InTarget launches Marketing Automation system for iGaming

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InTarget — CRM and Marketing System launches Marketing Automation system specifically for iGaming 

Since day one, InTarget has set out to make it possible for any online casino to adopt a customer-first approach in a digital world. That means enabling customer-focused growth with good data, so that businesses can deliver personalised and engaging experiences for their customers across every channel.

InTarget’s vision is to build the world’s leading customer engagement platform. Businesses that are able to better understand and directly reach their customers have a competitive advantage. As digital transformation accelerates the world around us, this has never been more crucial. 

It’s important to acquire new players, but it’s just as important to keep current players happy.

This means doing the work to develop strong long-term relationships with players: You need to understand their needs and interests, how and when they want to hear from you, and where they’re at in their buying journey. 

In short, you need a 360 degree view of each customer.

We can characterise personalisation in iGaming as an understanding of what segment do your players belong to, what are their tastes and desires in gaming, what is their intention, and why do they value you. Knowing a full set of information will allow you to deliver the right marketing strategy that works.

At best, you should define what customers like/dislike, want from their gaming experience on your site/platform and work towards delivering advancements of your services according to their needs or create personalised marketing triggers.

‘Speaking your customer’s language’ is a vital concept of every business. InTarget allows you to conduct advanced filtering and segmentation of your audience with less effort based on the hundreds of processed demographic and custom event data stored inside Rich User Profiles.

Collecting data is one thing, but applying them to the dedicated analysis is another. Our drag-and-drop campaigns enable you to create sophisticated lifecycle marketing campaigns with unlimited data points in real-time mode effortlessly.

We are extremely proud of what the InTarget team has accomplished, and thankful for the incredible businesses and people who are our customers and partners today. This is just the beginning, and we can’t wait for you to join InTarget to build the lifecycle marketing campaigns of the future.

InTarget wants to support growing ambitious businesses.

For this reason, InTarget team is happy to provide a free setup for SiGMA friends and partners.

About SiGMA’s revamped website:

SiGMA Group is excited to announce the launch of its newly revamped website. The website is currently available in 5 languages, English, Russian, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish with plans to add another 5 languages over the coming months – namely French, Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Hindi.

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