Working collectively as one industry benefits everyone – Genia Gurevich

Katy Micallef 3 weeks ago
Working collectively as one industry benefits everyone – Genia Gurevich

The panel, Responsible Gaming Regulation: A Global Perspective took place on the first day of SiGMA CIS & Balkans conference in Cyprus. Here are some of the key takeaways from panellists Kapil Dhiman, CEO of MetaStudios, Elisabeth Isaksson, Head of Regulatory and Compliance for Soft2Bet, Genia Gurevich, the Head of Gaming Group for Porat Group, and David Yatom Hay, General Counsel for Soft2Bet.

The conversation kicks off with a look at the cultural nuances affecting the regulatory landscape. 

David Yatom Hay, General Counsel for Soft2Bet, suggests that in countries where gambling is very much embedded in the culture, where there is a long history with the industry, such as the UK, there is an opportunity for the regulators and for people within the industry to make sure anything that is regulated, that  relates to the gambling culture as a whole is much more substantiated from new regulations.

What should we be looking for in a regulatory checklist, asks CEO for MetaStudios and moderator Kapil Dhiman. 

Elisabeth Isakksson, the Head of Regulatory and Compliance for Soft2Bet.

Elisabeth Isakksson, the Head of Regulatory and Compliance for Soft2Bet, believes that ‘having a solid licensing system is to our benefit and ensures we can continue to operate within that country long term.’

She goes on to emphasise that we should be looking at whether ‘the gaming regulation is something we can work with, and, whether it works for players as well.’

Denmark, she says, is a good example. “The country has a long relationship with the gambling industry, a good regulatory framework, and a good understanding of the industry. It knows how to regulate and supervise the industry. 

“Unfortunately however, in some countries we see political influence when it comes to regulation, and not a great understanding of how the industry works or what the player wants.”

Genia Gurevich, the Head of Gaming Group for Porat Group also offers his two cents. He believes that there is a little bit of both factors involved when it comes to influence – with cultural differences and political forces contributing to the ecosystem.

“I do see cultural differences between established cultures that have gambling entrenched in their culture, like Asia and the UK – we also see new regulation in Ontario, and increasing regulation in the US – where they have their own affiliate licensing regime to market their services to operators.

We’re also seeing that Curacao, for example, has experienced a little bit of turmoil and that operators are seeking alternatives, operators are certainly looking for different things.

Seeking a global standard

Elisabeth hopes that we will see a standardisation of operations in the future. 

“It makes it easier for businesses to adapt to regulatory requirements to build a product that is coherent between jurisdictions. It also eases the burden of development when going into new jurisdictions – as well as the burden on operational teams when it comes to learning new procedures.”

When it comes to responsible gambling there are some core elements, and they don’t differ too much between cultures in terms of protecting players, she explains. Key tenets include having proper safeguards in place and knowing how to detect patterns that are more accurate and having tech controls for players, like deposit limits.

Panellists Kapil Dhiman, Elisabeth Isaksson, Genia Gurevich and David Yatom Hay.

“I think it’s better when we don’t see too much creative input that isn’t based on proper research – I do think that regulators look at each other and learn from each other and they see what has worked in the past.”

David also agrees, saything that there are self standards you can implement in any regulations, although there are cultural differences where you might need to adjust one element, from one regulation to another. You see this is pretty much widespread across the whole industry, he says. 

“If regulators copy this and create standardisation when it comes to the product itself, that would be great.” 

Creating a standardisation is obviously important, he goes on to say, but it’s also important to know that when having built the standard there could be differences. A framework is good.

Economic benefits of more streamlined gaming regulations

“Once the US started regulating gaming their revenue grew exponentially. We saw more players acting in the right way. It set the market standard. It sets a good example, everyone will try to match that. If everyone is working on the same level, collectively as one industry – it benefits everyone. Regulators are less keen on imposing harsh restrictions and it allows operators to work with some leeway, concluded Genia Gurevich.”

Head to SiGMA Curaçao this September

Less than 3 weeks away SiGMA Curacao will be held from the 25 – 28 September at Europe’s first integrated resort, City of Dreams Mediterranean. The event is hosted by the Ministry of Finance in association with SiGMA Curacao

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to be part of SiGMA Curacao, where you can gain valuable insights into the new gambling legislation, explore the thriving iGaming industry, and connect with key players in Curacao. Check out all the details here.

