Jimmi Meilstrup, CEO at Vita Media Group: “We focus on creating a bond with our clients. Loyalty is our main priority”

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Vita Media Group combines techniques in affiliate marketing with their in-house retention engine, making them the one stop shop for quality lead generation

1. What is the idea behind Vita Media Group?

Vita Media Group is an idea created by a group of people willing to transform the iGaming industry for the better and founded on the principles of data-driven lead generation and retention engines. That idea turned into a startup back in 2016. Since then, our mission isn’t delivering quality leads as an affiliate. We’ve mastered this point and we are way beyond it.

We focus on creating a bond with our clients. Loyalty is our main priority here at Vita Media Group.

This is our secret ingredient to cooking the magic potion. In this business, the competition usually delivers leads from point A to point B. Our job is to keep them happy at point B.

Jimmi Meilstrup - SiGMA News

                   Jimmi Meilstrup, CEO & Co-founder at Vita Media Group


2. How has the company grown since 2016?

I am very happy to say that after 5 years of existence in Copenhagen, Denmark, we opened a second office in Skopje, North Macedonia in 2019. We got bigger offices. We expanded our team. We got better. I am very happy with the first 5 years. Until our 10-year jubilee, we aim to become a name that has reshaped and improved the standards of the I-gaming industry.

3. Do you consider the implementation of affiliate marketing techniques to be a major part of Vita Media?

Affiliate marketing plays a big role in what we do as a company. The better part of the story is how we do it. And this is something I am really proud of. We developed as an ideal to reward loyalty. Nurturing your loyal users establishes a long-term relationship. The next generation in lead-generation & end-to-end loyalty for iGaming operators from data-driven principles.

The idea of is that we give extra points to our players who play in free competitions on the website. They can also join competitions and win more extra points. Later, they can use their collected points to buy cool electronics or other types of gadgets.

But this is not where the story ends. users can use their points to play at some of our online casino partners and have the chance to compete for bigger prizes.

In general, is our two cents in the affiliate business because this is an affiliate model that attracts quality leads only.

4. One of your company statements says that ‘Few seem to prioritize actually keeping people at B’. How do Vita Media Group increase customer retention for their clients? Do the custom-tailored points and reward systems play a big part in this?

This is exactly why we introduced to the market.

We offer tons of free games that players can enjoy. We give them free ???? (you see what I did there). And with these points, the players can use them in our shop to purchase cool gadgets. Another way of earning EkstraPoints is signing up for our promo offers delivered from our casino partners and this is the chance our players get to earn more than screen coins only.

In the end, I am most certainly proud that EkstraPoint got us shortlisted at EGR Nordics Awards 2021 in the Affiliate of the year category.

5. Do you think Vita Media is a leader in turning promising leads into actual paying customers? Are Vita’s methods unique in some way?

Our methods are designed to deliver the best user experience possible. I am keen that happy customers are paying customers.

Looking back on the past year, people went through a lot of stress. That is why we worked on our products and techniques at the same time so that people’s leisure activities can be filled with fun and engaging online experiences.
In January 2020 our EkstraPoint platform recorded a 20% revenue increase month over month.

We got uplift in traffic as well! In a year full of uncertainties and a crucial focus on the pandemic, this result is a positive trend. It speaks about increased interactions on the platform and meaningful user experience. That is why we will keep investing in our product and I can gladly announce that new product updates are expected by the half of 2021.

Vita Media Group - SiGMA News

6. Vita Media Group have a number of gaming brands under their portfolio. With the gaming industry opening up in the US, do Vita Media have any plans in expanding to that country?

Currently, we are working on ways to offer fresh iGaming products to players from various regions in the world. We work with industry leaders in terms of software and support so that the end solutions meet our high expectations. On top of all of that, we need to reassure that we are compliant with the existing regulations in various regions before we decide to enter a specific market.

However, I am pretty sure that we will present ourselves in the US market in the close future.

7. The gaming industry is always changing with new competitors, new tech and even new regulations being implemented in certain countries. Are Vita Media Group well prepared for these types of external changes? How have you faired against these changes already?

As for what competition concerns, we are very aware that the market of iGaming Affiliation is an attractive model for the many. Despite keeping a close eye on our competitors, the premise with as reference was in fact to be ‘first-mover’ in a market that seemed otherwise rather static for the majority of pages that are advertised to the users. We believe and hope as front runners to be the ones others are looking at, rather than the other way around. There are many greatly talented competitors in the industry, and we welcome new and engaging ways to interact with affiliate traffic.

Compliance stands as one of the core values of Vita Media Group when we have to identify ourselves on who we are and what we wish to represent. In an ever-growing industry, we wish to be frontiers in assuring that our efforts are fully compliant at all times for our customers to feel safe under our wings, as well as we wish to house a safe way for our users to play.

I believe the safest way we get to a point of being compliant at all times is that we work compliance through 3 layers. The GDPR layer that applies to us all, the local one and what our clients defined that they allow. By documenting this and by constant research of changes in the markets we face, we go a really far way to ensure to be one step ahead of regulations long before they are enforced.

I want to underline that we are very agile on both tech platform and process level for adapting to changing regulations and compliance requirements on both country and region level, adoption and integration to new marketing channels & partners, and of course full GDPR compliance including platform-wide ‘right to be forgotten’ support.

8. Where will we see Vita Media Group in the near future?

I am very excited about the projects that we will launch soon. To be more specific, I am looking forward to the moment when we add sports betting and lottery to our platforms. These plans will expand our portfolio of entertainment activities. It makes me very happy when I think of the moment that we work with passion to innovate, create, and constantly improve the offer for our users.

Aside from projects in the pipeline that we are yet to let free for the ‘public’, Vita Media Group expects to penetrate a minimum of 5 new countries in 2021 with partially India and the US as contributing factors. Additionally, we plan to add 3 new white-label brands to our existing platform of white-label brands in the next quarters to come that we are soon to be able to share much more information.

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