Gambling venues in France, Germany and Italy to close

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Land-based gambling establishments in France, Germany and Italy will close again due to new COVID-19 measures due to another wave of the pandemic

Along with the rest of the world, Europe is going through a resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic, causing governments to retaliate in the only possible way by returning to a lockdown state. 

France’s lockdown will start on the 30th of October and is scheduled to run till the 1st of December. Nonetheless the government still emphasized that this may be extended if needs be, urging people to work from home once more, and to keep travel and contact all throughout the country to the least amount possible. Basic essential shops, schools colleges, high schools and nurseries will remain open, whilst everything else including casinos and other gambling establishments will be closed. 


Although less serious, the situation in Germany is more or less the same, and the government has also announced a lockdown that will commence on the 2nd of November, closing all recreational spaces, restaurants, cafes, bars and, like France, leaving the educational establishments open. 

Italy is also preparing for its second national lockdown, like Germany, starting on the 2nd of November all Italian people are banned from travelling outside of their local municipalities. Bars and restaurants have to close at 6pm on every single day including the weekend and this is scheduled to last till the 24th of November, whilst other establishments such as arcades, bingo halls, and gambling establishments have to close.

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