Interesting facts about casino bonuses in Sweden

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How online casino platforms are using bonuses to attract more customers

The online casino world has been getting more and more popular in Sweden these days when everything has moved online. Bonuses are one of the best features of the online casinos since they help beginners getting started in iGaming and they help you to get to know the various games and platforms. Online casino platforms normally use them to attract more customers.

Finding and getting bonuses

seden online casinoFinding bonuses in Swedish online casinos is usually not difficult since usually the casino provides it to you automatically if you are a new player on the platform. The platforms want you to stay on the site so they make sure that you get to try different functions and games. This is also beneficial to you if you are just starting out with gambling and want to discover new games and platforms.

However, if you are looking to try specific games or you looking for specific bonuses, it’s important that you look into various websites which provide you with reviews and bonuses on different websites. This way you will find exactly the types of bonuses you are looking for and get to try the games in practice. While you can usually practice the games for free as well, it’s also useful to try the platforms on which you invest money on for free, especially if you have the plan to do so in near future.

Another option is to ask from the online casino platform to provide you with a specific bonus, no matter if you are a new player or an old one. You can simply explain that you want to try a certain game before you use money on it. Usually the platforms want to get new customers and will provide you the wished bonus.

If you want to learn more about the bonuses in licensed online casinos in Sweden, you can check out bastacasinobonus.se.

Different types of bonuses

There are various types of bonuses for different Swedish online casino games and services. Oftentimes a bonus for an online casino would mean a certain amount of money to use in the casino. Sometimes they are free rounds of different online casino games or even live rounds. The bonuses often target a certain type of games or certain functions of the games and might not give you a full access of all the possible features. For instance, in sports betting you might only be able to bet on certain type of sport or only on specific matches which have a certain amount of odds. It could be also that you only get access to the most popular games on the online casino platform since usually people want to play those games.

However, all the bonuses have different limits. Some have a time limit of 24 hours during which you have to use the bonus, some have a limit on how many times you are allowed to use the coupon.

Free spins

Free spins are free game turns or rounds an online casino platform would provide you. This could mean taking turns in a poker game for free or playing a gambling game without investing money. The free spins will make it easier for you to get to know a specific game or a platform if you are new to the online casinos.

The amount of free spins is usually limited so that you get a broad overview of the online casino platform and the games it offers.

Live casino bonuses

Live casino BonusIt is possible to get live casino bonuses in Swedish bonuses which is what many people are looking for. Playing poker in live for free for some turns can be a very exciting experience. Usually the casinos don’t want to have bonuses on the live rounds because there is an actual live dealer who needs to be paid. However, Swedish online casinos have taken a step forward and started providing free rounds in games with a live dealer as well.

It can be a little scary for a new player who hasn’t played with a live dealer yet to jump right into the cold water and invest money in the game before trying it out first. It’s important that the players get educated about the live casino games since they are quite different than the other games in online casinos. Having a live dealer can be exciting but also make a new player more nervous and more likely to make mistakes if they’re inexperienced. Bonus rounds will provide everyone an opportunity to try the games with a live dealer which is pretty amazing.

Investment requirements

While you can get a bonus to most games in Swedish online casinos, there are also games for which it’s simply hard to get totally free rounds. Some games are created so that they have the requirement of investment and for instance in slot machines there is normally a requirement for using money since these games are only based on luck rather than skills. If you have a bonus in the form of money, you can usually use it in the slot games but that means that you use the full amount on the game.

Some games have a requirement of 10% or 30% of investment which means that only part of the money given to you will be invested in the game.

You should look into these different investment and money circulation requirements and the conditions of different games and online casino platforms before using the bonuses. This way you are completely sure that you get the most benefit out of the bonuses provided to you and you’re not wasting it on games which might not be useful or interesting to you.


The Swedish online casinos can provide you with various different bonuses and there is definitely a lot you can choose from. This is why it’s important to get to know the different platforms and the various bonuses they can offer before using them on any casino games.

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