How to successfully launch an online lottery

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How to successfully launch an online lottery

For those that want to enter the foray that is an online lottery, also known as iLottery, there are a few factors to take into consideration. First, you need to understand the user demands of where you’ll regionally be pushing the lottery to people and want to make it as easy as possible for these users to navigate through what your application is. 

You also want to confirm what type of application we are discussing here. Is it a web-based application only? Will there be a mobile application? In reality, these days, your best option to be as successful as possible is to come up with an omnichannel solution. This means having a web-based and mobile-ready application, as well as making it easily accessible for those that may not have powerful smartphones or strong internet connections. In addition, this helps cast a wider net for attracting new users to your online platform.  

Security first 

This is another aspect that needs consideration on day one, as you’ll be handling several points of sensitive information. First, you’re taking customer information, as well as possibly storing their payment methods. Then you’ve also got a lottery system in the backend that needs to be protected from intrusion to keep the odds fair, as is necessary with the lottery. Without security, players won’t be comfortable providing information and using the system to play the lottery online.  

Build it for the Future 

Make sure that whatever you build, whether it’s through a customized solution or a platform, that it is scalable. You want it to be able to handle new features and game types easily, as well as an influx of new users at the same time.  In addition, a scalable solution needs to be built for integrations of any type easily and fast so that you are able to keep your platform as competitive as possible without losing out to the competition because of downtime or because technical implementations for new features take too long.  

Focus on the engine in the back 

Make sure that there’s a wealth of features in the backend to manage your users’ data as necessary. Active users on an iLottery system will need to have a great user experience, and you, as the owner of the system and company, need to be able to manage the entire system from the platform.  

So whether it’s customer service and pulling up information, having a need to handle iLottery vendors easily through the integrations, or whether you want to pull real-time reporting to see which lotteries are the most successful for your business, all of this needs to be built out properly within the system.  

In the end 

Make sure to take the time to plan an end-to-end solution, and it’s best to work with experts that understand the needs of a proper iLottery system and can build the right agile system to start out with that is still robust enough to grow as your business needs grow.

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