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HawX offers a variety of approaches helping operators to facilitate their iGaming business operations on a superb level. In this exclusive interview, SiGMA News sat down with Giorgi Tsutskiridze, CEO of HawX to learn more about their brand


Can you give us an overview of your Background?
After having over 5 years of working on C level key positions at industry-leading companies, such as Adjarabet (PeddyPower), Microgaming, BetConstruct, I have decided to Co-found HawX – an iGaming service provider company – and run it as a CEO. Since then, I have been developing high-quality business strategies and plans ensuring their alignment with short-term and long-term objectives.
Can you tell us more about HawX?
0 (1) HawX is a smart company that offers a variety of approaches to facilitate your iGaming business operations on a superb level and sharp a way for your future business growth. HawX is a team of professionals from industry-leading companies collected to support you in your iGaming business. 
Delivering a unique approach to each and every client, we strive to meet your expectations in the most creative and innovative way. Our services are designed with one goal in mind – make your business even more profitable! Taking your iGaming business needs into account, we bring a fresh perspective to your business in the simplest and coolest way.
Which services do you provide?
HawX provides 6 major services – CRM, Design, Marketing, Website Management, Games Management and Financial Advisory, that pretty much covers all online casino operations. 
Those services guarantee performance boost in all essential iGaming KPIs:
  1. CRM: HawX works on 6 different verticals when it comes to CRM: Private Promotions, Public Promotions, Onboarding, Retention, Reactivation and daily VIP treatment.
  2. Design: We provide professional design services with stunning solutions, a complete design package to define your brand in the most impressive way.The service includes 3 verticals: Competitive Website (UI/UX, Web and Mobile), Promotional Graphics (Landing Pages, Banners, Thumbnails, Email Newsletters) and Bradbrook (Logo, Colors, Fonts, Elements, Brand Identity).
  3. Marketing: Growing a business isn’t easy without a powerful marketing strategy. HawX takes care of General Marketing and Social Media Management for iGaming businesses that increases brand awareness and brings loyalty to the website.
  4. Website Management: HawX takes all website operations on its shoulders and delivers the best performance for the skin. This service includes operations such as from bug fixes, landing page buildings, QA and 3rd party integrations. By the help of Website Management unit, the skin will always be updated, up and running.
  5. Games Management: Our product management service is specially designed to facilitate online casino management. Our scope covers games and Providers Management, Product Planning, Partnership and Licensing Coverage, Bug Issue Tracking etc.
  6. Financial Advisory: HawX is monitoring and accounting all expenses and the company’s performance in a product verticals. Based on proper reporting, our partners have a clear budgeting and forecasting for upcoming quarters.
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In which Market do you operate?
We do not really have borders, so we are open to all markets to operate. Currently, we cover clients from Asian, African, European, South-East Asian, Middle East and South American countries.
Those are the locations, where we are running daily operations and boosting an online casinos performance.
Why a customer should use your services? What are the advantages?  
The biggest advantage of HawX is quality delivery. The team is full of super experienced members, with a background of industry-leading companies, such as PaddyPower, Betsson, Microgaming, GVC, BetConstruct, Betfair etc. that delivers a superb performance of the business and guarantees several hundred percent increases in all major iGaming KPIs.
How is HawX Vision helping clients?
HawX vision perfectly fits clients’ needs and requirements. We offer a unique customer experience on acquiring, onboarding, retaining and reactivating stages. On top of it, our Design and Product Management solutions are just excellent for iGaming industry, that increases loyalty indicator to the brand and automatically boosts the company’s performance.
What are your strengths and USPs?
Our strengths are our experienced team, know-how and a unique approach to each and every client’s needs. The USP for HawX is fast and quality delivery from A to Z operations that guarantees immediate performance boost.
How has Hawx developed in recent years, particularly in light of the current climate? 
HawX is almost two years old and has already managed to gain enormous trust from its clients. The important fact is that all of our clients are super loyal and helping us in expanding the business, as long as it’s excellently affecting them.
Back in those days, we used to be just 4 persons and working really hard to deliver the best performance for the iGaming. After several successful projects, we have expanded and added different services to our offerings. Currently, we ended up being 50 members in the team and running 4 offices in different locations – Tbilisi (HQ), Yerevan, Stockholm and Malta.

Looking to the future, where do you see your direction?
HawX is aiming to expand by serving more clients from all over the world, increase the team, train them even more and add several requested services into the offerings.
In parallel, we will be starting marketing ourselves and services, that might be by attending expos, working with some media companies etc. that will increase HawX awareness.

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