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Tech and regulation essential for payment providers to remain competitive, says payments expert
An insightful panel took place on Day 3 of the conference at the SiGMA Americas and BiS Summit in São Paulo, Brazil. The panel featured six speakers who shared their insights and perspectives on the role of payment methods in the online gaming industry. The speakers included Rafael Silva, Thiago Tobias, Leonardo Baptista, Cristiano Maschio, Christian Ribeiro, and Leonardo Chaves. Payment Methods as a competitive differential for online gaming operators The discussion revolved around key topics such as regulatory compliance, secure payment platforms, technological advancements, and the impact of payment methods on the competitive landscape of online gaming operators. The panellists highlighted the importance of adhering to regulatory frameworks, particularly those set by the Central Bank, to ensure a secure and trustworthy environment for financial transactions in the gaming industry. Rafael Silva stressed this point.
The regulatory framework plays a crucial role in the payment industry. Adhering to the rules set by the Central Bank ensures a secure and trustworthy environment for financial transactions.
[caption id="attachment_860370" align="alignright" width="300"] Leonardo Baptista, CEO, Pay4Fun.[/caption] Thiago Tobias focused on the differentiation that lies in the regulatory aspect of the payment process. He emphasised the need for online gaming operators to work with licensed payment institutions that comply with the rules and regulations set by the Central Bank. He stated, "The differentiation lies in the regulatory aspect of the payment process. Operators must seek licensed payment institutions that comply with the rules of the Central Bank." Leonardo Baptista highlighted the advancements in technology that have enabled traceability and accountability in financial transactions. He discussed the implementation of robust systems to ensure the legitimacy and transparency of payments, stating, "Technology has allowed for traceability and accountability in financial transactions. By implementing robust systems, we can ensure the legitimacy and transparency of payments." Cristiano Maschio addressed the intersection of technology and the regulatory framework, making note of the need for payment providers to adapt to changes and remain competitive. He stated, "The intersection of technology and the regulatory framework presents a unique challenge. Adapting to these changes is essential for payment providers to remain competitive." [caption id="attachment_860359" align="alignleft" width="200"]Payment Methods panel during the SiGMA Americas and BiS Summit. Leonardo Chaves, Country Manager Brazil, OKTO.[/caption] Christian Ribeiro discussed the steps taken by the Brazilian Central Bank in regulating payment methods and its impact on the industry. He highlighted the opportunities for innovation and improvement in the payment landscape, stating, "The Brazilian Central Bank has taken significant steps in regulating payment methods. This has provided opportunities for innovation and improved the payment landscape." Lastly, Leonardo Chaves addressed the demand-driven adoption of new technologies and payment solutions in the online gaming industry. He stated the importance of meeting customer expectations and providing convenient and secure payment options. "The adoption of new technologies and payment solutions is driven by user demand. Online operators need to meet the expectations of their customers and provide convenient and secure payment options." Overall, the panel emphasised the critical role of payment methods as a competitive advantage for online gaming operators. By complying with regulations, leveraging technology, and offering secure payment solutions, operators can enhance the player experience and drive growth in the industry. Hungry for more gaming action? Check out the SiGMA Asia Summit After the successful completion of the inaugural SiGMA Americas and BiS Summit in São Paulo, Brazil, delegates can continue their journey into the iGaming industry with the upcoming SiGMA Asia Summit. Join us in Manila this July for a PAGCOR-endorsed event that offers an immersive exploration of the Asian and Philippine gaming markets. Engage with in-depth discussions on gaming regulation, industry trends, and future prospects. Connect with key regional and global stakeholders, and gain valuable insights into the industry. Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of the SiGMA Asia Summit in Manila.
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Careers Fair all in a day’s work for SiGMA Virtual Expo
The virtual Careers Fair will tackle issues of recruitment and retention in the gaming industry and provide a valuable resource for HR managers looking to target more niche areas of employment eman 1-Oct-26-2020-09-08-51-47-AMIn association with whyiGaming, the upcoming SiGMA Virtual Expo, which runs from the 24th to the 25th of November will include a dedicated area on its floor plan for recruitment purposes. (more…)
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Careers Fair all in a day’s work for SiGMA Virtual Expo
The virtual Careers Fair will tackle issues of recruitment and retention in the gaming industry and provide a valuable resource for HR managers looking to target more niche areas of employment eman 1-Oct-26-2020-09-08-51-47-AMIn association with whyiGaming, the upcoming SiGMA Virtual Expo, which runs from the 24th to the 25th of November will include a dedicated area on its floor plan for recruitment purposes. (more…)
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Playnance sparked massive interest at SiGMA, Dubai
Playnance Ltd. showcased latest Web3 Defi/Dapp at SiGMA tradeshow, and onboarded new partners ready to launch. Playnance Ltd. announces their return from their official debut at SiGMA, Eurasia, Dubai. Playnance was a sponsor at the exhibition, and displayed their latest game, Up Vs. Down. Up Vs. Down is a decentralized social pool trading game, which allows for Crypto price speculation based on real-time market prices. Capturing the interest of some of the industry's strongest players, the feedback that Playnance received was that they were outstanding due to the fact that they are introducing a new concept to Crypto speculation in the sense that it is P2P (not trader vs. house), and that the game is completely transparent with all payments and payouts instant and onchain. Presenting to potential partners how easy it is to receive a whitelabel, in a simple few steps on the website itself, partners were onboarded on the spot. Many super-affiliates were present at the show, recognized the unique advantages of the game, and hence decided to start their own brand and send their valuable traffic to themselves instead of to other brands. Next on the agenda is announcing the winners of the Playnance sponsored AIBC Hackathon, which started March 16th and will be closing on April 1st, 2023. With the additional support of web3 giant, Ledger, who will provide 15 Ledger Nano devices to the top developers, Playnance will be rewarding large cash prizes exceeding $25,000 to each of the numerous winners of the different tracks (Gaming wallets, Social Bots, and Web3 games) that Playnance created. "The response that we received at SiGMA, Dubai reinforced what we already new about our innovative new Web3 platform," says Yaniv Baruch, COO of Playnance. "We are changing the face of speculative games, by bringing a secure, transparent, fun and gratifying new way of playing the market, completely on the blockchain. People were very enthusiastic to onboard, because strong business opportunities are very recognizable when the benefits are this obvious."
Content Team 6 months ago
Welcome to Day 2 of SiGMA Virtual Expo
Welcome to the second day of SiGMA Virtual Expo! We're kickstarting the conference with a panel on Integrated Resorts - could they find a home in Europe?
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SiGMA Asia achieves headline success in Manila
The SiGMA Asia Summit in Manila, was nothing short of a sensational success making headlines and an incise industry impact as it hosted over 12,000 delegates in the Philippine capital’s largest convention centre, the SMX. A national influence The eagerly anticipated event was most notably endorsed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) a highly influential agency in the Southeast Asian nation’s gaming industry. An objective SiGMA Group has brought to fruition in hosting this Summit was to bring our vast network in the West to the most influential and significant forces within the Philippine and Asian sectors. Opening Ceremony [caption id="attachment_43542" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]SiGMA Asia achieves headline successes in Manila. PAGCOR Chairman, Alejandro H. Tengco addressing the SiGMA Asia Delegation.[/caption] Embraced with open arms, PAGCOR’s Chairman and CEO, Alejandro H. Tengco was present with SiGMA Group Founder, Eman Pulis to open this, SiGMA Asia’s very first event. Presented with a gifted portrait from SiGMA in recognition of PAGCOR’s inspirational support of the event, the Chairman also took to the stage to give an opening keynote address. Beginning by expressing gratitude for all the hard work he inherited as Chairman of the corporation, Tengco brought an abundance of local industry insights in the form of PAGCOR’s plans for the future. He stated:
“Engagements like this are an effective platform to communicate the organisation’s drive to revitalise the gaming sector in the Philippines. Ensure integrity of gaming industry, seamlessness in curbing illegal gaming operations.”
Tengco touched on numerous aspects of PAGCOR’s plans, such as the upgrade and revisiting of regulations and the accompanying regulatory manuals, new project launches, revenue efforts to sustain nation-building projects by the government of the Philippines as well as the landmark shift of the organisation to purely regulatory duties. Highlighting the cutting edge and recognising excellence [caption id="attachment_43545" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]SiGMA Asia Awards. The Conrad Hotel's Grand Ballroom hosted the SiGMA Asia Awards.[/caption] The first day of the Internationally acclaimed event was closed by the SiGMA Asia Awards, which brought an evening of prestige and buzzing excitement to the Conrad Hotel's Grand Ballroom. The generously sponsored BetConstruct-event recognised a total of 26 outstanding companies, showcasing their cutting-edge projects, exceptional services and innovative achievements. The event also honoured Alejandro Tengco once again for his and PAGCOR’s outstanding contributions to the global gaming sector. The event was not concluded with the last award, however, as a charity auction in support of the philanthropic organisation, SiGMA Foundation. Several unique artworks were up for grabs in the spirited bidding contest that included an enigmatic portrait of Filipino national hero and legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao, which sold for €4,000. SiGMA Foundation [caption id="attachment_43547" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]SiGMA Foundation. Board Chairperson of the SiGMA Foundation, Keith Marshall.[/caption] SiGMA Groups' philanthropic arm has long sought to make a positive difference in various affected areas across the world. The inaugural SiGMA Asia Summit gave the Foundation an opportunity to interact with its esteemed platform when Board Chairperson, Mr Keith Marshall took to the SiGMA/AGS stage the morning after the SiGMA Asia Awards. He made an impassioned statement about the enthusiastic and careful work that continues to be carried out:
“I am so glad that the Foundation was given a voice to strive for the voiceless. Putting me on the SiGMA stage here to discuss what we do and how we can collectively work to appease the plight of so many souls across Ethiopia, Colombia and the Philippines has been inspiring. Let’s continue doing what we can, when we can, for whom we can”.
Incisive keynotes and re-imaginative industry discussions SiGMA Summits are world-renowned for the industry-leading insights that are brought to the events and for the uplifting visibility the platform provides to innovative new ideas. SiGMA Asia’s maiden event brought innumerable fresh, industry-moulding discussions from global sector leaders. Esports Industry in the Coming Age of AI One example of this was a panel dedicated to understanding artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of the Esports industry. The panel featured Shin Boo Ponferrada a true Esports authority, who brought decisive knowledge to the discussion. He discussed with his fellow panel members Marco Kowalevski Starzz LLC Founder, Co-Founder of Daredevil Media Jared Dillinger, and Alex Chernavin, Senior Development Manager at A range of diverse topics was discussed, such as AI nullifying the ability for players to cheat using unauthorised information, the nostalgic importance of many esports concepts and components and the profound capabilities AI has to enhance seminal areas of the sector such as first-person shooter offerings. Marketing beyond your target market [caption id="attachment_43553" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]SiGMA Asia achieves headline successes in Manila. Clinton Sparks.[/caption] Entrepreneurial visionary and award-winning DJ, Clinton Sparks also made a conference appearance. Giving a keynote address where he re-centred numerous marketing techniques, Sparks focused on expanding companies beyond their current target markets and unlocking the true potential of the gaming industry. Acknowledging the negative perceptions that many have regarding the gaming industry, Sparks explains how an enterprise can use new approaches that focus on alternative language and connect with people on a more personal level. The truly positive impact gaming has had and how bringing a diverse approach to communicating with numerous audiences across various platforms was also touched upon in the highly informative speech. Start-ups and sensational opportunities SiGMA Asia also gave a host of cutting-edge start-ups an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their most unique concepts and viable ideas to the industry-leading delegation in the form of SiGMA’s coveted exhibition floor. An impressive number of start-ups were set up across the SMX Convention Center in colourfully exciting booths to display their enterprising ideas in the most creative way imaginable. SiGMA Pitch The SiGMA Pitch Competition also saw a return, bringing an even greater opportunity to 6 carefully selected start-ups from the expo floor. These chosen enterprises were given the prestigious opportunity to Pitch their most unique concepts live on stage before a panel of seasoned professionals and industry-moulding individuals. Although every contestant benefited significantly from the inspiringly positive exposure, Credexon emerged as the biggest winner, taking the prize with great delight while stating:
“It was really nice for SiGMA to recognise us and to be able to bring something different while still being acknowledged by the market.”
[caption id="attachment_41642" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Credexon emerge victorious at the SiGMA Asia Pitch Competition. Credexon, SiGMA Asia Pitch winners.[/caption] Centurion FC MMA fight promotion Centurion also made its pulsating presence known, bringing an interesting format to Casa Ibarra, Manila, on the fight card titled: CFC Rex Orientem. Attendees exuberant witnessed a thrilling 4-man tournament which culminated in the main event title-awarding bout. This event marked the fourth and pen-ultimate 4-man tournament forming part of the Centurion FC series intended to climax at the Champions of Champions event later this year where an undisputed Champion will rise above the rest of the field.
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Sunset on SiGMA Asia [caption id="attachment_43561" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]SMX Convention Center. The SMX Convention Center, Pasay Manila, The Philippines.[/caption] Hosting numerous inaugurating events this year, SiGMA’s Asia Summit was no exception to the great successes SiGMA group continues to enjoy. Bringing unparalleled networking opportunities that connect industry leaders, regulatory powers, innovative start-ups and impactful affiliates together, creating intrinsic industry bonds and a far more supportive infrastructure surrounding the globally significant gaming sector. Held against the storied backdrop of both a historic and emerging hub in the Philippine capital of Manila, the SiGMA Asia Summit achieved the ambitious objectives set by the organisation to the highest level with only more exceptional events to follow. SiGMA Balkans/CIS As a globally recognised nexus for networking, SiGMA Group sets its sights next to the Balkans this September, when the SIGMA Balkans/CIS Summit heads to Limassol Cyprus. A host of networking opportunities and industry-leading knowledge will be emanating from the much-anticipated event which will pack panel discussions, keynote speeches, start-up pitches and much more into 3 days in the diverse Cypriot city.
Jake Graves 2 months ago
Dubai Esports scene boosted by SiGMA Eurasia expert panels
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is establishing itself as a strong contender in the global esports arena, with a talented pool of players and supportive ecosystem. Meanwhile, in less than three days, the InterContinental Hotel Festival City in Dubai will host SiGMA Eurasia, a premier summit featuring a KOL-led conference on Esports among other topics and highlights. Rising to the top: UAE's thriving Esports scene shines on the global stage Dubai has long been recognized as a hub for hosting spectacular Esports events, and the debut of the Dubai Esports Festival in 2022 was no exception. The festival served as the perfect battleground for the most elite PUBG Global Championship players to compete and determine who would come out on top. [caption id="attachment_804077" align="alignleft" width="282"] Amjad "Angry Bird" Alshalabi, the
highest earning player
from the UAE.[/caption] But the Dubai Esports Festival wasn't just about the thrill of competition. Attendees were also treated to the Initiate Summit, which brought together experts from both the international and regional Esports industry to share their knowledge and insights. The presence of the GameExpo & PopConME is also not to be forgotten, which was a vibrant hub of activity featuring endless fun, live entertainment, and much more. This festival was a true celebration of all things Esports, and it left a lasting impression on all those who were lucky enough to attend. The UAE has a thriving and competitive esports scene, with numerous teams vying for supremacy across various titles. Three standout teams that have garnered attention for their impressive performances are Team UAE, Portal Esports and Geekay Esports, making a name for themselves in CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends respectively. It's worth noting that the UAE's esports scene has produced some incredibly talented players, with 176 players from the country winning a total of $506,023.01 USD across 183 tournaments. Fortnite emerged as the highest awarding game, with players from the UAE earning $165,872.42 USD, making up 32.78% of all earnings. Amjad "Angry Bird" Alshalabi is the highest earning player from the UAE, with a total of $32,404.71 USD in prize money won overall. Notably, $23,416.72 USD of that amount, or 72.26%, was won from playing in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition tournaments. This impressive showing by players from the UAE highlights the country's growing status as a formidable player in the global esports arena. With such talented players and a supportive ecosystem, it's clear that the UAE has the potential to continue making waves and achieving success on the international stage. Boosting the Dubai Esports scene with expert panels In three days, the SiGMA Eurasia Summit is returning to Dubai for the third time, set on surpassing the impressive achievements of its previous two iterations. A SiGMA Summit means one thing; a jam-packed agenda tailored to satisfy the desires and interests of our visitors and delegates. This includes expert-led conferences, electric networking and night events, and a bustling expo floor. Amongst the dozens of subject covered during the conference, an entire leg is dedicated to the state and development of the Esports industry specifically in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Starting on Day 1 at 09:30am, experts will take the SiGMA/AGS Stage to discuss crucial topics. In the first panel, Esports expert Wadih al Sayah will be joined by other KOLs to discuss some pertinent, unsolved issues in the industry. Another panel, will focus on the impact of emerging technology on gaming and esports, as well as potential developments and advancements in the sector. Boasting over 18 hours of panels and 150+ speakers across three stages, the SiGMA Eurasia conference is the premier destination for delegates interested in the latest developments in iGaming, Esports, blockchain, and emerging technologies. Don't miss out on the opportunity to attend the SiGMA Eurasia Summit Taking place at the InterContinental Hotel Festival City, Dubai from 13 to 16 March 2023, delegates and visitors can expect a dynamic platform for exchanging ideas and experiences through conferences, exhibitions, and networking. With esteemed operators, suppliers, affiliates, investors, and other influential attendees from the industry, this summit offers a unique chance to learn from the best in the business. With 47% of attendees being C-level or decision-makers, SiGMA Eurasia presents a rare opportunity to rub shoulders with the industry's key players and gain a competitive edge in the market. Act fast and purchase your tickets now to ensure you don't miss out on this exciting event, just three days away!
Matthew Calleja 7 months ago
SiGMA Malta networking event to celebrate global expansion
Exclusive Montekristo venue to host dinner and concert for 400 guests SiGMA Group has announced a new iGathering event to be held in Malta on 25th March 2020. This exclusive event will bring together more than 400 friends and leaders from the worlds of iGaming and blockchain to celebrate the global expansion of the SiGMA and AIBC Summits ahead of the inaugural SiGMA Manila and Manila AIBC Summit, taking place June 8th-9th 2020. (more…)
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AGS Americas launches 100 Spartans Brazil campaign
Affiliate Grand Slam (AGS) is flying 100 top affiliates to the SiGMA Americas event, which, in association with the Brazilian iGaming Summit (BiS), is taking place in Sao Paulo this June 14-18, at the Transamerica Expo Centre.  The event will bring together 100 of the best affiliates from across a plethora of frontier industries, enabling them to forge solid relationships with key operators in the South American and LatAm markets.  The campaign will draw on the success of previous trips - including most recently - Malta and Dubai, offering affiliates a deluxe, all inclusive experience. Enjoying luxury accommodation and a no-expense-spared entertainment agenda - including VIP style dinners and drinks - affiliates can expect plenty of opportunities to build new relationships during their stay. This is a unique opportunity for operators and affiliates to forge connections in a relaxed, business-before-friends style atmosphere. The SiGMA Americas expo also promises top quality content, with a series of panels, keynotes and interactive workshops offering invaluable opportunities to stay ahead of upcoming trends, explore new markets and technologies, and brush up their skill set.  Brazil's gaming market stands out as the biggest in Latin America, and among the largest globally, offering entrepreneurs a prime opportunity to tap into the region's promising gaming industry. Boasting fast-growing, regulated markets, as well as emerging ones with significant growth potential, the region is an ideal destination for investors. Against this backdrop, SiGMA Americas' and BIS' upcoming event for the market comes at the right time to connect key players in the region with leading suppliers, affiliates, and operators from the West, leveraging its extensive network to drive the gaming industry forward. Interested in being one of the 100 Spartans? Register HERE.
Katy Micallef 6 months ago
Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet Megan Sagriff

