian state lottery operator, one of only two licensees in the country. (more…)
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Singular appoints new head of the sports betting platform
Singular has named Alan Aquilina as its new Head of the Sports Betting Platform

Alan brings a wide array of experience to the position, including senior roles at Gaming Innovation Group and Betsson Malta with a strong background in software development and tech lead roles.

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O Canada! The history and state of sports betting in the Great White North
There are certain dates that are forever etched in history. June 6, 1944 will always be linked with D-Day. July 20, 1969 will perpetually be connected with the moon landing, and August 27, 2021 will invariably be associated with the dawn of a new era in Canadian sports betting. That was the day that Bill C-218 came into effect in the Great White North, thereby legalizing single-event sports wagering. And much like D-Day and the lunar landing, it didn’t happen overnight. Not even close. Sports betting in Canada has a long and complicated history Sports betting has been a popular pursuit in Canada since long before Confederation. Early settlers wagered on all manner of competition, from boxing matches to ice hockey to horse racing. As the nation grew so too did the appetite for betting on live events, and bookmakers flourished from coast to coast in burgeoning metropolises like Toronto, as well as smaller port cities like Halifax. Sports betting in all its forms went largely unregulated until 1892, when the federal government passed the Criminal Code of Canada, which banned all gambling activities. Canadians continued to make private wagers from time to time, of course, particularly in the country’s lawless frontier towns, but for the first time ever they began to face very real consequences for dealing with unlicensed bookies. It wasn’t until 1969 that Canada finally began to embrace gambling as a legitimate means to help fund programming. An overhaul of the Criminal Code that year gave federal and provincial governments the authority to run lotteries, with proceeds going to select charities as well as the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. The impact was immediate as funds began flooding in, prompting legislators to begin pushing for even more amendments to make gambling available in their constituencies. Another welcome change occurred in 1985 with the passing of a new amendment which allowed for legal betting on a wide variety of North American sports. Bettors could now wager on events like basketball, baseball, hockey, and football, although there was a catch. The bets had to be bundled together in a two-to-six-leg parlay and moneyline wagering was the only option available. It would be years before bettors could also lay money down on totals, point spreads, and team and player props. The birth of online sports betting The advent of the World Wide Web in the mid 1990s brought about a tectonic shift as enterprising independent operators stormed the Internet to offer casino and sports betting services. Among the first was Sports Interaction, which operated from an Indigenous community in Quebec. Other online operators began popping up in far flung locations like Costa Rica, Gibraltar, and the Isle of Man. They existed in a legal grey area and could offer Canadian bettors a wider range of markets, attractive bonuses and, most importantly, single-event betting. They could also accept significantly larger wagers, which set them apart from some Canadian lotteries which capped sports bets at $100 per ticket. The appeal was obvious, and Canadians began gravitating to these sites with increasing regularity. It wasn’t always easy figuring out the good guys from the bad guys during the early days of the Internet, and sites like Covers began to emerge with the purpose of making smarter sports bettors at a time when data and unbiased wagering information was not readily available. Provincial operators also answered the siren call of the Web and began rolling out their own online sites. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation led the charge in 2004 with its popular site, and Quebec (Mise-O-Jeu) and Ontario (Proline) also joined the fray. The sudden availability of betting options through provincially-regulated sportsbooks and offshore books led to a huge uptick in wagering in Canada over the next decade. From 2010 to 2018, the percentage of Canadians between the ages of 18-35 who placed a bet increased from 18% to 52%. The amount of money being wagered also rose astronomically. By 2014 it was estimated that Canadians bet $14 billion on sports annually, with just $500 million of that sum being wagered through official provincial entities. Bill C-218 rises from the ashes of Bill C-290 That vast discrepancy got many savvy legislators thinking, and they drafted a number of forward-thinking bills to legalize single-event sports betting, the most noteworthy of which was Bill C-290. The bill passed in the House of Commons in 2012 with ease, but was subsequently voted down in the Senate in 2015 after years of heated debate. A second attempt was voted down along party lines the following year in 2016. Undaunted, legislators took another kick at the can in 2020 with Bill C-218, and this time around they hit paydirt. Officially known as The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act, the bill was widely supported by all four of Canada’s major political parties and passed its second reading on February 17, 2021 by a vote of 303-15. It helped that the legislation was eagerly supported by the Canadian Football League, the National Football League, and the National Basketball Association, and met only minimal resistance from the typically protectionist horse racing community. Ontario is open for business Ontario was among the first provinces to offer single-event sports betting on August 27, 2021, when the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) rolled out its new PROLINE+ digital sportsbook. Nova Scotia, where Covers is headquartered, jumped on board on February 11, 2022, by offering single-event sports betting through the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC). It was a promising step in the right direction for both provinces, but the fun really began two months later on April 4, when Ontario became the first province to allow third-party operators of online sportsbooks to set up shop. More than a dozen private bookmakers began taking legal wagers in Canada’s most populous province that day including bet365, BetMGM, FanDuel, and PointsBet. Overall, 34 gaming operators have registered to operate within Ontario, giving local bettors a wealth of wagering options. The desire to make it big in Ontario is understandable given the fact the province’s population of 14.2 million accounts for 38% of the entire nation. Financial projections also forecast iGaming will generate a net income of $18 million within the province for the 2022-23 fiscal year. That number is expected to rise to $31 million by 2024-25. iGaming Ontario (iGO) has yet to release official numbers for the province’s burgeoning sports betting market, but a few leaders have already emerged. According to a report from Morgan Stanley analysts Ed Young and Thomas Allen, Penn National Gaming Inc.’s theScore Bet garnered 35% of the app-download share in Canada in April. It was followed by bet365 at 27% and FanDuel at 16%. The numbers further west have also been overwhelmingly positive. British Columbia residents made more than $25 million in single-event sports bets within two months of Bill C-218 going into effect. Residents of the country’s Prairie provinces in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba have also placed $7.1 million in single-event bets to date through their respective provincial lottery corporations. The future is bright Although Ontario was the first province to welcome in third-party operators, it may not be the last. Other provinces and territories are watching the proceedings closely and taking notes. Covers has been part of the journey since the very beginning and will continue to be there every step of the way to document the market’s evolution.
Katy Micallef 1 year ago
Cloudbet Launches World’s First Crypto Horse Racing Book for Melbourne Cup
Cloudbet has unveiled another bitcoin betting world first, with the launch of crypto horse racing in time for the 2021 Melbourne Cup on Tuesday

