Gambling Quiz that’s out of sight – let’s play and see who gets it right!

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Gambling Quiz that’s out of sight – let’s play and see who gets it right!

We at CasinoWow are happy to announce our new Wow Quiz! Starting on May 29, 2023, we will be launching our new marketing campaign featuring favourite casino brands and exciting gambling trivia for players.

Up until June 11, 2023, players can enter the Wow Quiz and unlock a daily quiz with questions about the industry, testing their casino knowledge and getting the chance to win great promotions.

We have prepared fourteen daily quizzes, and each day, a different one will be unblocked with questions for everyone – beginners and veterans. Answering all questions correctly will reward the players with surprises from 6 different casinos. Nonetheless, at the end of the two-week period, one of everyone that participated will win the BIG prize!

CasinoWow is all about responsible gambling and educating the players in the most fun and, at the same time, informative way so that all gamblers are prepared. This Wow Quiz is with this exact purpose – to excite the players, to test their knowledge and also to inform them if something passed by them.

The daily quizzes of the Wow Quiz are all gambling-related and of general knowledge. To make things easier, players will be given three suggestions with only one correct answer. All correct answers from the two quizzes will be shared after the end of the campaign in our Wow News Section.

During the campaign, we will be partnering with Energy Casino, LV BET casino, BitStarz casino, Nomini casino, Turbico casino, NightRush casino. Players can expect amazing bonuses and promotions from them when they successfully pass a category of questions.

We cannot wait to see how the Quiz goes and what knowledge players actually have!

In case you want to spread gambling responsibility awareness and educate players about the casinos and casino games they excite themselves with, feel free to share about our Wow Quiz campaign.

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