Jeepneys in the Philippines get 5,000 essential kits by FBM Gaming

Posted: Oct 05, 2020 13:17 Category: Asia , Posted by Content Team

The drivers from the cities of Pasay, Parañaque, Manila and Quezon City, known as jeepneys, received 5,000 essential kits from FBM, each kit containing food and health essentials, including masks, disinfectant gel and similar products

Philippines buses and its drivers, approximately 500,000 professionals, have been dealt a heavy blow with the recent  COVID-19 pandemic, with only a few percent of them being able to work in the recent months due to the pandemic and its imposed restrictions.

Rui Francisco

‘Jeepneys are a symbol of the culture and economy of the Philippines. We understood the dimension of the social problem that their drivers are experiencing, and we decided to help their families with a gesture that can have a real impact (..) The Philippines played an important role in our growth, and is one of the main markets responsible for our positioning as a leading global brand in the gaming industry. This is a gesture of gratitude,’ stated Rui Francisco, founder of FBM (seen on the left).

The Government Entertainment and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) was the entity that coordinated the donation, motivated in conjunction with the FBM to improve the current situation of the drivers that are still suffering from the consequences of the pandemic.

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