‘In our industry, caring for our customers goes a long way’

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Laura Schembri

How Betsson’s Head of Content and Social Media, Christina Goggi is gearing up to take on the rapidly changing iGaming industry.

Christina Goggi is a known name on the iGaming landscape – she has been navigating the field head-on for over 11 years, employing the art of storytelling for around 20 brands in over 25 regions. Christina’s Midas touch stems from her 360-degree marketing strategies, seamlessly integrating a variety of channels to produce a cohesive message.

As Betsson’s current Head of Content and Social Media, Christina has had to tackle her fair share of challenges, as the iGaming industry is hit with more advertising regulations.



“Bringing a fresh and creative approach can be a challenge, especially in the sea of sameness that can be casino ad creation.”




Her solution? A shift in strategy, leveraging influencer marketing to directly engage with clients and creating a network of trust for their brands to flourish. This more personalised approach has helped foster visual relationships between the brands’ casino customers and the social influencers on platforms such as Instagram and live streaming giant Twitch. Harnessing the power of influencers has proven to be lucrative with the company’s CPA and ROAS receiving a significant boost. No matter the platform Christina is prepared to recreate results wherever Betsson’s audience goes.

Youtube or IGTV? If our audience is there and we have something to offer that’s authentic and engaging, then we’ll be there.”

Christina has also adapted to the changes in consumer behaviour and technology, by focusing on funnelling traffic through bite-sized content. This industry shakeup can best be illustrated through the rise of TikTok and the fall of live TV, as advertisers scramble to engage their audiences’ fleeting attention. iGaming is first and foremost a source of entertainment, as such these short-form ads need to be able to instantly command attention while also conveying relevant messages.

“Our industry is based on constant changes, this is all started in brick-and-mortar casinos, now we’re digital. What’s next? Who knows! The one thing I do know is people will always look for ways to be entertained. And at the end of the day, that’s our job, whatever that may look like after all this.”

Covid-19 was a true test of resilience for many iGaming brands which Christina got to witness first hand. While some suffered, others like Betsson brand StarCasino thrived, successfully pivoting their marketing strategy to accommodate the new normal. The brand’s campaign #reSTAReAcasa focused on re-writing the pandemic’s dark narrative by putting a positive spin on the dire situation giving suggestions of things customers can do during this rough time. The campaign was an instant hit, going on to win the 2020 EGR Italy Award for Socially Responsible Operator of the Year.

For Christina the campaign represented “a true example of Betsson’s core values: we play fair. We know that in our industry caring for our customers goes a long way.”

The iGaming industry has successfully continued to evolve and adapt to the continuously growing industry landscape. But when it comes to gender equality the industry is still very much evolving, especially within positions of power. Acknowledging this divide, Christina believes that one of the best solutions to help mitigate this crisis is by spreading awareness through seminars and events dedicated to the professional growth of women.

Christina also suggests going directly to the source by collecting feedback from female employees to gauge their needs such as improving maternity leave and introducing flexible working arrangements making it possible for women with families to progress in their careers.

“Cultivating an inclusive environment will allow gaming companies to continue to grow by gaining access to new, unique perspectives,” she concludes.

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