Megan Sagriff, VP of Sales at YTZ, gives an exclusive interview to SiGMA News as part of our latest series on affiliates

How did you first get into the affiliate space, and were you always focused on the iGaming sector?

I had zero experience with affiliate marketing when I stumbled into the space. I was fresh out of university with two degrees and no real job prospects. I ended up taking a position as an executive assistant to the then CEO of YTZ. There weren’t enough administrative tasks to keep me busy so I started helping out in different departments of the company, learning the ropes. Within a year I joined the marketing team. Fast forward 10 years; I’m now the VP of Sales. Throughout my tenure we’ve operated in a lot of different verticals but we only got serious about iGaming a few years ago. With the affiliate business constantly changing we felt like we needed to refocus our efforts on a vertical that could bring more long lasting stability. (more…)
Content Team 4 years ago
AIBC Europe summit: Can Defi banks restructure the world?
Co-founder of Dash Next Felix Mago, Digital & Blockchain Business Consultant Stefan Kovach and Cryto Analyst Tone Vays, join ZBX CEO Dave Pulis as the moderator, in a dicussion about DEFI banks and their potential to restructure the financial world

After the introductions moderator Dave Pulis asks the panelists to define Defi, following his statement that it's a word that morphs into different definitions from different points of view in the industry, and Tone Vays starts by saying that he blieves that there's only one project in all of blockchain that is decentralized and he says that that, to him, is Bitcoin. 

Content Team 3 years ago
SiGMA Europe Gaming Awards opts for meat-free menu 
Vegetarian menu complements commitment to sustainability

As part of a conscious effort to commit to a sustainable way of living and working, SiGMA Group has taken the commendable decision to go green and serve vegetarian cuisine at its renowned awards evening, the Europe Gaming Awards. The dinner will be held during Malta Week at The Hilton Malta Conference Centre's Grandmaster's Suite, this 15th of November, at 7pm.

[caption id="attachment_408546" align="alignleft" width="300"]awards sigma 2019 The SiGMA Gaming Awards, 2019.[/caption]

In embracing this challenge, the Europe Gaming Awards dinner hopes to help bridge the gap between awareness and action, by making it easier for individuals who are consciously engaged to make good choices. Without compromising on style or flavour, the menu will be created by some of the top chefs in the business, bringing a novel twist to the innately held pleasure of good food. 

[caption id="attachment_352945" align="alignright" width="188"]SiGMA Group COO Sophie Crouzet SiGMA Group COO Sophie Crouzet.[/caption]

SiGMA Group COO, Sophie Crouzet said, “More and more people are seeking to embrace a greener lifestyle and are aware of the huge benefits small actions, such as eating less meat, can bring. We have no doubt that we can offer our guests a great dining experience without compromising on our commitment to the environment.”

SiGMA believes it is small steps like this that help set the right tone. While the meat entrée won’t be served by default, guests still have the option to make a special request, and will be asked to submit their dietary requirements a few days in advance of the event by email.

Alongside premier networking opportunities, this extravagant awards gala will reward leading players in the gaming industry in a celebration of achievement. As well as shining a spotlight on some of the most intriguing and creative projects to change the face of the sector, the glitzy event will also feature an art auction, with all proceeds going to the SiGMA Foundation for a variety of charitable projects. The shortlist for the awards will be announced on the 19th of October, visit our website to find out how you can nominate and vote for your favourite candidates and companies.

Explore the agenda for SiGMA Malta here.


Next up: Malta Week

Don’t miss out on amazing networking opportunities and exclusive industry insights at Malta Week. Four leading shows will bring the best of the business back-to-back to a first-class meeting point. Malta Week will consist of SiGMAAIBCMed-Tech World and AGS, each presenting the top developments of their focal industries.

The cross-collaboration of each brand makes Malta Week the number one destination for leading think-tanks of the gaming sector, emerging tech, digital health, and digital marketing. The middle of the Mediterranean is the perfect place for multi-faceted business deals and face-to-face conversations with leading affiliates, policymakers, and thought leaders.

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Meet the SiGMA Balkans/CIS Pitch Finalists

Since the first SiGMA Startup Pitch in 2016, SiGMA has striven to support up-and-coming start-ups and the pitch is once again happening as part of the SiGMA Balkans/CIS summit happening in Limassol next week. The SiGMA Pitch is an invaluable opportunity for start-up to connect to investors and mentors and widen their networking reach. The top start-ups have been shortlisted and will face the judges during the summit.

Here are the SiGMA pitch finalists, appearing below in alphabetical order


AIVOTAR is a cloud-based self-service platform and marketplace of fully autonomous AI-driven conversational virtual agents (VA) with omnichannel capabilities including voice, text, and email, which support human-like complex conversations and mimic emotions. Our solution increases efficiency in human resource (operators) utilization while transforming communications with clients to the next level, building a modern technology base for new product creation to boost business digital transformation and reduce operational, marketing, and communications costs. The One of its unique features is its AI import module that automatically creates a virtual agent (VA) based on existing call script and/or call recordings.AIVOTAR started operating in July 2023 and currently has 2 employees.


Curra is a decentralized crypto processing protocol with the goal of providing a trustless on-chain backend for merchants, custodians, and B2B services, enabling them to onboard the next billion users to crypto. Curra’s uniqueness is its promise to change the way how merchants and custodians utilize crypto processing, providing first-ever trustless on-chain back-end to accept crypto. The Curra Protocol supports most EVM-compatible blockchains, and the company is working towards launching on the Tron blockchain. The brains behind CURRA is Pavlo Luchkovskyi, who has been in the fintech and crypto industry since 2018.

Curra started operating in January 2023 and currently has 5 employees.

Fair Payments Pte. Ltd

FairPay is a young upcoming company that provides Alternative Payment Methods (APM's) that acts as an aggregator to High Risk Merchants in Casino/Gaming/Gambling/Spots/Betting/Lottery as well as FX brokers, Financial Educators and Crypto exchanges Industries from all over the world. We specialized and cover 85% of the LATAM Continent, offering pay-in and pay-out services. Our in-house developed API/Payment Gateway Technology and Back Office work in tandem to provide an exceptional solution for all our clients and partners. We are integrated in a number of Cashiers, facilitating integration of our solutions which are always expanding to cover the demand of our clients and Partners.

FairPay started operating in November 2023 and currently has 5 employees.

Watch the SiGMA Europe 2022 Pitch winners

SiGMA Startup Pitch Winner Surfer Penguin's Founder & CEO Pablo Fernandez and Founder Ruben Arias join SiGMA reporter Panis Pieri in the latest SiGMA interview at our SiGMA Europe 2022 Summit.

SiGMA Europe 2022 pitch winners interview


Pokerload is a mobile app that aims to automate and enhance every aspect of the traditional land-based poker experience. We aim to eliminate tedious processes like waiting in long queues to be seated, searching for nearby poker games and venues, money withdrawal at ATMs and keeping manual records of your performance. Our app offers a hassle-free and enjoyable experience that lets you focus on the game and immerse yourself in the competition without any distractions. A unique feature offered is providing players with a live-feed of updates, news and table status of the local poker games while enabling a digital filtering and requests for the games of their preferences.

Pokerload started operating in September 2023 and currently has 2 employees.

VGM Corp
VGM Corp

VGM presents an innovative iGaming platform tailored for businesses to establish their own online gambling websites. It seamlessly integrates a vast array of casino games, sports betting providers, and secure payment options. Operators enjoy complete autonomy in customizing their websites, including game lobby management and site structure modifications. With multi-language and multi-currency support, operators can tap into diverse markets. The platform incorporates robust tools for player management, risk and fraud prevention, bonus creation, and real-time reporting, fostering success in the competitive iGaming industry. Additionally, VGM's powerful site builder tool enables the creation of intuitive, localized client websites within a remarkable turnaround of just 3 days.