Customers of the pioneering crypto casino can now bet on horses with bitcoin and 12 other cryptocurrencies on the biggest races on the international calendar, including Australia’s top event.

"The Melbourne Cup is not only one of the most famous horse races in the world; but one that goes beyond sport into popular culture in Australia and abroad,” a Cloudbet spokesperson said. “This race might stop the nation, but it won’t stop us bringing the crypto advantage of better margins, lower transaction costs and faster withdrawals to racing fans.”

Last year's Melbourne Cup winner was outsider Twilight's Payment, whose post-to-post victory was a bust for punters everywhere. This year, the horse is third in the odds to complete back-to-back victories, but the markets have made local hero Incentivize the resounding favourite, as he has taken Australian racing by storm over the last few months including winning the prestigious Caulfield Cup.
International raider Spanish Mission is thought to be the main challenger in the 24-strong field. In something of a preview of this year's Ashes in cricket, the racing world is eager to find out if the English horse can go down under and wrest the crown from the Aussie favourite.
Horse racing is the latest in a series of new features and upgrades launched by Cloudbet in recent months. Founded in 2013, the crypto operator now offers esports, political betting, social bet sharing and fully native sportsbooks in 17 languages for players around the world.
The new feature makes Cloudbet the sole crypto betting platform offering odds on the traditional “sport of kings.”

The Cloudbet Story
Cloudbet is a proud pioneer of crypto betting. Born in 2013 with a trailblazing spirit, Cloudbet embraced blockchain technology to give players privacy and financial freedom like never before. Since then, we have taken millions of bets, earning a reputation as the most trusted and secure name in the crypto-gaming space.
We wrote our own rules and audaciously created an industry we are highly respected in. But that’s just the beginning. As always, it’s what comes next that really excites us. We keep innovating, delivering world firsts time and time again.
Opportunities are boundless, and with the same passion and ambition that has taken us to the top, Cloudbet will keep enhancing the entertainment experience for players around the world. We’re here to raise the game.

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The cross-collaboration of each brand makes Malta Week the number one destination for leading think-tanks of the gaming sector, emerging tech, digital health, and digital marketing. The middle of the Mediterranean is the perfect place for multi-faceted business deals and face-to-face conversations with leading affiliates, policymakers, and thought leaders.

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GoldenRace goes live with Austrian Lottery Win2day
GoldenRace, a leading virtual sports provider, has signed an exclusive partnership with Win2day Thanks to this deal, Austrian players will have access to GoldenRace’s award-winning virtual football and horse races through the win2day platform. [caption id="attachment_498740" align="alignleft" width="274"]mattias soucek Mattias Soucek.[/caption] Mattias Soucek, Win2day Product Manager, stated: “With virtual games, Win2day is opening up a new, popular segment in its portfolio and is thus living up to its reputation of offering its users a multi-faceted, modern gambling offer. We are convinced that this new offer will meet with a lot of approval from our customers. Thanks to the perfectly functioning partnership with Golden Race, we can offer our users virtual games in a modern, customer-friendly version. The entire process, from getting to know each other to going live, was characterised by professionalism on an equal footing. I would like to thank the entire Golden Race team for the smooth cooperation and we look forward to successful times ahead! Martin Wachter, GoldenRace, CEO and Founder, said: “I am very happy that one of my biggest business goals finally came true to work in my home country, and that we have been selected from such a great company like the Austrian Lottery. To work with Win2day shows again that more and more ‘big players’ in the industry chose us as their first address in regards to virtual sports. I am sure that this partnership will become a great success in Austria.” With this latest move, GoldenRace becomes the only virtual sports provider in the Austrian market and keeps strengthening its leading position in Europe and around the globe thanks to the best-in-class partners like Win2day.  

