In any partnership, in any industry, transparency of information and honest interaction will always come first – Andrey Akimov

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Andrey Akimov, Chief Operation Officer of N1 Partners Group sits down for an exclusive interview to discuss plans to expand their affiliate program, upcoming trends, and their experience working with Affilka

N1 Partners Group was the first company to start working with Affilka back in early 2018. Could you tell us what you have achieved since then, and what role has Affilka played in this?

First and foremost, I would like to thank the Affilka team for their timely assistance in all matters. Thanks to our cooperation, we were able to analyse the quality of received traffic much more carefully, keep track of trends, projects, and provide transparent and clear feedback to our partners.

In 3 years, we have grown N1 Partners Group to 8 projects, gained even more partner trust and player loyalty, and are happy to use Affilka services for each of the 8 brands.

Eight brands in three years is quite an impressive result. How convenient is it to manage so many projects within one partner program? 

Managing several projects in one affiliate program is quite convenient. From the user’s point of view, being both operator and partner, there is no need to use several tools with similar functionality. Everything is brought together in one place. It is particularly convenient to set up a commission and activate it for all brands in the affiliate programme at once. You can quickly compare performance between projects, but you also have the functionality at your fingertips to separate and sort information when you need it.

What Affilka functionality has been particularly helpful in your work? 

The commission constructor is a very flexible tool that allows you to set up different scenarios for working with affiliates, and many conditions can be taken into account when creating commissions.

Statistics and reports are one of the most important tools in our work, because it is the data used to monitor the quality of traffic, both in individual cases and in general, which helps to improve and predict the development of our products. We can filter the statistics according to a number of relevant indicators and offload them for use in external tools. It is worth noting that the Affilka team is constantly refining, expanding and improving its functionality for user convenience.

Affilka merchant accounts are another convenient solution to work with. It allows us to make payments to affiliates directly from the affiliate software, without using third-party wallets or accounts on various payment systems. 

How has interaction with affiliates changed over the years with Affilka? Do you see a difference between three years ago and now?

In the three years we’ve been working with Affilka, the interaction and work with affiliates has changed dramatically, and for the better. Thanks to a reliable and clear system not only affiliates but also we can freely track results and, if necessary, contact the affiliate and make adjustments.

What kind of creatives do you use when working with affiliates?

When it comes to creativity, I would like to say that we are always ready to meet our affiliates’ needs and are willing to create exclusive banners or landings for them. Of course, we also have our own promotional materials, which we constantly use and try to improve to increase the conversion rate and consequently the work effectiveness.

For example, the registration form is widely used, which in turn we try to make the most convenient and easy for users, this approach also applies to other landing pages.

Among the popular bloggers we would like to mention Roshtein, with whom we have a long-standing and mutually beneficial collaboration. This partner has their exclusive bonus conditions for players who come to us from him, as well as an exclusive landing with the description of these bonus conditions.

What do you see as the difference between Affilka and other affiliate marketing platforms? 

At the moment, Affilka is the only platform we use to run projects, so it’s difficult to compare. But we often get feedback from our affiliates, who comment on the user-friendly interface and the availability of statistics on its traffic. I think that is the main difference.

What trends can you point to in the development of affiliate marketing?

In any partnership, in any industry, transparency of information and honest interaction will always come first. With Affilka, we thoroughly analyse traffic and are able to share this information with our affiliates, working together to improve performance, thereby nurturing profits for both parties. All of this combined gives our affiliates the most important thing confidence in us, in their earnings as well as a sense of security.

Does N1 Partners Group have plans to expand its affiliate program? In what direction is the company going to move as part of its affiliate marketing development?

We certainly have ambitious plans. At the very least, we intend to expand our presence and enter new markets, as well as to put an emphasis on crypto in our work. We have also completely revised our approach to cooperation with partners and are moving to a new qualitative level. So our ambitions include serious growth of all existing projects, through a more thorough approach to traffic analytics and coordinated work of all teams.

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