Gamification goals – to augment an already great slot experience

Posted: Apr 18, 2023 16:30 Posted by Maria Debrincat
Category: Casino, Online, Sponsored,
Posted: Apr 18, 2023 16:30 Category: Casino, Online, Sponsored, Posted by Maria Debrincat

Victoria Vashukevich, Head of Account Management at 3 Oaks Gaming talks to SiGMA News about the provider’s growing gamification suite, and why getting the balance between great games and eyecatching promotional tools is key for anyone looking to stand out in the space.

It’s been a few months since the additions of Jackpots and Lucky Drops to your promotional toolkit – how have they been received?

So far, the feedback from operators and players has been really positive. We wanted to create a tool that offered operators the chance to have the flexibility to do whatever they wanted when it came to offering jackpots, or prize drop promotions, and this has been clear from the offset.

Ultimately, our goal is to distribute not just slot games that players love, but a complete gaming ecosystem so our partners can enjoy a fully-fledged offering as soon as our integration is complete. Our gamification tools are yet further evidence of this, and are working in strong tandem with our games portfolio.

Why is it important to have excellent gamification tools?

Gamification is important, because at every level, it can enhance the overall user experience. This ensures that players have a more engaging, entertaining, and rewarding experience, while operators benefit from seeing significantly extended player life cycles.

Our gamification tools have incorporated popular elements such as our Lucky Drops feature, which randomly awards payouts to players, as well as an incredibly exciting new Jackpot feature, which can be used either as a standalone tool, or in tandem with broader gamification pushes, inclusive of tournaments or series. It’s exciting for us to continue to develop leading products with standout UI/UX.

Is there a chance that gamification goes too far and overwhelms the ‘traditional’ slot player?

That’s where the expertise of a trusted iGaming distributor is vital. It can be so easy to get carried away and flood a screen with leaderboards, prize drops, and other extraneous elements, but that detracts from what a player is really there for – to play their favourite slot titles. Developing subtle ways to pack plenty of features in without dominating screen space is really important, especially as more players are using mobile devices to enjoy a gaming experience, where there is a small screen estate.

Finding that balance, of enhancing a slot session, without stealing attention, is key for both operators and suppliers, and requires a careful balancing act.

Is there scope for more gamification developments on the horizon?

For us – absolutely. We want to refine our current offering, with a view of absolutely optimising our current toolset, and ensuring that our jackpots and prize drops products continue to stand out. There’s always the chance for us to look to add even more features, like leaderboards, badges, points-based promotions or challenges, it’s just a question of do we feel it would truly add value.

For the broader industry, it’s probably a similar conversation. While it is possible to continue to push the boundaries and add even more interactive elements, it all comes back to one core question. Do players want it? And if the answer is no, then it won’t be worth the time creating such products. We’re an industry that always looks to give the end user unforgettable products, but the products are at the heart, not the additional features.

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