India’s illegal cricket betting market sees further three arrests on Saturday

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After a raid took place, Guntur Urban Police, found and seized evidence from a cricket betting racket operating illegally

In India, Guntur Urban Police arrested three people for illegally organising cricket betting. On Saturday the authorities sized Rs 12.60 lakh, six mobile phones, two four-wheeler vehicles and notebooks relating to the illegalities.

All forms of betting are considered illegal in India, however there are no fixed laws on online gambling yet and this is still considered a grey area. Authorities acted on a tip-off and after conducting raids, arrested Sreenu, Surya Teja, and Naagul Meer for an illegal cricket betting racket .

Most betting takes place on the Indian Premiere league and the lack of regulations is one of the reasons why illegal gambling takes place.

cricket betting onlineIn February, police officers arrested the mind behind an online betting racket in India.

Throughout all of last year officers kept increasing efforts to crack down on illegal betting activity.

SEB Inspector Hanish said that last year “A total of INR63,950 cash, 18 mobile phones, one laptop, a TV set, three bikes and two notebooks were seized.

We have seized the bank accounts operated for illegal transactions.’

Types of bets in India

In the eyes of Indian lawmakers, horse racing and rummy are considered games of skill and one is free to bet on them, while cricket and poker don’t share the same distinction. Popular bookmakers such as William Hill and Betfair have eyed India as the next major market to expand to as they see the huge potential it holds.

The need for sports betting regulations

A sports security and integrity body that has worked closely with the Indian Super League (ISL) named ICS, estimated the size of India’s illegal betting sector to be at around £110 billion. An average of 80% of this illegal activity is fueled by cricket.

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