Implementing AI driven solutions in iGaming platforms

Lea Hogg 1 month ago
Implementing AI driven solutions in iGaming platforms

Truman Chia shared his insights on the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the iGaming industry during the second day of the SiGMA Asia Summit 2024.

He highlighted how the iGaming industry has been revolutionized by AI. It’s not just about automating tasks, he says, it’s about enhancing the gaming experience, personalizing education, and setting new trends. According to Chia, AI has changed the game, providing quality education and training that was traditionally dependent on finding good teachers.

“Together let us explore the truth of coexistence between human culture and AI”

Truman Chia

Journey of an organisation

Chia shared the journey of a company that has embraced this revolution. The power of the cloud and algorithms to harness AI has expanded wisdom through machine learning. The journey has been about using new power and resources to work for the company.

In 2023, this company set core objectives for technological innovation. AI optimization has been achieved across all systems, programming, and multilingual integration capabilities.

Future of AI

Looking ahead, Chia sees a future where AI is ubiquitous. By 2030, companies adopting AI will decrease manual labour by 70 percent. AI-driven studies are focused on machine learning to reinforce learning and become the best.

Truman Chia then goes on to explore what happens when everyone uses AI? We all use the same language, train our own versions of AI. The core values and direction we’re heading in is to create our own digital human. Chia envisions a digital human army in each company, addressing the issue of not having enough time to do every job. This is set to change the whole gaming landscape in the iGaming industry.

However, building trust is crucial. In an era of fake information and fake news, Chia says that we must ensure the authenticity and reliability of our AI systems.

As we look forward to the limitless possibilities of the global AI revolution, Chia believes that companies will lead industry trends, pioneering a new era for cross-generational platforms. He invites everyone to join in crafting a future of luxury and excellence together.

The keynote at the SiGMA Asia Summit 2024 was delivered by Truman Chia is CEO of K36.

It was sponsored by Wicked Games.

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