Germany imposes new €1k per month deposit limit on online poker games

Posted: Oct 31, 2020 12:00 Category: Europe , Regulatory , Posted by Content Team

The German online poker market experiences drastic changes in regulations forcing some platforms to exit region

Starting from the 15th of this month of October, players logging in from Germany will encounter a new deposit limit of €1,000 per month , will have a limit of playing four tables, and won’t be able to choose their own table. The deposit limit will also be put next to a ‘panic’ button which allows players to self-ban themselves for a period of 24 hours with a single clock of a button.

18652529_303The tax situation for poker players was already quite difficult, with many serious pros leaving for Vienna who is a bit more player-friendly when it comes to taxes. Naturally, the government’s incentive for this is to do something to help people with a serious gambling problem, but of course this drastic drop in the betting limit will have an effect companies.

Many of these companies might choose to go to neighboring countries such as France or Spain, where particularly the latter has a flourishing online poker market having a 48% upsurge during the first Covid-19 lockdown in the country, and continuing to spike in April and May by 170% and 101% respectively, marking several records for the sector.

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