SiGMA 2022:

After the exciting set of conferences that was Malta Week 2021, the SiGMA Group plans to take the world by storm with the golden steeples of Kiev and the snowy city of Toronto being hubs to draw the best and brightest of the iGaming world together. Our next expo takes us to cutting-edge metropoli of the United Arab Emirates for three days of networking, panel discussions and festivities. Stay up to date with the latest and greatest through SiGMA News.
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EURO 2020: The final four
England are one step closer to bringing it home, could they finally do it? Will Denmark repeat EURO 1992? Or will the Italians or Spanish claim the big prize? The semi-finals are upon us & things are starting to heat up! England, Italy, Spain and Denmark make up the final four of the EUROs and we are set for two high quality & intense matches! The tie of the semi's is definitely the one between the two Mediterranean countries - Italy & Spain, while the England vs Denmark game will be quite a tense match since both teams are on great form. Let's take a closer look into each match & the sports betting odds: (more…)
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How is Esports Betting different from Sports Betting?
For people coming over after years of betting on sports, betting here can feel somewhat different. Esports shares many similarities with sports, so what are the key differences? Betting in esports has grown exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic. As physical sports shut down due to the need for social distancing, esports continued in an online format. Esports betting, however, grew rapidly for many years. The pandemic only quickened its adoption and more and more people are slowly becoming familiar with esports betting. (more…)
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With no boxing events to bet on, this is the naked truth on how UFC fans are keeping entertained
Global sports betting market is set to witness a substantial growth of 9.45% in the forecast period of 2019- 2026 Sports betting has always been a popular for people to gamble on, especially sports fans. Boxing is one of the few sporting events that stands out when it comes to wagering as adding thrill to what’s already thrilling enough tempts gamblers. (more…)
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Entain sees more M&A, has balance sheet capacity
Entain executives say the company expects to continue to seek acquisition opportunities and has the balance sheet strength to do so. CEO Jette Nygaard-Andersen told a conference call with analysts that although high interest rates aren’t helpful, they won’t prohibit further M&A. “And in the current environment I would say it might even open up new doors for us and new opportunities where we are looking at things where others are pulling back,” she said. “So really our M&A strategy is unchanged here, we start with the strategic fit, the importance to the business, look at the business on its merits and then of course we look at the financing in the current environment.” Chief Financial Officer Rob Wood added that the group has the balance sheet strength to pursue further acquisitions. Acquisition synergies "I think the important point with M&A is to remember the returns that we generate through M&A are so compelling typically because synergies are such a large portion of existing EBITDA that we’re buying," he said. "What that means is that whilst rising interest rates are unhelpful to the model,  they just mean the returns slightly lower than they would otherwise be." Entain in February announced it was boosting its Canadian presence, through the acquisition of Avid Gaming, which owns sports betting brand, Sports Interaction. It also bought BetCity in the Netherlands and Croatian market leader SuperSport to expand in Eastern Europe. Entain’s conference call followed its 3Q22 trading update. It reported that net gaming revenue overall was up 2 percent, though was flat in constant currency terms. Online NGR was up 1 percent, while retail NGR grew 10 percent. The company said its BetMGM venture in the U.S. now has a 23 percent market share and the group is on track for full year NGR of more than $1.3 billion. It said it expects to reach sustainable positive EBITDA next year.  THE 300 SPARTANS: After triumphing in key locations across Asia and Europe, AGS is flying 300 top affiliates to Malta, for an all inclusive deluxe trip. The event will happen alongside SiGMA, 14-18th November, during SiGMA Europe. Read more about the 300 Spartans here.
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Sport Franchise Sponsorship signed between Caesars, William Hill and Indianapolis Colts
Caesars acquired William Hill UK for $3.7 billion at the beginning of the month

This deal is the first announced since Caesars acquired William Hill’s United Kingdom-based parent during the beginning of this month for $3.7 billion

