Goa’s Govt authorises casinos to pay annual fees on monthly pro-rata basis

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After several tax hikes, Goa’s government decides to keep annual recurring fees unchanged this year

Late last month, there was significant relief for the Goa casino operators as the state government gave the go ahead for casinos to reopen from November 1 at a 50% capacity, under government imposed regulations. In addition to the positive news, the state government has recently allowed casinos to pay annual recurring fees for the financial year 2020-2021 on monthly pro-rate basis.

“The annual recurring fees for the financial year 2020-2021 shall be calculated on monthly pro rata basis and the payment thereof in respect of the month of November, 2020 up to March, 2021 shall be made on or before the 5th day of such respective month. The schedule of payment of the unpaid annual recurring fees in respect of the month of April, 2020 up to October, 2020 shall be as specified by the Government by an order published in the Official Gazette,” the notification says.

The state government of Goa has consistently increased the casino license fees over the years. In March 2018, the fees were goa-might-see-inland-casinos-recent-law-draft-approvedhiked 4.5 times from the previous year’s fees. Having said that, Goa’s government has kept the annual recurring fees unchanged this year.

The state government also stated that the yearly fee schedule payment for the lockdown period between April 2020 to October 2020 would be notified by an order in the official newspaper.

In India, the state government of Goa said the return of Russian tourists to both its hotels and casino establishments will likely jumpstart its exhausted local economy caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Russia is the single largest continent that has accounted for nearly one-fifth of the total of GOA’s foreign tourists in recent years, followed by the tourists from the United Kingdom. 

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