Hon. Silvio Schembri on the gaming industry in Malta: “Expect more from the government”

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In an opening speech during iGaming Next, Minister Silvio Schembri elaborates on how legislation and formation procedures in Malta have improved and evolved to accommodate this lucrative industry

The gaming industry is one which the Maltese government has embraced and strived to nurture since its early days. Minister Silvio Schembri stated that he shall ensure by all means possible that this industry will continue to thrive and also ascertain that it remains solid, fully enabling this sector to sustain its success.

“From visiting the gaming companies to launches of events tied to gaming and addressing high profile conferences, it is indeed a very busy month for the iGaming sector here in Malta.”

Hon. Silvio Schembri giving his opening speech during iGaming NEXT.

With the gaming industry responsible for thousands of jobs on the island and now a mainstay of the economy, these are events which help foster further growth, encourage businesses to embrace a further future now mentality and just as importantly continue to reaffirm Malta’s standing as a global leading jurisdiction within this sector.

“We want Malta to be your home. We want you all to be a part of our communities, our towns our villages. Malta‘s hospitality goes beyond much that and to this end we shall as we have done consequently in the past always be available to listen and to wherever possible address your concerns.”

He goes on to further say that he believes the iGaming industry in Malta is and will continue to transform Malta’s economy. “It is therefore in our interest to safeguard such a market be it gaming, video gaming industry or esports such as a matter of fact sectors that are forecasted to grow even more rapidly than ever before and definitely with no signs of slowing down.”

The government since the very beginning recognised that safeguarding the reputation of the industry is of utmost importance on account of this we will work with the industry to launch a reputation management programme to further safeguard the interest of this sector.

With regards to the upskilling of workers Schembri states that over the past years, the government has adopted a proactive approach to mitigate the unmet demand for skilled and talented individuals which emanates from the sector itself by creating and owning the relevant expertise to forward-thinking educational initiatives.

He believes that this has been achieved with a great degree of success towards this end and Malta can now boast of a more tax-heavy workforce. Emphasising the fact that there’s always plenty of room for improvement, the Minister says that they are on the right track. The unity certification programme for lecturers and students is also currently underway at MCAST and the University of Malta. This programme aims to continue to invest in futureproofing the skills for the gaming sector.

“Today we also have educational programmes targetting specifically the iGaming sector offering level 3 and level 4 diplomas programmes together with apprenticeship schemes and we won’t stop here.” The government will continue to develop existing talents and skills enabling Malta to equip talented individuals with the necessary competency which is vital to the success of the well-being of the industry in a bid to sustain a whole ecosystem.

The intention is to remain innovative with Schembri stressing the fact that a government-backed iGaming council shared by Gaming Malta Foundation is about to be set up. This will serve as a forum which offers high-level guidance and consultation to government stakeholders on policies which directly impact the businesses. The council will also be tasked with helping build closer relationships between the government and the industry.

“Expect more from the government I represent as we continue to seek ways to safeguard and enhance the iGaming sector whilst futureproofing the whole sector for the benefit of the industry itself and but most of all for the benefit of the Maltese economy.”


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