VGM Corp started operating in October 2022 and currently has 20 employees.

Why pitch at SiGMA?

Legitimization, global visibility and fundraising opportunities are just three of the pluri-faceted benefits previous Start-up Pitch winners have discovered. The most recent SiGMA Pitch was held in Manila during the SiGMA Asia International Summit where Credexon emerged victorious. PalletPal, winners of the Startup Pitch in Dubai at AIBC in 2021, say, “A word to the wise – if you are a startup or entrepreneur considering whether or not to participate in such an event, just remember this: There is no better way to practice pitching, affirm your problem statement, and validate your solution than by taking the stage and telling your story. Win or lose, the experience will only make you stronger.”

Meet the host and panel of judges here.

Join a future SiGMA Pitch

Interested in iGaming or want to meet the start-up finalists? Join us at SiGMA SiGMA Balkans & CIS Summit: Last Minute Tickets Now Available!
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Tier One Entertainment reaches the Philippines through BLCKBOX
Tier One Entertainment's BLCKBOX official clothing and retail division has established its flagship shop in the Philippines. BLCKBOX extends Tier One Entertainment's merchandising venture The store is located on the 3rd floor of Bellagio Square, 119 Scout Fuentebella Street, Laging Handa, 1103 Quezon City. The launch is intended to emulate the BLCKBOX’s online success, further establishing itself as a dominant player in both the local and global Esports fashion industry. An exclusive Day One collection will be included in the launch, which is dedicated to Tier One Entertainment's 5th anniversary. As a testament to the defining historical moments of Tier One Entertainment, this collection will be re-released annually. Tier One Entertainment had a strong year for product sales in 2022. Throughout the year, BLCKBOX secured a lasting presence at both its own events and at other conventions and meetings, such as the Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines (MPL-PH) playoffs, CONQuest Festival 2022 and the ESGS 2022. Tier One's debut in the merchandising market began during the 2019 Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS). The "FIRST DROP" limited collection launched at this point, marking the beginning of a new business direction for the company. In June of 2021, it began selling its wares on the internet via the marketplaces Lazada and Shopee through BLCKBOX. This launched BLCKBOX as a new gaming lifestyle brand, giving affluent gamers with stylish apparel. Additionally, BLCKBOX worked with well-known designers like Quiccs and Egg Fiasco to design flashy new jerseys for Blacklist International's Mobile Legends squad. The Philippine Esports Organisation was BLCKBOX's official product and gear partner, and the company outfitted Philippine athletes that competed abroad. SiGMA Asia Summit is flying to Manila in 2023 With 2022 coming to a gentle close, SiGMA Group is gearing up for a busier 2023. Accordingly destined to break ground in a number of emerging markets across the globe, the SiGMA Asia Summit is hitting Manila, Philippines in July 2023. Get ahead of this and future news by visiting our website.
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Meet Marc Frank Pedersen, Director of Business Development at Better Collective
“Overall, the Scandic market is notoriously competitive. However, each market within Scandinavia is different — and that’s why it’s dangerous to lump all of them together.” We caught up with Marc Frank Pedersen, Director of Business Development at Better Collective. (more…)
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SiGMA Roadshow Nordics & Netherlands: Shining a spotlight on leading gaming market places
Hosted on an interactive platform, the virtual mini-conference delved into key areas of debate with a focus on Nordics & the Netherlands as leading gaming marketplaces Yanni Collins, reporter for SiGMA Group welcomed our audience to SiGMA roadshow Nordics and Netherlands edition. Viewers had a chance to meet a great selection of panels and speakers and get a total of over 2 hours of insightful content. Along with great speakers, the Roadshow welcomed 2k registrations a total of 5k+ booth entries and the number of concurrent users surpassed the 1.6k mark. Where does the Netherlands go from here? [caption id="attachment_110384" align="alignleft" width="442"]Where does the Netherlands go from here? Where does the Netherlands go from here?[/caption] The opening topic of discussion was the ongoing current situation of the launch of regulated online gambling in the Netherlands. Having been involved in projects in the space for 3 decades since 1989, Pieter Remmers who is the Owner & CEO of Assissa Consultancy in Europe brought in his industry experience into the debate. Remmers is a veteran in the area of responsible gaming, consultancy and training of gaming industry professionals worldwide. He's worked with big names in the industry such as the IGT, Holland Casino, Kindred, Lottomatica, Unibet and more. Evidently, there have been multiple delays for the full launch of the online gaming market in the Netherlands and from September 2021, Remmers says that the launch has now been postponed to October. Some of the largest operators are not even allowed to apply for a licence yet he says. From the home-based market predictions, the national lottery including the lotto, all sports betting and Holland Casino will probably be leading in market operations. He predicts a bright future for this market. So far at least 38 companies have already applied for a licence he comments. Remmers also touches base on responsible gambling saying that in the late '80s the Netherlands was one of the few countries that took notice of problem gambling and took responsible gambling seriously, now other countries follow. The Dutch technical regulations [caption id="attachment_110374" align="alignright" width="422"]The Dutch technical regulations The Dutch technical regulations[/caption] The next panel interview was entitled the Dutch Technical Regulations and Wesley Kock, Key Account Manager of Internet Vikings takes on this discussion. Online gaming trends during the pandemic surged according to Kock. This upward trend has been attributed to COVID. Sportsbetting has been taking up quite a significant piece of the pie with operators in the sector reporting close to a 156% growth. The more operators go in the market to operate, the more opportunities to wager there will be available he says. When asked to give top tips for operators going into the market his reply was summed up in one word: "Research, all of it goes gown to research. You need to know the market. You need to know what you can market and how you can market yourself." It's a well-established fact that regulations with regards to marketing in the Netherlands are going tough as rules forbidding gambling advertising such as the prohibition of gambling ads before 9 pm are already in place. If operators market themselves correctly, they have a really good chance of obtaining the connections they're aiming to get. Taking Nordic tech to the next level [caption id="attachment_110364" align="alignleft" width="519"]uture of iGaming in the Nordics The future of iGaming in the Nordics[/caption] Anna Dobrovolskaya CMO of Internet Vikings joins our lead reporter Yanni Collins to discuss the future of iGaming in the Nordics. Here they discussed IT infrastructure, data protection, regulations, sustainability and more. Having started off as a junior sales representative, she flourished to the point of being entrusted with the role of sales manager. Despite the difference in markets, the speaker said that IT systems are fundamental for any operation especially in iGaming where the focus is all online. Challenges are pretty much the same for the globe but some of them are crucially special for the operations of the iGaming industry. IT infrastructure in gaming is all about the quality of the services, customer satisfaction and retention. Dobrovolskaya stresses the fact that when it comes to online casinos, video sports, esports and more, customers would want it fast and without any disruptions making tech of vital importance for the future of iGaming in the Nordics. How to best target the Nordic market [caption id="attachment_110354" align="alignright" width="506"]How to best target the Nordic market How to best target the Nordic market[/caption] Three very experienced panellists coming from different fields in regulatory, affiliation and sports join Ruben Portanier, Partner & Director of Gaming Advisory Afilexion Alliance for the next topic tabled. During this discussion, we had Tuomas Kanervala CEO of Accuscore; Svetlana Kaltenegger, Head of Affiliates at Ellmount Group and Charmaine Hogan, Head of Regulatory Affairs of Playtech. Various topics of debate such as advertising, marketing, responsible gambling and licence requirements safeguarding players were all mentioned in best practices operators should look out for when targetting the Nordic market. Although the Netherlands has taken a different political approach when it comes to gambling, what has worked in Denmark and Sweden will definitely have space to work in the Netherlands as well. It pays to stay ahead [caption id="attachment_110344" align="alignleft" width="580"]It pays to stay ahead It pays to stay ahead[/caption] Two industry specialists in the world of payments and tech come together to share perspectives by taking a look at some of the innovations driving the major growths in the Nordics and the Netherlands. Daniel Buttigieg, Chief Commercial Officer of Apcopay, and Marius Galdikas CEO at ConnectPay discuss online payment methods and security. Some of the few topics that the panelists touched base on were ID verification, screening, fiat-based payments, bitcoin payments, and smart contracts. They also discussed an important aspect of payment which is security. Where are transactions originating from and where are they going? The experience for different countries is expected to be different. You can't expect it to be seamless and the same. This was a roundup of our SiGMA Roadshow Nordics and Netherlands edition, watch the full discussions here. Tune in next month for the SiGMA Americas Virtual Show which will take place from the 13th to the 14th of September and visit our website for further information. SiGMA Americas Virtual 2021: The SiGMA Americas Virtual show will run from the 13th to the 14th of September, 2021. Features include a fully interactive expo floor, networking chat rooms, and a high-profile lineup of panelists. Beautifully designed booths come equipped with state-of-the-art product displays and chatbox features, while attendees can visit the virtual stage, where a series of panels and keynotes will discuss key topics during the live 2-day conference. Explore the agenda and register here.
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[WATCH] Is Dubai the New Cryptocurrency Hub? A Look Ahead of AIBC Summit 2022
The UAE's economy has traditionally been based on oil, but in recent years, it has shifted its focus to technology adoption and innovation.

How Dubai Positioned Itself For Cryptocurrency Growth

Blockchain is currently one of the technologies that the government is working on, and Dubai is where all of the major developments are taking place. As its regulators strive for approval of blockchain-based technology, Dubai is well positioned to benefit from the expanding cryptocurrency market in the Middle East. The UAE's government has made blockchain and DLT a priority, launching a number of blockchain-related projects and initiatives, many in conjunction with other countries. In addition to zero corporate taxes, Dubai residents also pay 0% personal income tax on all sources of income, regardless of whether they are generated in Dubai or elsewhere. This makes the city a crypto trader's dream come true.

Over 1,000 Crypto Businesses Expected in 2022

As part of its attempts to strengthen its digital economy, Dubai anticipates more than 1,000 bitcoin businesses to be operating by 2022. Dubai and Abu Dhabi free zones have put in place an advanced framework to encourage crypto entrepreneurs to open exchanges while also laying outlaws to safeguard consumers. Dr. Marwan Al Zahrouni, CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Centre, stated that five years ago, no one would have thought that people would come to Dubai to undertake bitcoin business, but that has changed. Dubai is growing more open-minded, and authorities are more inclined to amend rules if they are justified. Consumers and investors are flocking to digital assets as online payments gain traction, and interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain is booming, particularly in the UAE. According to a poll conducted by London-based Nickel Digital Asset Management, an increasing proportion of institutional investors and wealth managers in the UAE expect to increase their exposure to cryptocurrency assets between now and 2023. The DMCC Crypto Centre, which opened in May to promote cryptography and blockchain technology in Dubai, now houses more than 100 crypto businesses, with 900 more submitting applications for licenses. In the United Arab Emirates, there are around 400 crypto companies. By the end of 2022, Ahmed bin Sulayem, the DMCC's executive chairman and chief, believes the UAE would have "well over" 1,000 crypto firms.