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Alabama baseball betting suspended
The Ohio Casino Control Commission has issued an emergency order placing an immediate ban on sports betting related to Alabama baseball games after it was reported there were suspicious gambling activities being propagated. This was instigated following a report from “certified independent integrity monitors”. Subsequently Ohio’s most influential gambling regulator was forced to bar licensed sportsbooks from accepting bets on Alabama baseball games. This was an internal communication which was obtained by The Associated Press, so it is not immediately clear whether the other 33 states where sports betting is legal that similar orders have been applied. A relevant incident had already been reported by Las Vegas based US Integrity, who monitor data regarding a multitude of factors across the sports’ industry, sending out an alert warning to sportsbooks of “suspicious wagering activity” involving a match between Alabama-LSU. Alerts of this nature occur when there are instances such as huge moves in the odds, particularly when one team is predicted to greatly outperform the other. According to a California attorney, Baird Fogel, this particular game displayed such shifts in odds. When after a significant change in odds the perceived inferior team made a huge run. He would digress to make a point of great importance when dealing with cases involving sports betting.
This could all be conjecture, it could all be a coincidence. That’s the wonder of sports betting. Sometimes weird things happen.
Match fixing is a multifaceted issue, perpetuated by and affecting many different aspects of the betting and sports industries. A veritable umbrella term, it can be highlighted in numerous different ways such as bribes, manipulated scores, intentional errors and bogus penalties. Match fixing.This leads to great uncertainty within these fields and even further confusion when it comes to regulation and penalisation. What can be certain is that major sport and the related sports betting are economically significant sectors with the most important aspect historically, culturally and intrinsically is outcome. Making sure the outcome of matches are not tampered with is of paramount importance. This is where the integrity of competition stems, from playing on a fair field, affecting the fans' relationships with their teams and the leagues they play in. Jeopardising this whether in perception or in actual fact would spell disastrous chaos for all involved. So a precautionary stance is understandable, however, it is important that legislation and regulation find a definitive way to both support the sports betting industry both online and in person, as well as secure without doubt the sporting integrity of their competitions. SiGMA Americas SiGMA Americas is coming to Brazil this June. Don’t miss out on what promises to be an extraordinary event, with a wealth of industry leading knowledge, innovative insights and a plentiful plethora of premium networking opportunities.
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Bookmaker ratings marks BetConstruct’s sportsbook
The CIS-facing Bookmaker Ratings online publication has rolled out the results of their annual BR Awards announcing BetConstruct as the sports betting software provider of the year

With the international experience of 10+ years, Bookmaker Ratings comes as ‘the punters best friend’ while researching and analyzing bookmaking companies and the suppliers of sports betting software.

