Fujitsu Provides Sustainable Cloud Integration Solutions for iGaming

Jake Graves 3 months ago
Fujitsu Provides Sustainable Cloud Integration Solutions for iGaming

Fujitsu, one of the world’s largest global IT service delivery companies, wants to help companies in the iGaming space change their approach to IT and cloud infrastructure. Its aim is to provide sustainable, flexible, long-term hybrid-cloud integration solutions that help iGaming companies take the next steps on their cloud journey.

A combination of different infrastructures, including co-location, private and public cloud, and managed services known as hybrid cloud, has become the way forward for iGaming companies as the wider industry continues to grow and evolve. This model provides companies with a lot of flexibility and allows them to adapt to industry changes as and when they need to.

Sustainability and ESG initiatives are an essential part of the modern-day business plan. Companies looking towards a greener future must first assess their IT infrastructure and data storage. A study by the Borderstep Institute commissioned by Bitkom 20222 in Germany found that servers accounted for almost 40% of the overall data centre energy consumption. An alarmingly high number but one that companies have the power to change. Modern servers are much more efficient, with a single server capable of managin the tasks of several older ones. Making this switch will significantly reduce your carbon footprint, as well as make your entire IT infrastructure more efficient.

To make these kinds of changes, companies must have the right partners and expertise in place. PRIMEFLEX is Fujitsu’s leading hybrid-cloud integration system. It combines traditional cloud services with on-site IT infrastructure, allowing businesses to experience the best of both worlds. A hybrid-cloud environment gives the company the chance to take advantage of the security and benefits of the cloud while also maintaining compliance with strict industry regulations. Companies can build a data architecture and system that works for their needs. It is fully scalable and allows companies to expand at their own pace, with ongoing support being provided by one of the tech industry’s most knowledgeable teas.

This fully flexible system offers operators the choice of different platforms to integrate their on-premises architecture with public and private cloud systems. This is regardless of whether you use VMware, Microsoft, or Nutanix. This is all supported by Intel, one of the world’s leading tech companies.

PRIMEFLEX is perfectly complemented by Fujitsu’s unique uSCALE product. This is a scalable, as-a-service IT solutions model that allows companies to scale when needed while also keeping up to speed with market demands and industry regulations. The service offers flexible on-premise aaS solutions with monthly and consumption-based billing, meaning companies only need to pay for the services and resources they use. In turn, this saves companies a lot on

investments, ensuring that they are not spending funds on unused IT resources every few years.

The idea of estimating costs on a monthly basis could be new for some iGaming companies, but Fujitsu lightens the load with the uSCALE price estimator. This estimates the cost of consumption-based services, allowing businesses to see the benefits before changing. Companies will also be able to spend less time worrying about their IT costs and set-up, meaning they can focus their energy on other parts of the business to stimulate growth.

Having the correct infrastructure in place will not just benefit a company financially. The gambling industry is one of the most regulated in the world, and keeping up to speed with all of the latest industry regulations and standards can be extremely difficult. The right architecture will allow companies to securely store and analyse their data, allowing them to adapt to any industry changes, as well as monitor player behaviour effectively and adhere to regulations.

Fujitsu works closely with Intel and an ecosystem of partners to help operators put sustainability and ESG initiatives at the front of their business models. We have established our own net zero goals and want to work with like-minded companies that can help make the iGaming industry as a whole more sustainable and environmentally conscious. We are constantly looking for new technology and techniques to help make our products more efficient and reduce our carbon footprint.

The iGaming industry is growing rapidly, and Fujitsu is here to help companies play a different game. Our fresh approach to hybrid cloud integration allows iGaming operators to transform their IT infrastructure with confidence.

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