Gamblers in Macau to provide nucleic acid test results

Posted: Jul 15, 2020 15:09 Category: Asia , Land-Based , Posted by Maria Debrincat

The government in Macau will be providing 5,000 nucleic acid tests daily

As Guangdong-Macao is to resume travel today, Macau authorities have asked that all people entering the casino from 0:00 on the same day to present a negative nucleic acid test certificate. A nucleic acid test is a technique used to detect particular abnormalities in the blood. In this case COVID-19.

After the announcement of these new measures, many discussions were immediately raised.

Some people questioned that in the casino business, the requirement for nucleic acid detection of gamblers will only make the business even worse.

Macau casinoHowever, some staff also said that this policy is to ensure the safety of frontline employees besides the company has arranged testing for all frontline employees, including dealers and security staff.

Outside the casinos in Macau, there are notices to remind guests to show nucleic acid test records before entering the casino; some casino staff pointed out that they will pay attention to whether the gamblers entering the venue will have a nucleic acid certification, and there has not been a significant increase in gamblers before the policy is implemented.

According to the authority, the Macau government will provide 5,000 tests daily starting from 10 am yesterday morning (14th), however the reservation service has been fully booked in less than 10 minutes. Without the test results gamblers will not be entitled to enter the casinos.

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