Internet Vikings announces new data centre in West Virginia

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Internet Vikings, a global cloud hosting provider, has launched a landmark expansion into the U.S. market.

The groundbreaking expansion comes just three years after the U.S. finally opened its doors to the lucrative industry, ending a 26-year federal ban on gambling. It will serve as the start of the Internet Vikings’ transition to providing hosting services to iGaming operators in West Virginia.
The data centre will now offer customisable hosting solutions including 24 cores, 4GB Ram, 500GB of storage and 50Mbit bandwidth monthly across 12 more states. The rollout will begin with Michigan and Pennsylvania, before moving onto New Jersey, Arizona, Louisiana, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois, Colorado and Virginia.

The Internet Vikings’ strategy to set up operations in every state that legalizes iGaming will soon be able to materialize as the country continues to experience mass adoption across various states. The company has long been associated with state-of-the-art solutions thanks to a host of unique qualities, establishing a reputation as a forward-looking trailblazer. Not only does the company anticipate trends it also precedes them, becoming internationally recognised as one of the most prominent names in the industry. By setting up its first data centre in West Virginia, the company has cemented its status as a leading bespoke iGaming-specific hosting provider, where it has already started to attract eager clients.

Founder and CCO of Internet Vikings, Rickard Vikström, said: “We are excited to start our journey into the US. It’s a huge challenge and a wonderful opportunity for us. With this expansion, we want to cement our position as a leading iGaming hosting provider on a global scale.”

Elena Kvakova, the Head of US Expansion at Internet Vikings, has been working towards the move since November of last year, collecting all the necessary information to ensure the migration was a success.

Elena Kvakova
Elena Kvakova, Head of US Expansion at Internet Vikings

Kvakova stated: “Hosting has always been our strong suit and our main product. As we were learning the ins and outs of the gambling hosting regulations and markets in the USA, we noticed a few things that could be done better.”

“And to us, a Swedish company, an agile approach and customer focus are at the forefront of everything we do. That is what we are trying to do in the key states right now – set up secure, reliable, cost-effective and fully formed hosting solutions, so that the new providers that are entering the US market will be able to focus on other things.”

Aside from offering a variety of premium services, Internet Vikings also strives to share its knowledge on the best ways to enter the US market with other suppliers and operators, offering advice on licensing and its requirements. In fact, back in March, the IT and cloud hosting provider held the webinar ‘How to Enter the US as a B2B Supplier’ with Elena Kvakova and Jesper Kärrbrink.

With a new data centre in Singapore as well as its virtualization platform in Malta, Internet Vikings’ latest expansion into the American market positions the company as a frontrunner for cloud hosting services in the iGaming industry.

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