German Casino Market – Getting Bigger and Tougher

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Some of the top online casinos in Germany are found on casinobonus.de


Germany has, for a long time, had a strict approach to gaming. There were social vices associated with gambling, which led to the ban. The government had not formalised gaming policies to cushion its population from exploitation. However, in late 2019 to early 2020, a regulatory framework was established to monitor online gaming.

However, before it came into being, online gaming companies had their forays in Germany. This article gives light to these approaches and how the government is regulating online gaming. Some of the top online casinos in Germany are found on casinobonus.de.

Growing from 0 to 3 Billion

Casino gaming in Germany dates back to the invasion by the Roman Empire. Roman soldiers used to gamble to pass the time, and soon German followed suit. With time, the activity improved and soon, there were land-based casinos. However, they were meant for special people who would congregate to gamble. Every state had its own systems to regulate casino gambling, but non levied any taxes.

From the late 19th century up to the early 21st century, gaming laws were unclear, which criminalised all sorts of gaming. However, behind the scene, gambling was flourishing in the streets, and as such, no revenue was collected. On realising how lucrative it was, the German authorities tried to monopolise gambling, a move resisted by the European Union.

From 2006 onwards, the Germans have been amending their Gambling Act by engaging stakeholders and finding common ground to manage it. All this while, foreign companies have been running online gambling sites in Germany. Since no taxes were levied on winnings, the government never collected any tax.

From late 2019 to early 2020, the German government constituted the gambling regulations and set up a regulatory authority. The sector has grown from 0 to 3 billion euros over time, making it one of the world’s biggest gambling sectors.

Most popular online casinos in Germany

Casinos’ popularity is derived from their networks and offers. From the analysis, casinos that ran on affiliate websites grew exponentially when online gaming was legalised in the country. Below are the top 5 online casinos in Germany.


It is the home to the Merkur Slots, among other cut-edge slots. Bonuses found on Sunmaker include the welcome bonus, loyalty bonuses and numerous periodic offers such as the anniversary offer.


It has one of the biggest welcome bonuses in the country. Such offers attract a good number of customers, making the casino among the biggest in Germany. It also has numerous bonuses designed for special occasions for different gamers.


It might not feature among the most notable online casinos, but its reward scheme is among the best in the market. Its welcome bonus is versatile and has a variety of payment options. Wunderino was the winner of the Gaming Award in 2018.


It is a significant brand in Europe, thanks to its accreditation. Analysts in Germany rate NetBet at 93%, thanks to its progressive offers. Other offers include the monthly mobile bonus and occasional free spins on the Book of dead.


Borrowing its name from the native land casino, Lapalingo has grown to be a significant online casino in the German betting market.

Casino affiliates and their role on the market

Casino affiliates are organisations that help popularise online games. They have demographical advantages and networks to penetrate the market, guaranteeing visibility. Since they have the infrastructure, one affiliate can help more than 20 online casinos simultaneously. Various casino affiliates within Germany have helped propel casino gaming to its current stature, like, for example, casinobonus.de – one of the most successful casino affiliates on the market.

As its name suggests, casinobonus.de focuses on the various bonuses offered by German online casinos. The welcome bonus that has become industry standard over the past ten years has been proven to be the single most successful way to attract new players to a casino time after time. As such, the fact that the affiliate promotes this aspect front and center only amplifies the appeal, creating a symbiotic relationship between the affiliate and the casino. After all, even the best welcome bonus is worthless if no players know about it, while affiliates need good bonuses from reliable casinos to maintain their reputation.

Ultimately, the most successful affiliates all aim to provide value to the player – and the results speak for themselves. Engagement with the promoted casinos’ promotions doubles or even triples in some cases after they’ve been promoted appropriately by an affiliate with a strong reputation and a solid fanbase who knows how to play up each operator’s individual strengths. That impact is rarely acknowledged, even by industry professionals, but it’s no

coincidence that the most successful online casinos all have not only great games and bonuses, but strong connections with affiliates who know how to promote them.

New German Gambling Laws – transitioning to a very regulated market

The journey to regulate online gaming in Germany started after the 2nd world war. A new constitution was in place which allowed gambling but localised to different states. However, it was for a select few. This went on until the mid-1990’s when they were lifted.

The government’s attempt to monopolise gaming, thanks to its attractive returns, was met with hostilities. Homegrown and the continental bodies rallied to oppose this move, which reduced the government’s influence on the betting sector. However, by 2008, the Interstate Gambling Treaty came into force, effectively criminalising all forms of gambling.

There were still unclear areas that needed refurbishment. Only registered casinos were allowed to operate in Germany, but a German national could sign up and bet on a foreign-owned casino. Fast forward to October-November 2020, new regulations were included, which gave leeway for foreign companies to operate in Germany.

To allow foreign and homegrown countries to set up gambling companies, the government recognises that it is a good source of revenue. It also admits that online casino gaming is a choice where the gamer makes sane decisions. However, betting is only allowed for people over 18 years, conversant with Gamble Aware recommendations.

Conclusion – adapt and win or perish

Gambling awareness and liberalisation of the economy has forced contemporary governments to allow online casinos. Betting firms are increasingly becoming clever in bending the law in their favour. A case study is the legal battle between Bwin and German authorities. The loopholes in German laws on foreign betting paved the way for the company’s establishment and operationalisation. However, the government tried to clip their wings owing to the massive repatriation, but the company fought back and won. It gave other online casinos the courage to set up and operate in Germany.

The new Interstate Gambling laws allow online gaming such as poker and some video slots. It is a welcome idea as most casino games fall in that category. Since it is now legal, the government can now levy taxes for its own use, as gamers and online casinos make their own kill. However, the laws will come into effect on July 1st, 2021.

German authorities were forced to adapt to the new world order, lest betting companies twist the laws for their own good. The result is tax-free profit repatriation out of the country. The laws bring in a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

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