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US latest: New York inches closer to mobile sports betting as Georgia waits
Significant progress has been registered in New York yesterday (Tuesday) towards the introduction of mobile sports betting - as an agreement on the 2022 state budget includes legalising mobile sports wagering By Buck Wargo – SiGMA US correspondent As reported by SiGMA last month, New York is seeking mobile betting because it is losing out on tens of millions of dollars as residents are betting in neighbouring New Jersey and Pennsylvania. On the other hand, problems put on hold progress the state of Georgia, as a political fight over voting rights has temporarily scuttled attempts to introduced wagering in the state. Georgia’s legislative session ended before it could pass a bill that would have put a ballot measure before voters to legalise online sports betting in November 2022. That means that the popular vote will now have to wait. Following the latest development, New York is now the next big domino to fall in the US sports-betting scene. The new law is expected to include up to two betting platforms and possibly four operators, encouraged to partner with tribal casinos, which currently offer sports betting in their upstate properties. Following the Supreme Court’s decision, striking down a federal ban on full-fledged sports betting outside of Nevada, sports betting attorney Daniel Wallach said it’s finally going to happen in New York. After the latest developments this week, Wallach predicts that the first mobile bet in New York could take place in January, 2022. (more…)
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Vietnam adds FIFA World Cup and AFC Asian Cup to their legal betting list of football tournaments
Vietnam’s government has expanded its legal sports betting market to a variety of wager-worthy sports  
vietnam betting The Ministry of Finance said on a draft bill that only international football events organized by FIFA are currently allowed to wager on.
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Inaugural sports-betting licence granted in Rio de Janeiro
In a landmark twist of events, Rede Loto has become the very first operator in all of Brazil to receive an inaugural sports-betting licence. The state lottery of Rio’s accreditation will see the São Paulo-based operator afforded the right to operate fixed-odds sports-betting across the entirety of the state of Rio de Janeiro. The licence will cover an initial 5-year term which set Rede Loto back R$5m (approximately US$1m) in upfront costs. This decision has added even further complexity to the landscape regarding gambling legalisation, with much anticipated federal attempts to bring gambling in all its multi-faceted forms, which includes sports-betting, to the entirety of the South American nation. Legislative landscape in Brazil Due to the Misdemeanour Criminal Act (MCA), gambling in almost every form has been illegal since 1941 across Brazil’s sizeable territories. Despite this, Brazil is an avid gambling nation, with sports and thus sports-betting being an incredibly popular aspect, interwoven into Brazilian culture and the strata of its society. So much so that in 2022 it was estimated that over 46% of Brazil’s population, the 5th largest in the world, was involved in some form of sports-betting activities alone. This sizeable industry, worth well over $6 billion annually, is only truly possible on this scale due to the emergence and dominance of online gambling operators who conduct their activities into the Brazilian market from bases off their shores. This is actually not an illicit practice, as the MCA is applied to activities effective within Brazil from an operational standpoint. Operators outside of Brazil must be within the legal limit of their own jurisdictions to provide legal and valid gambling offerings to the Brazilian market. Although this does a great deal to satisfy the appetites of the gambling population in Brazil, this does affect Brazil in the sense, that a massive stream of tax revenue is being lost. Such a massive loss in the sense that Brazil houses perhaps the largest illicit market in the world, and potentially one of the world’s largest should legalisation be achieved. Legalisation efforts Although a considerable effort is currently being made by the federal government in Brazil, there have in recent weeks been several hindrances and roadblocks causing an unfortunate delay, with congressional leaders remaining in discussion with regards to deciding if sports-betting should be regulated on a nationwide or state-specific level. The plan was initially thought to be a national regulation through a so-called provisional measure emergency decree, which was considered more immediately imminent when a draft of this legislation was circulated to the industry and media. A more standardised bill with urgent requirements is being considered after a reassessment instead. This would be differentiated in several ways, not least that a provisional measure would have taken effect immediately to its approval, whereas an urgency bill would be subject to a 90 day congressional approval process and would then require ratification. Luiz Felipe Maia, a gambling law expert and founding partner at the law firm, Maia Yoshiyasu in São Paulo, has provided an analysis of the pending situation, stating that he believes no license on a federal level will be granted in the near future. However, a few states such as is the case in Rio, will be granting licences that will afford operators the right to trade within state jurisdictions. This is because state legislatures are not plagued by the same issues that are causing difficulty in federal proceedings. Maia explained:
On the other hand, we’re going to have licences in Rio, in Paraná, in Paraíba. That's going to be a very complicated situation for the government. Because on the state level, things are moving quite quickly.
He mentioned that the states of Paraná and Paraíba are following Rio's lead closely and hope to implement similar systems to grant lotteries the right to include sports-betting in their offerings. Alternatives to this such as in Minas Gerais have also sprung up, whereby lottery providers are setting up exclusive agreements with technology partners to launch new, dedicated sports-betting operators. Considerations and drawbacks [caption id="attachment_849879" align="alignleft" width="300"] Christ The Redeemer statue, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.[/caption] Although state regulation is moving much faster than its federal counterpart, perhaps acquiring a state licence is not the most prudent choice at this moment in time, as these may become redundant if the provisions in the federal legislative drafts are to be believed. This specifies that players must be located only within the state in question to play the operator’s online sports lottery games, and additionally, states will be forbidden from creating multi-jurisdictional lottery operations. The drawbacks don’t cease there as Bichara & Motta gaming lawyer, Udo Seckelmann, has claimed:
The payments platform that accredited operators will be required to use charges such as a hefty transaction fee for every deposit and withdrawal, which on top of taxes and licensing fees, is unappealing to the operators I have spoken to.
He would continue that further measures could be implemented to prevent players from making use of the grey market, that is gambling activities acting without a valid licence or ones acting with a state licence outside of their jurisdiction. This would be enforced by methods such as “the blocking of IPs and the restriction of payment providers for unlicensed operators, and the prohibition of the advertising in Brazil by unlicensed operators”. This of course is all speculation for now, but nonetheless, with this inaugural license being issued, further confusion has been added to an already complex landscape which operators and regulators should consider and reconsider on a frequent basis, as Brazil begins to embark on the harnessing of what is certain to become a key industry both locally and across the globe. SiGMA Americas SiGMA Americas is coming to Brazil this June. Don’t miss out on what promises to be an extraordinary event, with a wealth of industry leading knowledge, innovative insights and a plentiful plethora of premium networking opportunities.
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American Ultimate Disc League and Lsports Data enter into $3 million data distribution and co-development strategic partnership
The American Ultimate Disc League and LSports Data announce they have entered into a strategic data distribution and co-development agreement

The five-year agreement, signed today by Steve Hall, CEO and Commissioner of the AUDL and Dotan Lazar, CEO of LSports Data results in LSports being designated as the “Official Data Partner of the AUDL” and grants exclusive rights to the distribution of AUDL Official Data and enhanced betting solutions to on-line and in-person betting partners on a global basis.

