Italian online gaming shifts to analogue alternatives as country opens

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While the gaming industry in Italy has grown in a year-on-year comparison, the online sector’s relevance is diminished by physical retailers reopening

For the first time in nearly a year, retail sports betting is physically accessible in Italy again, as retailers exit lockdown. Paired with the successful campaign of the national team in the Eurocup 2020 the reopenings have seen the highest sports betting revenues since the beginning of the pandemic, with June being the third best month ever with €215.8 million.

Much to the displeasure of online operators. As major winners of the pandemic, online casinos had massively grown in revenue. Now the mood is fading. Total online gambling revenue fell to €263.2 million, the lowest point since November 2020. On the other hand, it was still higher than in any month before. Online sports betting fell to €102.5 million, lowest since September 2020.

Online sports betting brands were however able to increase their market share. Bet365 stands firmly in first place with 13.4%, making an astonishing recovery from sixth place in May. Snai, the second place of online betting, is the market leader when online and retail are accumulated.

What the balance between online and offline gaming will be, is to be determined based on long-term trends however. It is clear though, that virtual casinos and betting platforms were heavily dependant of the lockdown booster.

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