Gamban blocks cryptocurrency trading platforms

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Gamban looks to block popular trading platforms and websites after appeals from their own user base

Gamban is set to add a new currency to their blocked list. The self-exclusion system already blocks access to a number of gambling websites and they are now looking to extend to blocking certain trading platforms which are described as the “gambling grey area” by Gamban. 

In Gamban’s eyes, trading and gambling have similar features and the behaviour adopted by consumers is also very similar. Therefore, after appeals from their own customer base, Gamban will now be blocking access to platforms that offer cryptocurrency or stock trading as they believe it gives their users the best chance at overcoming gambling addiction. 

Gamban not only blocks all types of online gambling, including black market products and crypto but also trading websites,” James Forman. Gamban’s business intelligence officer, said. 

images“One of the main differences between Gamban and self-exclusion schemes is that we are not required to integrate with websites in order to block access to them.” 

“This means we can move quickly and block emerging threats such as esports and skins gambling that have risen to prominence during the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).” 

Back in July, Gamban partnered up with “A Game Above” to launch Yield Sec. Yield Sec is a solution that serves as a technical and advisory tool which allows for regulatory bodies to monitor and enforce specific markets. Their aim is to help regulators and governments tackle illegal gambling and this certainly had an influence on expanding the blocking commitment to cryptocurrency. The tool gives access to real-time databases, permitting users to update and develop their own operator blacklist.  

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