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10 best US states for sports betting
Which states rank the highest when it comes to sports betting handles? Will Nevada, home to Las Vegas, take top spot? Sports betting has taken the US by storm. Back in 2018, a few states such as Delaware, Mississippi and Nevada legalised sports betting but 2020 really saw the betting vertical take off. One of the main reasons was due to the unexpected COVID-19 virus which had a massive impact on several states' economies. To counter this economic downturn many states turned to sports and online betting as a new source of revenue. This decision proved successful with many states recording huge handles and revenues. (more…)
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Hong Kong Jockey Club sets new turnover high at HK$141.1 billion
Unprecedented success as turnover rises for third consecutive season Following the conclusion of the 2022-23 campaign at Sha Tin, the Hong Kong Jockey Club has once again achieved a new turnover record, with punters betting a staggering HK$141.1 billion. This marks the third consecutive season of record-breaking turnover, showing a 0.5 percent increase compared to the previous year. Despite facing economic challenges, Jockey Club CEO Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges expressed satisfaction with the overall season racing turnover. He attributed the success to the club's high-quality products and the continued support of its customers. However, he acknowledged the potential challenges posed by offshore bookmakers and illegal betting activities. To maintain competitiveness and uphold its world-class status, the club plans to reinvest in racecourse assets and enhance the overall customer experience. Throughout the season, a total of 835 races were held across 88 meetings. The local races accounted for HK$129.3 billion in turnover, a slight decrease of 0.5 percent compared to the previous year. Additionally, the club's simulcast program expanded to include 299 overseas races, resulting in a 12.5 percent increase in turnover, reaching HK$11.8 billion. Despite having only 1,250 horses in training, which represents a mere 0.7 percent of the global horse population, Hong Kong's racing continues to demonstrate its world-class quality. Renowned champions like Golden Sixty, the first-ever three-time recipient of the Horse of the Year award, along with G1 winners Lucky Sweynesse and Romantic Warrior, have solidified their positions among the top seven in the LONGINES World's Best Racehorse Rankings. Looking ahead, the 2023/24 Hong Kong racing season is set to commence on September 10th, promising another thrilling chapter in the illustrious history of this prestigious sport. Join in on SiGMA Group’s next adventure in the Philippines: As the inaugural SiGMA Americas and BiS Summit in São Paulo, Brazil concludes with resounding success, the journey into the captivating world of iGaming continues with the highly anticipated SiGMA Asia Summit. Set your sights on Manila this July as we invite you to immerse yourself in a PAGCOR-endorsed event that promises an extraordinary exploration of the Asian and Philippine gaming markets. Prepare for an exhilarating experience as we delve into in-depth discussions on gaming regulation, industry trends, and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.
Maria Debrincat 2 months ago
AGA’s key changes to responsible marketing code for sports betting ads: A proactive approach to responsible gambling
The American Gaming Association (AGA) has recently made significant updates to its Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering The changes aim to promote responsible gambling practices and protect consumers, particularly minors and vulnerable populations. In this article, we will explore the key changes to the code and their implications for the sports betting industry. Prohibition of targeted advertising to minors and self-excluded individuals One of the main changes to the AGA's code is the prohibition of targeted advertising to individuals under the legal age for sports wagering (21 years or older in most US jurisdictions) and those who have self-excluded from gambling activities. This measure is designed to protect minors from exposure to sports betting advertisements and prevent relapses among problem gamblers who have chosen to self-exclude.

Mandate against suggesting gambling as a financial solution or path to success

Another significant update to the code is the mandate that advertisements for sports wagering should not suggest that gambling can be a solution to financial problems or a path to success. This change aims to discourage irresponsible gambling behavior and prevent misleading advertisements that could potentially exploit vulnerable individuals facing financial difficulties.

Avoiding depictions of irresponsible or excessive gambling behavior

The AGA's updated code also requires that advertisements should avoid any depiction or suggestion of irresponsible or excessive gambling behavior. This provision is intended to prevent the normalisation of harmful gambling practices and encourage responsible gambling habits among consumers.

Prohibition on "Risk-Free" bet promotions

As part of the AGA's commitment to responsible marketing practices, the updated code includes a prohibition on "risk-free" bet promotions. "The AGA's prohibition on 'risk-free' bet promotions is a positive step towards ensuring that consumers are protected from potentially harmful marketing tactics,” says industry expert Mike Lukas. “By prioritising responsible marketing practices, the industry can promote a safe and enjoyable betting experience for all."

Promoting responsible gambling and providing resources

In addition to the restrictions on advertising content, the updated code encourages operators to promote responsible gambling in their marketing materials and provide information about available resources to address problem gambling. This initiative seeks to raise awareness of the potential risks associated with sports betting and ensure that consumers have access to the necessary support services if they encounter gambling-related problems.

