Ultimate Guide to Sportsbetting: 10 Best Sports Betting Websites

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In this guide to sportsbetting, you will find out about the types of sports bets and the sports betting websites where you can place them – as well as how to find the sportsbook that fits your style of play.

What Types of Sports Betting Are There?

Money Line Bets

A money line bet is the most common and the simplest type of bet one can make. There are two types of bets that can be placed by you on sports teams’ money lines: money line bets and over/under bets.

If you think that the New York Yankees have a good chance of winning, a money line bet would be a great choice. The Yankees are the favorites, so your bet will win. Should they lose, though, your bet will be a loss.

Point Spread

There is also the possibility of placing point spread bets in addition to straight bets. By betting on the spread, you are betting on the margin of victory as opposed to the result of the game itself.

In the case of an underdog, a plus sign is indicated, while the case of a favorite is indicated by a minus sign. In the example given above, a team that is priced at -7.5 will have to win by a minimum of 7.5 points in order to be considered a winner.

It really isn’t a question of whether the opposition team wins, but if they lose, Therefore, for them to receive a price of +7.5, they will have to lose by fewer than 7.5 points.

Over/Under (Totals)

Apart from money lines and spreads, the most popular sports wager is the point total. You may wonder why over/under bets are commonly referred to as such since you are betting on whether a certain number will go over or under.

An overall bet is one that is placed on the total number of points both teams will score in relation to one another. An example of this is in the case of the New York Giants vs. the Philadelphia Eagles football game, where the total of the points is set at 45.5 points.

In the end, only 38 combined points were scored if the Eagles were 21, Giants 17 was the final score. That means that the under is the winning bet.

Parlay Bets

The process of having multiple bets win at the same time is known as a parlay. The winnings of the parlay are determined by the winners of all “legs” or bets that make up the parlay. So, for example, a four-leg parlay that has only three winning bets will result in the ticket being lost.

Many bettors find that a parlay is a very attractive option since it is a way for them to bet a very low amount of money and win a much larger sum of money since your profits multiply after each win. An example of such a parlay would be if you bet $10 on a five-leg parlay, including the following:

  • The Los Angeles Dodgers are favored by -215 points on the money line (Bet365)
  • Boston Red Sox Moneyline (-155 odds as of the time of writing)
  • The Milwaukee Bucks have gained 4.5 points (reflecting a 110 point loss)
  • The next home run will be hit by Bryce Harper (PHI) (+650)
  • The University of Washington’s Max Scherzer is predicted to have over 8,5 strikeouts (-105) this season

Suppose that you are able to hit all five of your bets; you would receive $663.80.


In a sense, a teaser bet is similar in nature to a parlay bet because it is tied to a number of different bets. But, in essence, it is not an ambitiously large payout; in fact, it is designed to match the payout of a single regular bet and is designed to have a payout that is the same as a single regular bet.

The concept of a teaser is when a bettor tries to “tease” the spreads of multiple games by making them a few or several points in his favor. For example, we might imagine that you wanted to do a six point teaser on two NFL games where you were backing the Detroit Lions and New England Patriots: Hence, we will go in this order:

Original Line:

  • 49ers at Lions (+7.5) San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions
  • Dolphins at Patriots (-2.5) Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots
  • In a nutshell, the teaser contains six points:
  • Detroit Lions (+13.5) at San Francisco Giants (+13.5)

In a game against the New England Patriots (+3.5), the Miami Dolphins are the favorites

Parlays require a Lions win, or a Patriots win by more than 2.5 points, while an outright win for the Lions or a loss by fewer than 7.5 points is required for a parlay.

The Lions are unlikely to win or lose by fewer than 13.5 points for a teaser to be a winning bet, while the Patriots could win or lose by fewer than 3.5 points for a 6 point teaser to be a winner.

Prop Bets

Properly known as proposition bets, these type of bets are those that have no direct correlation to the final score of the game or the outcome. There are two types of prop bets that are commonly placed on sportsbooks. These are player props and game props.

An option prop is a wager that is placed on the performance of a particular player, the probability of a quarterback passing for a certain number of yards in football, or the probability of a basketball player scoring a double-double, are just a few examples.

The prop bet refers to the wager on some event that occurs during the course of a game, such as whether the first team to score 20 points will win or which team marks their first goal.

Middle Bets

A middle bet or middle bet is an arbitrage betting strategy where you place point spread bets on both sides of the game on different lines in an effort to achieve either a win or a win for both bets.

Imagine, for example, that you bet one unit on the Carolina Panthers against the Tennessee Titans since they are 3.5-point favorites at one sportsbook, and you were betting on the Panthers.

One sportsbook has the Titans as an underdog by 4.5 points against the Panthers, which means you will bet about 1 unit on the Titans.

Assuming you win the Panthers/Titans game by exactly four points, if they win by exactly four points, you either win +1.82 units or lose only 0.09 units if they don’t.

Futures Bets

In the world of sports betting, a futures bet is a bet that predicts the outcome of an event in the future. For example, a team can win the MVP award, win a league championship, win the total number of victories, or even win a championship.

As well as player props, futures can also be used to forecast how many points or yards a player will score during a season, as well as how many yards a quarterback will throw for.

Live Betting

The term live bet refers to a bet made after the start of a game. I think that what makes live betting so entertaining is that the odds are constantly changing based on the movement of the game.

