iConvert announces webinar series: Bring your A-game to the iGaming industry

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iConvert, specialist iGaming conversion rate optimisation company have recently announced their brand new webinar series, a series of discussions around how to bring your A-Game to the iGaming industry

The series comprises four 20-minute sessions, starting on the 11th March 2022 and running every 2 weeks for the next 8 weeks.

The team will cover all the usual FAQs received, along with topical sessions delving into the below:

The fundamentals of iGaming CRO

The team will define CRO and how to accurately calculate conversion rate. We’ll look into where you sit compared to the average industry conversion rates, how you can enhance the onsite journey by focusing on both macro and micro conversion, the benefits of CRO and strategies to improve conversions.

Testing the limits of iGaming CRO

What is testing for iGaming websites? Why should you test, what should you test and, how on earth are you supposed to implement a testing protocol? Lindsey Roberts, Head of Operations at iConvert and resident testing expert will sit down with Ashley Wood, CEO, to delve into all things testing and how you can enhance your entire website journey with testing.

Enhancing ROI with iGaming CRO

The team will touch upon the benefits of CRO and what results you can expect alongside enhanced ROAS. We’ll discuss the conversion cycle and the knock-on effect, how to maximise returns and affiliate engagement, enhance your SEO and industry reputation and finally, taking the holistic approach. If you’re hell-bent on increasing your ROI, this is not one to be missed!

The future of iGaming CRO

The team will take a deep dive into CRO and where it will take us in the future. We’ll discuss the progression of artificial intelligence, psychographics and neuromarketing, the delicate balance between AI and human input, true personalisation and the changing perceptions of iGaming, particularly in the US.

The iConvert team would be delighted to welcome you to join us for each session – simply click the links above to secure your virtual seat for each webinar now.

Ashley Wood, CEO at iConvert, commented: “We’re delighted to be releasing our webinar series. Teaching operators and empowering them with the tools to succeed is at the heart of what we do. The purpose of the Bring your A-Game to the iGaming webinar series is to do exactly that: share our industry expertise so that operators can maximise their successes and generate more profit.

The cherry on top is that we’ve made sure that the sessions are kept to a maximum of 20 minutes, so we don’t take up too much of your day. So, sign up and we’ll see you on the 11th for our first session. Grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and enjoy the series!”

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