Voluntary compliance and industry best practice

Although the AGA's Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering is voluntary, it is considered an industry best practice. Member organisations are expected to adhere to its provisions, demonstrating their commitment to responsible gambling and consumer protection.

The role of technology in responsible gambling

With the rapid growth of the online sports betting industry, technology has an increasingly important role to play in promoting responsible gambling. Tools such as geolocation, age verification, and self-exclusion databases can help ensure that sports betting remains a safe and enjoyable activity for consumers. Innovative solutions like artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms can also be employed to detect patterns of problem gambling behavior and notify operators, enabling them to take proactive measures to support at-risk individuals. As the industry continues to evolve, the adoption of cutting-edge technology will be essential in ensuring a responsible and sustainable future for sports betting.

The impact of the updated code on the sports betting industry

The key changes to the AGA's Responsible Marketing Code are expected to have a significant impact on the sports betting industry. Operators will need to review and update their advertising strategies to ensure compliance with the new guidelines, potentially leading to shifts in marketing budgets and tactics. Furthermore, these changes may contribute to fostering a more responsible gambling culture among consumers, ultimately benefiting the industry as a whole.

Challenges facing the sports betting industry

Despite the positive steps taken by the AGA to update its Responsible Marketing Code, the sports betting industry still faces a number of challenges in promoting responsible gambling practices. One such challenge is the need for ongoing education and training for industry professionals. Ensuring that employees at all levels understand the importance of responsible gambling and are equipped to identify and respond to potential problem gambling behavior is essential to maintaining a safe betting environment. Another challenge facing the industry is the constantly evolving nature of the online sports betting landscape. As new technologies and platforms emerge, operators must stay ahead of the curve and adapt their responsible gambling strategies accordingly. This may include collaborating with technology providers and researchers to develop innovative solutions for identifying and mitigating gambling-related harm. Mike Lukas from highlighted to SiGMA News "The AGA's prohibition on 'risk-free' bet promotions is a positive step towards ensuring that consumers are protected from potentially harmful marketing tactics. By prioritising responsible marketing practices, the industry can promote a safe and enjoyable betting experience for all." Furthermore, the sports betting industry must navigate the complex regulatory environment surrounding advertising and consumer protection. As different jurisdictions have varying regulations and requirements, operators must be diligent in ensuring compliance across all markets in which they operate. This may necessitate the allocation of additional resources to legal and compliance departments, as well as ongoing monitoring of regulatory changes and industry best practices.


