iMovo Limited establishes a presence in Portugal

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Digitalisation & CX solution provider and advisory firm, iMovo Limited announced today, that it has established a presence in Portugal

This investment will allow the company to further develop and strengthen its international business segment. Prior to this new venture, approximately a third of iMovo’s revenue was derived from its broad and high-profile customer base within markets such as the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and the Middle East.

This venture will allow iMovo to achieve one of its key goals, to become a strong international player in its fields of expertise which include Digitalisation through technologies such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data Science & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robot Process Automation (RPA).

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a rethink in the business philosophy of the company and Portugal was selected as the location for its new international presence following an analysis of the characteristics of the market as well as the growth potential of adjacent Iberian markets as well as Portuguese speaking markets in South America and Africa. Portugal itself, prior to the pandemic was one of Europe’s fastest-growing economies and Lisbon, in particular, has developed into a popular base for numerous technology companies such as Cloudflare, Google and Microsoft as well as several start-ups. It has also been the venue for the popular Web Summit for the past few years.

The first employee of the new venture came on board on December 1st and is already working well with the Malta-based team on projects related to some of iMovo’s international customers. Additional personnel will be joining the company in Q1 2021, based in and around Lisbon.

iMovo is a specialised solution provider and advisory firm which focuses in the customer experience and digitalisation space. It enjoys deep working relationships with a number of leaders in these fields which include Zendesk, Salesforce, Qlik, Tableau, Snowflake, Microsoft, Talend and UiPath. Its customers range from global blue-chip retailers to banks, manufacturers, igaming operators, distributors and financial services firms amongst others.

“Internationalisation has been on the company agenda since day one, when we first started up some 10 years ago. Though I have to admit we could not have imagined that we’d be engaging

with the kind of customers we do today. We are thrilled to be entering the Portuguese market and to be working in partnership with some really interesting companies there, about which we’ll make some announcements later on. In the face of the global pandemic the world is faced with, this venture clearly sends the signal that iMovo is a serious player and willing to reach out to new markets, rather than playing defence and going into cost-cutting mode”. Said Pierre Mallia, Managing Director of iMovo Limited.

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