Dubai’s World Trade Center Sets Up Specialised Crypto Zone With Binance

The city of Dubai will soon have crypto zones. The Dubai World Trade Centre aspires to provide a full ecosystem for cryptocurrencies and related service providers. The UAE is interested in assisting new crypto-related firms, such as Binance. The UAE government is planning to create a specific zone at the Dubai World Trade Center where all enterprises dealing with digital assets will be able to sell their goods and services. In addition, the DWTC will serve as a regulator for the crypto industry, enforcing strict investor protection, anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing compliance, and cross-border deal flow tracing rules. Binance, the world's largest digital asset exchange by value, plans to establish its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates, possibly in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The governing body of the DWTC has also inked a memorandum of understanding with Binance to share its experience with the country's regulatory organizations.

emCash - Dubai’s First Cryptocurrency

Following the success of emWallets, the Dubai government is now leveraging blockchain technology, specifically emCash, to conduct digital currency transactions while maintaining anonymity. It allows peer-to-peer transactions to take place without revealing the identities of the parties involved. And it's certainly simple to transfer money without delay. The best thing about emCash is that it can be used for everyday transactions like paying bills, paying school fees, and so on. Despite the fact that emCash has been successfully launched, the goal is to create a blockchain-based economy. emCash is accompanied by emPay. It's a mobile wallet that may be used to pay for things like movies, bills, meals, school fees, groceries, and leisure activities. So, before making a transaction, one can pick between emPay and emCash. The transactions will be executed in a secure manner in a short amount of time. Because emCash is a Dubai government product, it will appeal to the majority of people, as it is the first time a government has undertaken such an initiative. As a result, rather than utilizing bitcoins, emCash could be used in Dubai. This has the potential to have a bigger impact on bitcoin. Watch Euronews' video on how Dubai is embracing cryptocurrencies.

SiGMA Asia 2022 and AIBC Event in Dubai: What to Expect?

We can't think of a better location for our lucky attendees to get a peek of the world of tomorrow than the United Arab Emirates, which prioritises cutting-edge technology through both funding possibilities and favorable taxation systems. Our events have historically attracted thought leaders and industry pioneers from around the world to share their well-earned wisdom through panels, fireside talks, and compelling keynote addresses. Networking events: We'll bring together the brightest brains in the rising tech, affiliation, software, marketing and innovation industries from all over the world during this event! To that end, our sumptuous networking events assist us in allowing thought leaders, industry titans, astute investors, and brilliant entrepreneurs to interact, swap business cards, and unwind. Join in the fun to make the most of your stay during this conference while building your network! CNN has published a video on AIBC's networking opportunities. Watch it here! Awards: While the business is replete of trailblazing movers and shakers who have a track record of upsetting the status quo, our Awards Night honors the rising stars whose achievements deserve the greatest acclaim in the industries. Pitch: A profound affection and appreciation for the start-up is at the heart of SiGMA and AIBC. The Group has always tried to develop teams and ideas that have the potential to expand from a seed stage to taking entire industries by storm everywhere we go. Today's Pitch participants may be tomorrow's market makers, so any astute investor or tech visionary is more than welcome to join in the fun. Apart from all this, throughout the expo, expect delegates and many honorable sheikhs to attend and join the enticing conferences, visit high quality workshops and engage in unique networking opportunities.

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SiGMA M&A Brokerage facilitates another iGaming acquisition
The SiGMA Group is currently facilitating high volumes of M&A activity, where companies are being supported in the process of buying or selling businesses and company structures, and the process of raising capital

If you are looking to buy or sell operations or raise capital and form strategic partnerships, SiGMA’s extensive network offers a premium opportunity to make the right connection for your business.

The SiGMA Group is currently facilitating 20+ simultaneous transactions. The largest deals are transactions for 30 million+, and the smaller deals are in the ballpark of 150K+.

The SiGMA Group has been providing this service for free up till now, but in order to dedicate ourselves to even better service, a percental fee of the successful transaction amount is charged after deal completion.

We planned to sell our project, and I hadn’t even expected that the SiGMA M&A team would have been so fast and professional. They made the introduction and supported me until the sale has been finally Initiated. Thanks a lot from me and all my partners, I´m looking forward to closely working with SiGMA in the future!” Andrei Cohen CEO Greenspin

To name a few of the leads that are attracting the most interest at the moment, we represent one large operator targeting the LatAm market that is raising 5 million Euro for expansion. We have a very innovative online casino customer retention software that is raising 450K Euro. There is a casual esports platform that is in the process of raising 1,7 million Euro that has found a very interesting angle to attract future market shares.

“Our strength at the SiGMA Group is to connect and bring the best people together to work on the most promising projects and ventures, our vast network in 4 industry verticals over 4 continents creates a wealth of information and knowledge about the moving parts and timing of imminent success and progress in a number of fields. We are well positioned to support and facilitate our partners on their journey fulfilling their goals”- Marco Ahlgren, Head of M&A at  SiGMA Group.

We have Casino operators selling - ranging from 1,5 million to 30 million. Our vast network across 4 verticals gives us the opportunity to represent a portfolio ranging from cryptocurrency exchanges to Affiliate platforms and slots games providers.

To find out more about how SiGMA's M&A Brokerage Services can benefit you, connect with our M&A department by visiting our website - or email Marco directly on [email protected].

SiGMA iGathering

Join us for the next SiGMA iGathering networking event in Barcelona on the 21st of September at 19:30. Indulge in a delish dinner at the El Restaurant Barceloneta while interacting with like-minded individuals as well as the region’s top industry leaders.

For more information on the event please contact Emily on [email protected] or visit our website to find out more about upcoming iGathering events on the SiGMA calendar.

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Affiliate Grand Slam: Meet André Moreira
CEO at LiveSponsors, André Moreira gives an exclusive interview to SiGMA News as part of our latest series on affiliates (more…)
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SiGMA iGathering brings CIS for the launch of gambling bill
Dinner, debate, and debut of new bill: SiGMA iGathering brings Ukrainian gaming industry to the capital, with guest of honour Boris Baum, Advisor to the Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine joining panel discussion SiGMA Group is pleased to announce its second European iGathering event this year. The conference and dinner will be held in Kiev, Ukraine, on the 27 August, at the Premier-Palace Hotel. (more…)
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SiGMA Toronto opens online registration with early bird tickets
The tickets include full access to the expo, as well as an invitation to network and enjoy a few drinks at the official welcome reception Following the launch of SiGMA Americas’ inaugural Toronto summit, SIGMA has officially opened online registration for the event. Delegates who take advantage of early registration will benefit from advantageously priced early bird tickets - which are available on the website for a limited period of time.  The tickets, which are on offer for just $49, include full access to the expo, as well as an invitation to network and enjoy a few drinks at the official welcome reception. The tickets run until 15th April, after which standard prices open at $99, and eventually a series of last minute tickets at $149 for last-minute buyers.

SiGMA Toronto

[caption id="attachment_519565" align="alignleft" width="300"]igathering-canada The SiGMA iGathering in Toronto '22.[/caption] SiGMA Toronto, which takes place from 6-9 June, will focus on leveraging the natural synergy between the emerging tech and iGaming sectors, taking advantage of an industry enjoying rapid growth following recent iGaming reforms through the legalisation of single-game sports wagering in Canada and the launch of Ontario’s regulated iGaming market. In addition to a full agenda of expert-led panels and workshops, a high-energy expo floor offers a direct line to some of the top brands in the business - making it an ideal place for networking and brand exposure. Delegates can also expect plenty of networking occasions during the summit, with a number of dinners taking place in the evenings.  The event will also host three award evenings, catering to the gaming, emerging tech, and marketing verticals. In addition to handing out accolades, the awards will also host a charitable auction, the proceeds of which will be diverted to SiGMA Foundation - the company’s charitable arm. The summit will incorporate SiGMA Group’s emerging tech and affiliation brands; AIBC and AGS. This cross pollination between the verticals brings added value to delegates looking to explore new opportunities in complementary frontier sectors.    Asia Awards 2022: The Asia Awards will be held during the first edition of SiGMA Asia. Alongside premier networking opportunities, the gala event brings together luminaries in the industry for an evening of recognition and celebration of achievement, attracting a guest list of over 300 esteemed individuals to its inaugural debut. Give recognition where it’s due by nominating someone whose work has created a positive impact on the industry. You can join us and witness the most intriguing and creative projects changing the face of the sphere. Book a seat at the Asia Awards by sending your request here.
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Philippines Esports Organization inaugurates futuristic headquarters
The Philippines Esports Organization (PeSO) has inaugurated its state-of-the-art headquarters at the LaunchPad in Mandaluyong City, Manila. The brand-new venue aims to support the growth and recognition of esports across the Southeast Asian nation, serving as a hub for innovation and collaboration. Key Features The facility is packed to the rafters with cutting-edge technology, including a meeting room equipped with cutting-edge gaming laptops and peripherals. It also features a “Championship Wall” honouring Filipino esports athletes, notable for winning medals at the Southeast Asian Games. Smart Communication has even provided stable internet connectivity, yet again proving their dedicated commitment to supporting esports across the Philippines. PeSO’s plans The headquarters held a sensational opening ceremony, which was attended by PeSO several PeSO executives, among them Jane J. Basas, the President and CEO of MediaGuest Holdings. PeSO has already laid plans to develop a variety of aspects related to enhancing the fan experience, which most certainly includes meet-and-greet events at the headquarters. Esports in the Philippines [caption id="attachment_34323" align="alignleft" width="300"]Philippines Esports Organization inaugurates futuristic headquarters. Mandaluyong City, Manila, The Philippines.[/caption] This opening is a simply massive step for the esports industry in the Philippines, a sector which has been gaining intrinsic significance to the Filipino economy, employment, and community engagement in recent times. This is yet another reason for SiGMA Asia’s momentous Summit to head to the Philippines' storied capital of Manila, from the 19th to the 22nd of July. Esports focus at the SiGMA Asia Summit Day 2 of the industry moulding event will see an entire conference dedicated to the esports industry as a whole and in the vibrant context of the local sector. This will include, “Esports of Today - is it's Just a Distraction or a New Vision of All Sports”, which will feature 3 C-level executives holding positions at some true industry giants. A regional analysis will also be included comparing the diverse industry surrounding both sports and esports. This incisive panel will feature Jaydeep Chakravartty, now a gaming consultant and former member of the Meghalaya Gaming Commission in India. The inescapable rise of AI will also be contextualised for the global esports industry in a panel bringing some true movers and shakers in both the esports and AI development scene.
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PAGCOR’S Andrea Domingo to headline international summit
Domingo joins prestigious lineup of experts, thought leaders in iGaming and emerging tech
[caption id="attachment_133869" align="alignnone" width="314"]igaming PAGCOR Andrea Domingo, chairperson and CEO of the Phillipine Amusement and Gaming Corporation.[/caption]
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BGaming to showcase its first multiplayer crash game at SiGMA Europe
BGaming is delighted to announce that the studio will showcase its best products and solutions at SiGMA Europe

The  iGaming industry exhibition that will take place in Malta from 15th to 20th of November. Content for crypto casinos, the interest in which is growing literally day by day, will be in the focus of the provider. All attendees will have a chance to get acquainted with the first “crash” mechanics game in the BGaming collection called Space XY. With a simple interface but highly entertaining playing process, the title meets the latest iGaming trends and is going to gain popularity in a blink of an eye.