The American Gaming Association's recent updates to its Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering demonstrate a proactive approach to addressing the potential risks associated with sports betting advertising. By promoting responsible gambling practices and protecting vulnerable populations, the AGA is taking a crucial step towards ensuring a sustainable and responsible future for the sports betting industry in the United States. However, the journey towards responsible gambling is an ongoing process, and the industry must continue to adapt and innovate in order to meet the challenges of the rapidly evolving sports betting landscape. By prioritising consumer protection, embracing technological advancements, and collaborating with stakeholders across the industry, sports betting operators can help ensure that their products and services remain both enjoyable and safe for consumers.
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Bet365 rejects claims that customer was compulsive gambler
An alarming case in the United Kingdom has come to light about a gambler who lost in the region of £300,000 in just over a year. He claims that the operator was slow to take any action to protect vulnerable gamblers from harm. Despite placing a staggering 162 bets on Christmas Eve, the gambling company Bet365 rejected the claim that the individual, Vayuputra Anirudh Thotapalli, was a compulsive gambler, according to a report by The Telegraph. Problem gambling can have devastating consequences, not only on individuals but also on their families and finances. The burden of losses incurred by compulsive gamblers often remains undisclosed until substantial debts accumulate. While responsible gambling practices and customer engagement are expected from operators, some individuals manage to accumulate significant losses before intervention occurs. Thotapalli alleges that he lost approximately £300,000 between February 3, 2015, and March 10, 2016. On Christmas Eve alone, he reportedly placed 162 bets, and on different occasions, he claims to have placed more than 30 bets per day for 33 consecutive days. Among Thotapalli's claims is that Bet365 took two months before requesting documents related to his source of income. He states that he began gambling as soon as he opened an account and suffered a loss of £46,907 before being prompted to provide proof of income in April 2015. Compulsive gambling behaviour Thotapalli's defence lawyers argue that the betting activity on his account is indicative of his compulsive gambling behaviour. The trial is expected to commence soon, with witness statements being exchanged by September 15, 2023. His case is attracting the attention of other gamblers who have lost significant sums of money. Bet365 does not agree with the gambler's claims. The company states that it engaged with Thotapalli on multiple occasions to ensure responsible gambling practices were followed. A spokesperson for the company said that the customer was sent a self-assessment query a few weeks after he opened his account.  This included questions such to clarify whether the customer was in the habit of gambling until his last penny is gone, even jeopardizing his basic expenses and needs. Bet365 also claims that the customer's replies were verified with a follow up telephone call during which Thotapalli confirmed that he was able to control his gambling activities.  He passed the Responsible Gambling Self-Assessment (RGSA) on at least four occasions. UK's approach to vulnerable gamblers This case emerges at a time when regulatory changes for the gambling industry are being considered in the UK. Among these changes are proposals for stricter financial checks and limits on online bets per spin for slots. The outcome of Thotapalli's case could have implications for the industry's approach to protecting vulnerable gamblers. This will highlight the responsibility of operators in detecting and preventing excessive gambling behaviour.   Related topics: Wynnbet launches sportsbetting service in West Virginia ( Gaming controller used to navigate Titanic submersible ( Gaming Review: SiGMA land a new home in Brazil Stop Press: SiGMA Asia takes place in Manila on 19 – 22 July. Find out more !    
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Gaming Innovation Group & HardRock International mutually agree not to extend partnership
Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GiG) & HardRock International (HRI) have agreed to a mutual termination agreement of platform and sportsbook services Hard Rock represented less than 2% of GiG’s revenues in the last 12 months, with a marginal negative contribution on EBITDA. Both parties acknowledge that despite a fruitful relationship and upswing in results through 2020 a commercial agreement to move forward could not be agreed and the strategic aims of both companies lay in separate paths. Hard Rock will immediately release GiG from the contractual exclusivity clause allowing for GiG to pursue further nationwide US business. (more…)
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5 COVID-19 lessons: The difference between sports betting operators dying or thriving
With 10 years of experience in both marketing and gaming, Chief Marketing Officer of Parimatch International Dmitry Belianin addresses some of the effects of the pandemic on the industry and what we can learn from this global event
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U.S. states witness gaming revenue boom
States such as Michigan, Oregon, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania reach new-level highs According to data released by the American Gaming Association on Wednesday, online gaming revenue increased across all states in the US to around $4.89b in August 2022. Since the start of the pandemic, when almost all land-based gaming businesses shuttered for weeks and many maintained extended health and safety standards for more than a year, August represented the 18th consecutive month with positive year-over-year gaming revenue growth. All gaming segments improved year over year, but sports betting rose the most by a startling 116.2% due to the launch of sports betting markets in six new states over the previous year. Michigan September kept shining a light on the betting industry in the US. According to data released this week by the Michigan Gaming Control Board, the state's retail and online sports betting operators took $383.1 million in wagers during September, an increase of nearly 40% from the $229.7 million in wagers placed in August but a startling 1% decline when compared to the same period last year. With September online sports betting gross receipts more than doubling to 47.8 million, the state's licenced commercial and tribal casino operators reported a 26% rise in iGaming gross receipts to $128.7 million. This was the greatest monthly performance since November 2021. The entire combined adjusted gross receipts, which include taking promotional expenses into account, were $143.0 million. These included $27.2 million from sports betting and $115.8 million from online gambling. Oregon The Oregon Lottery's gross sports betting income for September hit a new monthly high of $5.47 million as well thanks to a significant increase in parlay wagers. Due to a margin of 27%, parlay bets provided 28% of the handle and 55% of the gross revenues. Sports betting gross income for the month was $5.47m, with the betting handle totaling $39.29m, up 57% year over year. Connecticut In September, football made a welcome comeback for bookmakers all around the country, with Connecticut serving as a shining example. In August, taxable gaming revenue was $17.73 million; in September, it was approximately $19 million, an increase of 7.1%. The state's tax revenue grew by the same percentage in September, rising from $3.19 million in August to $3.42 million. Pennsylvania Pennsylvania's legal sports betting market has seen considerable growth as well thanks to the start of the NFL season, with handle up more than 50% from August and 10.9% from September 2021 in September. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board reported on Tuesday that wagers on legal sporting events in the state totaled $645.2 million for the month, a 56% increase from the $363 million in August. Revenue from sports betting soared from $28.3 million in 2021 to $50.2 million this year. $43.0 million of this amount was generated by online gambling, and the remaining $7.3 million came from physical sportsbooks. According to the AGA, year-to-date iGaming revenue is $3.21 billion, up 39.9% over the same period in 2021. Sports betting and iGaming combined revenue accounted for 17.9% of all US commercial gaming revenue, an increase from the two preceding months. Join us: 14 – 18 November 2022 MALTA One of the first European countries to regulate the gaming sector, Malta is a hub of global business. The island is an obvious choice for SiGMA’s presence in Europe and a strong foundation for the field’s future. With a plethora of prospects for both investors and entrepreneurs looking to shape the future of this multi-billion dollar business, Malta Week will bring together industry giants among the affiliates, operators, and suppliers of the gaming sector.
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