iGaming Christmas campaigns: How to make the most out of acquisition and retention

Posted:: Nov 24, 2020 17:22 Category: Casino , Europe , Posted by Marieke Janssen

The holiday season is coming up. Avoid the most common pitfalls between Marketing and CRM this year!

Every year it pains us to see brands make the same mistake over and over again when planning their Christmas campaigns – forgetting to see the bigger picture of the customer journey with the link between acquisition and retention. It seems to be a full-on war between departments regarding budgets. Spoiler alert, the only winner of that war is your competitors!  

Jenny Ramstedt | SiGMA News“The iGaming industry is a very competitive space where it’s a constant battlefield for market shares and players’ wallets. This has been the case for years which has made people working in this industry really skilled at calculating return on investment. What surprises me though is that even in this mature market where every penny counts, management teams, in general, are making the same fatal mistake year after year.” says Jenny Ramstedt, Account Manager at Wiraya.

“Internal teams are typically divided into acquisition teams and retention teams and have their separate budgets. Nothing wrong with that in itself, but since organizations are measured on their separate performances and cost efficiency, something interesting happens. There are no natural incentives to collaborate between departments, preventing the seamless customer journey this industry is talking so much about!” continues Jenny. 

It’s crazy to even think that people in charge of retention activities are not being prioritized with larger budgets. Brands literally spend millions of dollars on acquisition to the point where there is very little budget left to actually take care of the customers they just spent a fortune on acquiring. If the world has taught us one thing this year, it’s the importance of maintaining relationships. Especially with loyal customers. 

“I truly believe this is the year we are going to see massive differences on the bottom line depending on how well brands execute on their retention strategies. There is a lot of discussion on how easy it is to lose a customer. I would like to turn this around and let management directors know that it can also be fairly easy to keep a customer, as long as you do it right! And the first step is to make sure that the retention teams have the budget to do their job because they are the true heroes of your organisation.” 

Right now at this very moment, igaming brands are working tirelessly on upcoming Christmas campaigns, spending huge amounts of their budgets. Very few have a clear follow-up plan to actually retain those customers in January and onwards. But those who do will for sure get the most bang for their buck on this year’s Christmas campaigns! You want to learn more about how you can secure an additional 30% retention in early life? Check out Wiraya!

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