[caption id="attachment_283590" align="alignleft" width="117"]Alexandr Shavel Alexandr Shavel, Head of BizDev Department at BGaming.[/caption]

“SiGMA is considered one of the largest iGaming shows. We expect to have fruitful days in Malta and we’re extremely glad to showcase Space XY. It’s a completely new product for us. We follow all the market tendencies and we are sure that Space XY will be in demand! We’re also working on a set of crypto dice games and will be glad to offer operators new versions of Plinko, Rocket Dice, Head & Tails. Of course, we have prepared some special offers that will surprise our clients,” noted Alexandr Shavel, Head of BizDev Department at BGaming.

Hundreds of exhibitors will also get the opportunity to get acquainted with top studio titles including so-called Brand Exclusive games. The solution which is already well-estimated by the industry leaders will be presented at the BGaming booth. Each Brand Exclusive title is customized according to the operator's requirements and preferences giving the opportunity to embody creative ideas and follow the casino design features. It allows the operator to increase the player's loyalty to the game and boost the turnover. Stake, Bitstarz, PlayAmo, VBet, and other reputable operators have Brand Exclusive titles in their collections.
For the past two years, BGaming has shown rapid growth. MGA license received in March 2021, allowed the provider to boost its international reach and widen its partner’s network by giving access to the various portfolio of online casino games. The studio has also launched Help Center for clients that allowed to accelerate the integration process and make it easier.
BGaming is a fast-growing game provider converting gaming into gaming. Thanks to an expert team and a player-driven approach the studio creates innovative and engaging products featured on reputable platforms and 550+ online casinos worldwide. BGaming is the world’s first to support cryptocurrencies and offer Provably Fair games. Today the brand's portfolio includes 65+ products with HD graphics and a clear user interface for every device.

Next up: Malta Week

Don’t miss out on amazing networking opportunities and exclusive industry insights at Malta Week. Four leading shows will bring the best of the business back-to-back to a first-class meeting point. Malta Week will consist of SiGMA, AIBC, Med-Tech World and AGS, each presenting the top developments of their focal industries.

The cross-collaboration of each brand makes Malta Week the number one destination for leading think-tanks of the gaming sector, emerging tech, digital health, and digital marketing. The middle of the Mediterranean is the perfect place for multi-faceted business deals and face-to-face conversations with leading affiliates, policymakers, and thought leaders.

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India launches first NFT-based cricket strategy game
Cricket Stars has been released in the esports market for India's massive market of cricket enthusiasts. Gamers will be able to interface directly with each other over a decentralized Web3 network using a number of applications without the need for intermediaries. The new release is a proprietary cricket strategy game created and produced in India. The game's USP is that it is a multiplayer NFT-based game and includes esports events and tournaments. It is not based on a Pay-to-Play or Play-to-Earn model and this will likely attract more players to try it out. Tezos is a public, open-source blockchain with a decentralized protocol relying on low power consumption and energy-efficient consensus. Significant advancement for the gaming industry The partnership was announced by Tezos India at a press conference where the NFT-based cricket game was introduced by Om Malviya, President of Tezos India, as being ground breaking and innovative, signifying a leap forward for the gaming industry. Players will be able to play with the cricket game and collect and trade exclusive cricket-themed NFTs.
This game brings a new dimension to the gameplay experience. Our team is excited to collaborate with the gaming studio to bring this innovative game to life, and we can't wait for players to experience the thrill of NFT-based gaming on Tezos blockchain. We anticipate that this partnership will serve as a fundamental building block of our mutual dedication to transform the gaming sector" Om Malviya, President - Tezos India
According to a press release by the company, the Cricket Stars NFT marketplace will allow players to interact with other players and use Tezos wallets to trade, buy and sell their cards through the in-game store without using cryptocurrency.  The Cricket Star NFT marketplace is powered by the Tezos blockchain. Ravi Kiran, founder of GoLive Games was pleased to share his delight about the studio's partnership with Tezos India.
Our partnership with Tezos India is an astounding statement of blockchain technology becoming an integral part of the gaming industry. Cricket Stars offers an unmatched gaming experience to our valuable users in the form of unique NFTs and we are thankful to the Tezos India team for powering our NFT marketplace," Ravi Kiran, Founder - GoLive Games.
Kiran also spoke about the power of blockchain technology in relation to its role in the gaming ecosystem. Related topics: Overcoming identity verification in Brazilian gaming sector SiGMA Insight: Paving the way for ESG in the gaming sector STOP PRESS:  SiGMA Americas – World iGaming Festival will take place in Sao Paolo from 14 -18 June.
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Streamers Awards puts online community in the spotlight
Following years of experience organising exhibitions and award ceremonies, and in collaboration with Matching Visions, SiGMA Group will host its first ever gala awards evening dedicated to the streaming community as part of upcoming SiGMA Europe event - Malta Week. Taking place on the 14th of November at Sky Club Malta, the Streamers Awards will celebrate the best of online streaming, shining a spotlight on top talent in the digital space and celebrating the growth of this nascent industry.  The Streamers Awards: By the community, for the community With 20 categories highlighting platforms from Twitch to Facebook and a wide range of criteria such as esports and ethics being considered, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to ensuring a well-rounded celebration of the creative minds within the streaming space. A VIP guestlist of top tier streamers includes names such as Mr-Gamble, Haddzy, Doddy, Bonkku, Big Daddy, MaximZockt, Juicyspins, and more. The Awards: Most Responsible Streamer Best Female Streamer Best Content Biggest Community Biggest Viral Video Community Member of the Year Best Global Streamer Streamer of the year Most entertaining Streamer Funniest Streamer Innovation in Streaming Biggest Win Biggest X Win on Stream Game of the Year Game Provider of the Year Most Interactive Streamer Best Twitch Streamer Best Facebook Streamer Best Rising Streamer Have your say - how to vote Nominations are open until the 1st of October, following which a shortlist will be announced. A final round of voting will then take place - closing on the 25th of October. The judging panel includes; Tereza Melicharkova, Swintt, Irina Iasnogor,, Mike Strunge, Acroud AB, Polina Risberg, Relax Gaming, and Pontus Espe, DT9 Affiliations. Know someone who deserves a place in the finals - or perhaps you’d like to put yourself forward? Multiple nominations can be made, so cast your votes here With all eyes on our streamers, the potential for branding and advertising is unparalleled. Sponsor the Night, an Award Category, or the Welcome Reception to put yourself front and centre, letting your brand take a lead in highlighting the rising stars of this online industry. Visit the website for more information on how you can get involved.    About SiGMA Europe After a year of international events, the SiGMA Group will close off the year with one of the biggest gaming and emerging tech shows in Europe. Drawing industry leaders from across the globe, Malta Week brings SiGMA's biggest brands together for a week of networking, top notch conferences and a buzzing expo floor. With Europe being one of the premier economic regions, the conference will unite market titans amongst the affiliates, operators and suppliers of the Gaming and tech industry - with an infinite amount of opportunities for both the investors and the entrepreneurs seeking to shape the future of this multi-billion dollar industry. View the agenda here. For speaking and exhibiting opportunities, contact Sophie
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SiGMA Dubai ticket prices rising as last minute passes go on sale
Last minute passes are still up for grabs for the SiGMA Eurasia event in Dubai this March. Ticket prices are set to continue to increase in the run up to the event, rising every 3 days as the event nears inception. Tickets can also be acquired in person, at the Pre registration and drinks reception held on the 13th at the Vista Lounge, Intercontinental Dubai Hotel, Festival City, and at the expo itself, which takes place at Festival Arena by the Intercontinental Hotel, Festival City from the 13th to 16th of March.  The SiGMA Eurasia expo provides unparalleled opportunities for attendees to forge strong connections with key decision makers - including high-ranking government officials, influencers, and policy makers. Top of the agenda are unmissable opportunities for delegates to learn from the expertise of entrepreneurs like Gary Vee and the legendary Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort, network with top-tier operators, investors, affiliates, and suppliers, and gain valuable insight into the Mena market. Led by top tier speakers, three conference stages will bring some of the sector’s most pressing issues to light, while a trifecta of Startup Pitch competitions open the door for budding entrepreneurs to present their ideas to a panel of experts and investors.  In addition to a carefully curated expo floor and a Startup Village, premium networking events also include nightly dinners, a TikTok Meetup for media buyers, content creators and social media gurus, two gala awards evenings, a Desert Safari, and a spectacular closing night party to send the event off in style. View the SiGMA Dubai agenda in full here. Interested in sponsoring, exhibiting, or speaking at the event? Reach out to Emily for more information.
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SiGMA Virtual Roadshow takes on Las Vegas in global tour
The roadshow makes a stop in Las Vegas after inaugural event in Ukraine proves a success with viewers The SiGMA Roadshow is back. After a well-attended first show in Ukraine, SiGMA Group is excited to announce the next stop on its global tour – Las Vegas. A 3-hour virtual event kicks off on the 7th of April at 19:00pm CET/10:00am PST. (more…)
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SiGMA takes iGathering event to Riga
The iGathering networking dinner will take place this 26th of August SiGMA has announced that its next iGathering networking event will be held in Riga. The dinner, which is planned for the 26th of August, at 19:00, is set to take place at the stunning Royal Casino. The evening will also welcome guests from neighbouring countries Estonia and Lithuania, tapping into a wide network of the region's top industry thinkers.  [caption id="attachment_112492" align="alignleft" width="241"]SiGMA royal casino riga igathering The Royal Casino in Riga.[/caption] The event takes place alongside generous sponsorship from Revpanda,, Amber Studios, and Spin Wise.  The Royal Casino SPA & Hotel Resort is a prestigious 5 star hotel and entertainment center located in Latvia's capital, Riga. Bringing elegance and luxury, the resort offers the perfect setting for an intimate dinner with fellow industry leaders. For more information on the event please contact Emily on [email protected] or visit our website to find out more about upcoming iGathering events on the SiGMA calendar.   SiGMA Americas The SiGMA Americas Virtual show will run from the 13th to the 14th of September, 2021. Features include a fully interactive expo floor, networking chat rooms, and a high profile line up of panelists. Beautifully designed booths come equipped with state-of-the-art product displays and chat box features, while attendees can visit the virtual stage, where a series of panels and keynotes will discuss key topics during the live 2-day conference.  Explore the agenda and register here.
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SiGMA Foundation inaugurates 3-in-1 school in Jimma Bonga, Ethiopia
The SiGMA Foundation has kicked off 2023 with the inauguration of a massive, 3-in-1 school in Jimma Bonga, Ethiopia, securing food and education for a thousand Ethiopian children. Comprising a kindergarten, primary, and junior secondary, the three-year-long project was supported by €300,000 donated in funds raised by previous Camino expeditions. The inauguration featured several speeches, given by the bishop and cardinal Markos Ghebremedhin, local clergymen, and government officials. Alongside them were Chief Philanthropy Officer Keith Marshall and the Maltese group from the SiGMA Foundation, along with the staff, parents, students, and many helpers of the school. Words by Matthew Calleja The Bishop's speech Bishop Markos Ghebremedhin started the official ceremony with a speech remarking on the positive impact of the school. “You have been committed to this project for several years. Now, with this school, we will build the future generation.” Congratulating the SiGMA Foundation for its hard work and commitment to the end, the bishop likened Keith Marshall to the late Dun George Grima, a celebrated Maltese priest, and philanthropist. “Keith Marshall is our brother, just like Dun George Grima was our father.” [caption id="attachment_768317" align="aligncenter" width="524"] “Education is the best weapon against poverty.”[/caption] Address by CPO Keith Marshall and Austin Cachia The SiGMA Foundation's Chief Philanthropy Officer Keith Marshall has led the Foundation through thick and thin since its inception. Keith spoke of Ubuntu, a South African concept encapsulating the human virtues of compassion and humanity. “I have been to many countries, but if there is one which holds Ubuntu close to its heart, it is Ethiopia and its people.” There are many difficulties and pitfalls on the road to charity. In a heartfelt call to action, Keith remarked “Fundraising is never easy. You can find a hundred problems every day. We must find the one reason to keep on going. The children in front of us are that reason today.” “We gathered here today to inaugurate the school that will bring hope and change in Bonga,” said Austin Cachia, the Foundation’s treasurer, and Keith’s right-hand man. “This is the result of hard work and dedication of countless people who have come together to make a change in this world.” Austin also highlighted the collaboration and commitment to charity of Browns Pharmacy and Missio. Inauguration The School’s three namesakes Jonathan Chetcuti - Playgrounds Speaking on behalf of Jonathan Chetcuti, the namesake for the playgrounds in the school, Jonathan Dalli remarked on Chetcuti’s mantra for life centred on sports. “Jonathan believed that sports was the foundation for life, or in his words “the university of my life”. The principles he learned from sports - dedication, determination, discipline, respect, teamwork, and above all, the importance of having fun - guided him throughout his life.” Karl Pace - Kindergarten “The joy of living is something which Karl Pace embraced in his way of life,” Jonathan Galea opened his speech in reference to his late cousin. “Karl’s dream was to empower children through education. Thank you to all who’ve helped to make this dream come true today.” Rebecca ‘Becs’ Zammit Lupi - Junior Secondary School Darrin Zammit Lupi spoke on behalf of his daughter, Becs, who two years ago lost her life at the age of 15 after a long illness. “Becs believed in access to education. When she was sick in hospital, she became very frustrated that her education came to a sudden halt, and campaigned for the introduction of online education for teenagers in hospital” he remarked.  “She will live on through this school and the children here will now be part of her extended family.” WATCH what went down this morning:

About SiGMA Foundation:

SiGMA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the SiGMA Group, reflecting the company’s commitment to supporting those in need around the world through fund-raising activities, charity, education, and crucial skills to enable self-confidence and personal empowerment. The organisation operates with a focus on transparency and all accounts are available on request.
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Gamalyze on can help players detect problem gambling
The self-assessment tool from Mindway AI has been launched up to Safer Gambling Week on the world's biggest social network of betting tipsters

With Gamalyze implemented on players can do a self-test with 80 virtual cards that need to be turned. The purpose of the game is to maximize the win. During the game, decision making is analysed, using validated neuroscientific principles. The analysis provides deep insight into gambling behaviour, thus identifying key characteristics associated with problem gambling.

[caption id="attachment_106432" align="alignleft" width="169"]Rasmus Kjaergaard Rasmus Kjaergaard, CEO of Mindway.[/caption]

Rasmus Kjaergaard, CEO of Mindway AI says: "We are very excited about the interest from the industry for our different solutions todetect problem gambling. And now with Gamalyze launched on we give millions of bettors the opportunity to take a self-test and find out if their gambling habit is healthy."

Announcement of Safer Gambling Week initiatives from Mindway AI
The Safer Gambling Week is a cross-industry initiative to promote safer gambling in GB and Ireland.

Rasmus Kjaergaard continues: "Safe and responsible gambling is a cornerstone in everything we do at Mindway AI. Not only do we see Safer Gambling Week as a UK event, but as an industrywide opportunity to create awareness and support operators’ efforts to facilitate safer gambling.

In support of Safer Gambling Week, and safer gambling in general, we are happy to
announce the following initiatives:
1) Try Gamalyze for free throughout Safer Gambling Week using the following link: Gamalyze is our gamification of self-tests as a card game.
2) Our 3-month pilot on Gamalyze is offered at 50 % discount throughout the week.
All pilots ordered from now and until 7 November 2021 will be agreed at 50 % of the standard price.
3) Win a free pilot on our detection system, GameScanner. This includes analysis of
player sample and two online 1-hour follow-up workshops.

Next up: Malta Week

Don’t miss out on amazing networking opportunities and exclusive industry insights at Malta Week. Four leading shows will bring the best of the business back-to-back to a first-class meeting point. Malta Week will consist of SiGMA, AIBC, Med-Tech World and AGS, each presenting the top developments of their focal industries.

The cross-collaboration of each brand makes Malta Week the number one destination for leading think-tanks of the gaming sector, emerging tech, digital health, and digital marketing. The middle of the Mediterranean is the perfect place for multi-faceted business deals and face-to-face conversations with leading affiliates, policymakers, and thought leaders.

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Macau gaming operators sponsor 70th Macau Grand Prix
Macau's six gaming operators will sponsor 120 million MOP (almost $15 million) for the upcoming Grand Prix, its organizing committee announced Wednesday afternoon. The combined sponsorship during last year’s Grand Prix was MOP 28.5 million ($3.54 million). This proactive move is in line with the gaming operators’ efforts to prioritise their commitment to economic diversification and CSR, having committed to invest a minimum of MOP108.7 billion ($14.8 billion) over a 10-year period. A press release jointly issued by Macau’s Sports Bureau and the Macau Grand Prix Organising Committee said “the Macau Grand Prix provides a platform for local enterprises to increase their investment in non-gaming elements”. It added: “The Macau Grand Prix Organising Committee hopes to continue using sporting events as a platform, and hosting sports tourism projects with the industry operators to attract international visitors [to Macau].” Pun Weng Kun, Chairman of the Sports Bureau, told the media at a press conference that the combined support of the six gaming companies will create more business opportunities for small businesses. [caption id="attachment_41488" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]69th Macau Grand Prix Formula 4 Macau Grand Prix of the 69th Macau Grand Prix award ceremony - Photo by Government Information Bureau.[/caption] November 2023 will be Macau’s Grand Prix month This year marks the 70th anniversary of the iconic motorsport event. The 2023 edition will be held over six days - 11 and 12 November, and between 16 and 19 November. It will include 11 races. The iconic Formula 3 World Cup and the GT World Cup are among the races returning to the Guia Circuit after a three-year pause brought about by the global pandemic. [caption id="attachment_41496" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Gui Circuit Fun Run Participants during the Guia Circuit Fun Run, 65th edition.[/caption] For the 70th anniversary, the organizers will bring back the Guia Circuit Fun Run, which will be held in the first week of November. The organizers of the Grand Prix have announced that they will launch a ticketing campaign by partnering with local and international travel associations, travel agencies, airlines and online travel platforms. According to local TV channel TDM Canal Macau, November will be Grand Prix month. Authorities will host several satellite events such as inviting students to tour the Macau Grand Prix control centre. The annual racing event will cost an estimated MOP260 this year. SiGMA Asia is in Manila Join us from the SiGMA Asia conference in Manila taking place from the 19th to the 22nd of July.
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FashionTV Gaming Group set to take ICE 2023 by storm, introducing industry leaders to its revolutionary ‘brand to business’ model in signature FashionTV style – on its luxury boat, the ‘FashionTV Queen’
The world’s foremost gaming, casino and sports operators are invited on board of the 'Floating Booth', to discover the power of the FashionTV brand, as they launch their own FashionTV-branded casinos, sports websites and more in their home markets.    Following another year of standout successes, FashionTV Gaming Group, one of the industry fastest growing companies announces its next phase of development, showcasing its innovative and unique ‘brand to business’ model, implemented for iGaming operators, at ICE 2023.  FashionTV is enjoyed by over 2 billion viewers worldwide, with a reputation spanning 25 years as the leading global luxury, lifestyle and fashion broadcasting channel.   FashionTV Gaming Group is the exclusive licensor of the FashionTV brand for online games, with FashionTV-branded games already successfully developed and/or distributed by industry giants, including Playtech, Flutter Entertainment, PokerStars, Paddy Power, Sky Bet, Betfair, Evolution, NetEnt, Red Tiger, Caliente, Betconstruct, EveryMatrix and more.  Now, the Group will take its ‘brand to business’ model direct to B2C operators, as it seeks to sign license agreements with those premier gaming operators worldwide that have substantial captive markets. Working with market leaders across regions and countries, FashionTV Gaming Group will give its partners access to the power of a global megabrand, harnessing FashionTV’s extraordinary content to transform new, no-name launches, into massive, branded businesses. Delivering new growth engines that leverage a brand loved by billions – at a fraction of the marketing cost.    Sailing a wave of success to ICE 2023  FashionTV Gaming Group will be introducing this revolutionary ‘brand to business’ model to industry leaders in signature FashionTV style, on the exclusive ‘FashionTV Queen’ boat, docked right outside the ExCeL.  The fully branded FashionTV Queen will sail under seven bridges on its way to the ExCeL, before docking on the morning of 7 February.   Industry giants and leading partners are invited aboard this magnificent, luxury vessel – an authentic replica of a historic Mississippi Paddle Boat – for a packed schedule of FashionTV Gaming events, corporate meetings and parties.  The boat’s first luxury level will be dedicated to corporate business meetings, accompanied by delicious food and drink, freshly prepared by the FashionTV gourmet chef.  Meanwhile, the upper deck will host ICE visitors for music and mingling with the FashionTV business development team, who are on hand throughout the day to discuss future business opportunities.  The glamorous FashionTV models will welcome guests at the ‘Wall of Fame’ for stylish photos. And of course, sunset heralds the arrival of the inimitable FashionTV parties, with limited, C-level only VIP tickets for receptions on 7 and 8 February, from 17.30.   Guests can expect superstar cabaret performances courtesy of FashionTV icons, alongside a showcase of FashionTV-branded products already taking the market by storm. Presenting these branded luxury lines of gaming products at their very best, surrounded by the glamour of a FashionTV party, typifies the way in which FashionTV Gaming Group combines virtual and real worlds, for maximum effect.   Visitors to ICE will find the FashionTV Queen docked outside the ExCeL, next to the Sunborn Hotel. Details are also on the ICE website and the FashionTV Gaming Group team and models will be available inside the conference centre to provide directions and schedule meetings.   Industry leaders coming from the city can be picked up by the FashionTV Queen’s Rolls-Royce, chauffeuring them directly to the first-level corporate deck for their scheduled meetings, where new business partnerships will be discussed.   With the promise of powerful industry partnerships to be forged, revolutionary FashionTV-branded games, websites, luxury lines of products and new growth engines to launch – plus star-studded parties on the FashionTV Queen – this is an ICE experience not to be missed.       About FashionTV Gaming Group  FashionTV Gaming Group is the exclusive licensor of the global FashionTV brand for iGaming. Through a unique ‘brand to business’ model, FashionTV Gaming Group partners are granted a license to create innovative and immersive branded games and websites for their customers, backed by FashionTV’s global media power. Working with leading B2B providers and B2C operators, we are the first to bring luxury living to life for gaming audiences around the world.    
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Creating a balance between the entertainment and the business verticals
Emily Micallef, SiGMA group event director, on what it takes to organise a SiGMA event

