Gambling Commission imposes new online gaming restrictions

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Gambling Commission imposes new online gaming restrictions

The restrictions will come into effect by 31st October, including limits on spin speeds, banning speed-up play and much more

The Gambling Commission has announced new restrictions regarding online casino games that aims to make the games less intensive and safer, coming into effect by 31st October.

These new restrictions coincide with the Commission’s continuous push for responsible gaming, a sector that has been a main focus due to the rise in gambling addictions in the UK.

The new restrictions include the limits on spin speeds, as well as all round ban on ‘speed-up play’ features or those features that celebrate losses like a win.

Operators are also ordered to show the player their total losses and winnings.

The Commission has decided to make this new move due to concerns around online slot games, games designed to replicate slot machines in real-life betting shops and casinos, accounting for approximately 70% of online casino games.

The Gambling Commission also highlighted that these types of games account for the most average losses per play of online gambling products.

The Gambling Commission Chief Executive, Neil McArthur, said:

McArthur Gambling Commission - SiGMA NEWS

To make online games safer we are introducing a ban on features that speed up play, or give the illusion of control over the outcome. We are also introducing a ban on auto play, losses disguised as wins, and slot spin speeds faster than 2.5 seconds. The evidence shows that these features increase the risk of harm to customers.
This is another important step in making gambling safer and where the evidence shows that there are other opportunities to do that we are determined to take them.

The continuous lockdowns in the UK has caused concerns regarding gambling addiction as people have become more vulnerable to the effects of potential problem gambling or relapsing during these times.

The Gambling Commission has constantly put player safety at the forefront of their strategy and, during 2020, introduced a number of restrictions to maintain player safety. This year looks to be no different with these new restrictions being imposed.

Source: GamblingCommission

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