Optimove creates risk detection AI for problem gambling

Posted: Mar 17, 2023 17:00 Category: Online , Regulatory , Responsible Gaming , Posted by Jake Graves

Israeli start-up Optimove has recently completed the creation of an innovative AI software that will support online bettors in detecting users who are at risk of developing a gambling obsession.

The AI works through collecting user data and assigning a rating based on their level of risk. This AI software has been developed by examining the behavioural patterns and characteristics of proven gambling addicts. Information such as what time of day they place bets, how long they spend on the site and whether or not they “chase loses”. Which is a phenomenon where a gambler amplifies their betting, either in bet valuation or in frequency, in an attempt to regroup their previous losses.

With those the AI deems high risk, the marketing targeted towards them on site will be focused on responsible gambling, including such active steps as taking a break, lowering wager valuation, or seeking help. Along with this action, the software will also notify the service provider and intervene in other ways if necessary.

The problem in gambling

Gambling addiction is a problem with a long sought after solution.

For a good number of years now, regulators and operators of online gambling have focused on this issue and how exactly to solve this problem without deterring users or strangling the industry. Player tracking has been proposed before but originally this encountered a few roadblocks. Mainly the fact the datasets for each human player were inaccurate or too narrow, with factors such as multiple player accounts, or a lack of manpower to manually monitor all the data in an efficient and timely manner proving difficult to overcome.

Optimove’s algorithm has overcome these barriers as it gathers data from a multitude of sources such as past transactions, games played, and interactions with customer service. This data is then used to train the AI and broaden its capabilities to identify users who risk developing a gambling addiction.

Such an integral innovation will have extremely positive effects on responsible gambling practices. Major gaming corporations such as Rush Street and BetMGM, have already adopted the algorithm. Optimove have stated their hopes for the AI are that it will be implemented on a wider scale and enhance both the safety and the enjoyment involved with betting. Along with crucially lowering the harmful impacts of gambling addiction on both society and the economy.

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