As an event planner will tell you, organising an event is full of your usual blood, sweat and tears; organizing an iGaming event on the other hand offers a rarely seen ray of sunshine breaking through all the logistical mayhem.

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10 Reasons why live events rock hard
The past year has been challenging for several industries, however, the events industry clearly suffered the most. Events were immediately shut down all over the world and many companies resorted to virtual shows. SiGMA spearheaded the virtual event world through our virtual roadshows which targeted a different region every month - covering the whole globe. Although we managed to make the best out of virtual events, nothing can replace the buzz of a physical-live event! There are so many advantages a live event has, and after such a tough year due to the pandemic, we want to remind everyone about the benefits of a real-life event.

10. Nothing Beats Face-to-Face

Nothing really beats speaking in person to new and familiar faces. Face-to-face communication is vital to networking and building connections since there will definitely be a stronger connection. It definitely enhances relationships as it also helps individuals build trust and loyalty with each other. Obviously, many of us have been deprived of this benefit due to the ongoing pandemic that affected the way we communicate but make no mistake, when everything goes back to normal - people will be itching to take advantage of face-to-face communication to build those long term relationships. Face-to-face SiGMA 2019 To break it down for you, the main benefits people can obtain from face-to-face meetings are: Building those strong relationships Enhances loyalty and trust Increase in productivity Clear communication related to goals & strategy Easier to focus and be engagedIf you're craving that face-to-face communication right now, then check out our upcoming events this year, including several iGatherings and the mother of all conferences happening this November!

9. Networking

Networking is an essential skill for any business person. Building your network boost your career success by making the right connections, staying on top of industry trends & the "know-how" of the job market. Networking opens new avenues, both personally & professionally, and there is no better place to network than at a live event. Networking virtually also works but the buzz of a live show hits completely different & makes networking that bit easier due to the advantages we spoke about in the face-to-face section. So how can you be effective at networking at a live event, for example at SiGMA Europe: Look for the right people in the right job Be easygoing & proactive Keep tabs on your networking channel Continuously look for networking events - do not stay idle

8. Interactive Means Fun

Since physical events give you that face-to-face benefits, they are just way more interactive. SiGMA's events include thought provoking conferences which give people the chance to interact with experts in specific fields, be it in tech, gaming and regulation. Furthermore, most live events include an expo floor which give people the chance to learn more about companies that they are interested in. This enhances the attendee experience as they will feel more involved in the event, immersing themselves in the whole event experience. The main benefits of an interactive live event: Create lasting memories Influence people's perception Increase in engagement

7. Ambience is Unbeatable

Creating the right atmosphere is always essential to the success of an event. For example, the one thing virtual events lack over physical events is specifically this. The atmosphere that a live event creates is second to none. Creating the right ambience can boost your brand image as it will get attendees excited about your brand & ensure that they will have a great experience throughout the event, something that is difficult to replicate via a virtual event. How to get the perfect ambience? Choose the right location Greet delegates at entrance Make sure lighting and sound is perfect Food & beverages must be available Set requirements for rooms - ensure that these requirements are met Thank your delegates at the end of the event SiGMA 2019

6. Immersive Experience

By creating an immersive experience, delegates will be way more engaged at your event. They will be able to connect with your brand on a completely different level, which in turn increases brand credibility and brand value. At live events, creating an immersive experience is easy - just think out of the box and be different from everyone else. Our live events are constantly looking at new ways to create an immersive experience, going as far as bringing a talking robot to our event! Sophia the robot Here are a few of our tips to create the perfect immersive experience: Know what you want to achieve - Education? Entertainment? Brand awareness? Create content surrounded by the experience Ensure that the experience engages all the senses Personalise the experience Ensure delegate interaction

5. Special Themes Make It Special

You can easily create a special theme to go with your event, maybe even several different themes. These are important since it will set you apart from competition. Themes must reflect the objectives of the company & incorporate them into the event - it will also give the delegates an idea of what to expect. Special themes can act as a catalyst for success as it creates a buzz & helps speakers to understand their audience, which will increase engagement between the crowd & speakers. Keep in mind that live events have been away for quite some time, so people will be expecting to be entertained and their expectations will be high!

4. In-Person Learning

Through conferences & an immersive experience, delegates will be able to take advantage of in-person learning at events. It provides a hands-on experience, which allows for greater interaction between delegates and speakers. The connection between professionals in real-time is priceless and in-person training really does enhance these relationships. SiGMA focuses on in-person learning at our live events through engaging workshops that bring industry experts from all over the world to pass on their knowledge to hundreds of people. Our workshops are limited in space as we want to give you the full in-person learning experience! Conference SiGMA 2019

3. Bigger Audiences Guaranteed

This one is quite self-explanatory. The majority of live, physical events are more likely to pull a bigger audience when compared to a virtual show. The feeling of seeing a massive audience at an event creates an adrenaline rush that can not be replaced - don't believe us? Come to SiGMA Europe to see what we're on about! Having said that, just because the audience is big does not mean that the audience is right. It is essential that you target the relevant people to create the right audience. Having the wrong people at your event will hinder the success of your event overall.

2. More Content, More Value

Live events can give your team content for days! One can start producing content promoting the show from way before, including the speakers, location & "what to expect" section in the article. Content is vital to the promotion of your event while it also manages to keep the momentum going for months on end. Make sure to get a mix of photo, video & written content out there and push it through social media, media partners & email campaigns to maximise it's potential. Here are some examples of content that can be used: Tutorials Behind the scenes Video interviews Creation of infographics for delegates Blogging

1. Sales Opportunities are Maximised 

The benefits of live events are endless but at the end of the day, business people want to make money. Through networking, in-person learning & face-to-face meetings, its natural that sales opportunities increase & that's the pull of live events. Quite a few business deals happen at live events since relationships and trust are being built as the event goes on. Therefore, live events are the perfect setting to initiate a potential sales deal or even close one too!
Join our next iGathering: The next SiGMA iGathering networking event will be held in Riga. The dinner, which is planned for the 26th of August, at 19:00, is set to take place at the stunning Royal Casino. The evening will also welcome guests from neighbouring countries Estonia and Lithuania, tapping into a wide network of the region’s top industry thinkers.
For more information on the event please contact Emily on [email protected] or visit our website to find out more about upcoming iGathering events on the SiGMA calendar.
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SiGMA Group postpones Malta networking event
Decision follows WHO assessment of COVID-19 as a pandemic
SiGMA Group has decided to postpone the iGathering event planned to be held in Malta on 25th March 2020. Following the assessment by WHO that COVID-19 can be characterised as a pandemic, the events group sees delaying the event as the only responsible course of action to ensure the health and safety of exhibitors, attendees, and SiGMA staff, as well as preventing any possible further spread of the virus. Emphasising the broad interest received from SiGMA clients and partners, SiGMA Group is reassuring all parties that this exclusive event will still take place, but at a later date, when any potential threat from the spread of the virus is properly assuaged by relevant authorities.
sigma 327x181 iGathering Malta will now take place in late June.
In a statement by SiGMA Group it was noted, “With authorities advising restrictions on travel and public gatherings, it is our responsibility to uphold the measures being implemented to prevent the wider spread of COVID-19. “While our Malta iGathering has garnered significant interest from our global audience, by delaying this event until a more appropriate time, we wish to reassure everyone both of our commitment to global health efforts, and of our commitment to our clients that the show will go on - just at a later date!” Currently the group expects to reschedule the event for late June, with a confirmed date and invitations to be re-sent in coming days. The event is planned to bring together more than 400 friends and leaders from the worlds of iGaming and blockchain to celebrate the global expansion of the SiGMA and AIBC Summits to a global audience. About SiGMA Expo: The iGaming summit SiGMA is setting its sights on Asia. Our ground breaking Asian iGaming expo will be held in Manila, on the 8th & 9th of June 2020. SiGMA's largest venue to date will bring together high quality conferences and content, premium networking opportunities, and luxury networking event. 10,000 delegates from across Europe, the US, and Asia are expected to attend, making this one of the biggest shows to unite East and West in the region.  To become a part of the fastest paced Asian iGaming event, book a pass or sponsor & exhibit. For those planning to attend SiGMA Manila, AIBC Manila and ICE Asia at SMX on June 8-9th, this is the buzzing business environment to be expected:
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