Besides the usual traditional wagers that can be made live, such as money lines, spreads, and totals, you can also place wagers that are more specific in nature, such as the next possession after a possession that has already been taken.

Points Betting

On the App Store, you will find a new spread betting option — points betting. Spread betting is a form of spread betting which is more volatile. When you bet on points, you win or lose more if you have a team that exceeds or falls short of the spread, rather than when you bet on the spread, which gives you the same amount no matter how much your team covers the spread by.

Hopefully, you have had a chance to understand how points betting works. The logic is that when you win or lose by a certain number of units, your winning or losing percentage is equal to that by which you won or lost points.

You would make $75, for example, if you bet $10 on the Miami Dolphins to win by at least 2.5 points against the New Orleans Saints and the Miami Dolphins won, since the spread was off by 7.5 units, and you get 10 points for every point you stake. But, on the other hand, if the Dolphins were to lose by 20 points, you will lose $225 if they lose by 20 points.

In order to be successful in point betting, one needs to set a stop-loss limit when making the wager.

By reading our how to bet guide, you can learn more about each of these bet types and how to put them into practice.

10 Best Sportsbetting Sites In 2022


With the variety of bets and numerous ways to place them, Betway makes it easy to get started with online betting and then keeps you there in the long run. Betway is a fantastic platform for betting on sports, offering some of the best promotions available to players at any sportsbook.


For new and experienced bettors alike, 888sport offers a wide variety of betting options. Discover the best odds from around the world on sporting events, regardless of the location you’re in.

William Hill

With a successful betting app and online sportsbook that has one of the largest betting menus in the industry, a big name that has been in business since 1934 remains relevant as ever.

Paddy Power

It’s a household name that is well known for offering some of the most competitive odds within the industry and is among the most popular and esteemed gambling sites in the UK & Ireland. Among the best sportsbooks on the internet is Paddy Power, one of the top betting sites in the industry due to its over 100 lines per game and live streaming service.


The advertisement for Bet365 shows that they claim to be “the world’s favorite online sports betting company.” Despite the fact that I am not sure there is any reason why Bet365 is one of the best gambling sites. There is no reason that we wouldn’t say we like the ads. We’ve seen them so much that they actually irritate me now because they’re so frequent! There is simply no match for how good it is.


With over 20 years of experience since Pinnacle Sportsbook was established in 1998 and accepting players from over 80 countries, this sportsbook has been around for years. This year, Pinnacle.com has changed its name from Pinnacle Sports to Pinnacle.com, after many years as Pinnacle Sports. In May 2020, the brand will acquire a Swedish license. It is currently allowed in Cyprus, Malta, Curacao, and Honduras. Located in Manila, Philippines, the company’s headquarters are also located in Malta and London, where the company’s operational offices can be found. A strength for PinnacleBet is its special low margins of up to 1% on a wide range of sports, the large betting and winning limits, the fast withdrawals, and the rewards for winners policy.


Bookmaker BetVictor is undoubtedly one of the most well-known names in the industry. There have been many changes to the company’s name over the years, but its roots are as a family-run enterprise founded in 1946 in London. As well as starting with a full sportsbook, it later added casino games as well as other options to its online offering. As a result, BetVictor Sports joins the ranks of the top betting sites for sports in Europe. It features markets for all the major sports and gambling markets in Europe.


One of the newest online sportsbooks is MansionBet which is one of the newest ones on the market. Although this operator was only established in 2018, it has a high level of trustworthiness. SBTech powers a sports betting platform powered by MansionBet, so all popular sports worldwide are available, including the most popular ones found in the USA. In order to ensure that you are receiving the best service possible, the sportsbook is a subsidiary of the well-known and award-winning Mansion Casino company.


Established in 2007, 22Bet comes from Eastern Europe, has its headquarters in Cyprus, and has an Eastern European background. 22Bet.com is licensed under the jurisdiction of the Curacao government, as well as holding local licenses in several African countries, such as Nigeria and Kenya.

In addition, former national football players Nuno Gomes and Kevin Kuranyi have been appointed as ambassadors of the brand, thereby increasing the brand’s awareness. Throughout the 22Bet review, you will learn more about the exciting promotions, the competitive odds, and how to use the great variety of payment methods available with this upcoming bookmaker.


It is easy to navigate through the SportingBet.com sportsbook. As soon as you reach the homepage, a list of the most popular categories greets you. In addition, the upcoming events page has highlights coupons, in-play options, and highlight coupons. SportingBet.com has a very easy-to-use layout that will make it a breeze to jump right into it and find what you are looking for.

How to Choose the Right Sports Betting Website

It can be helpful to discover what type of bet you can make on each sport now that you have a better understanding of the different types of betting. The right thing to do is to figure out which works best for you.

In order to determine which sports are best for player props, you should identify sports where you have the best ability to predict player performance.

As a bettor, you should determine whether the money line or spread bet is the best strategy for your betting sport. If you are like most bettors and are interested in team performance, you should decide which betting strategy is best for you.

It is best to bet on totals rather than money lines or spreads if you are better at determining how a game is going to progress.

As a means of attracting the maximum number of customers, sportsbooks must set odds for everything they sell. In order to be a successful sports bettor, you have to be able to focus on only a few areas and discover where other bettors and bet books are making mistakes.

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