Jonas Warrer joins the latest series of affiliate interviews

Posted: Jul 24, 2020 15:05 Posted by Maria Debrincat
Category: Affiliate Grand Slam,
Posted: Jul 24, 2020 15:05 Category: Affiliate Grand Slam, Posted by Maria Debrincat

Jonas Warrer, Managing Director at GiG Media, joins the latest series of affiliate interviews on Affiliate Grand Slam

‘We have compliance built in our DNA and understand our roles as affiliates – We need to generate traffic without creating a risk’ – Jonas Warrer.

GiG Media drives more than 100,000 depositing players to their partners yearly and with Jonas Warrer at the helm they aren’t looking to slow down – follow his story below.

Can you give us some background on GiG media and how it got to where it is today?

GiG Media was founded in 2008 under the name of Innovation Labs Ltd. when Norwegian affiliate, Spaseeba, was acquired. Shortly after the current Group CEO  Richard Brown was hired as Managing director of GiGs Media arm.  During the years following GIG built a large portfolio of assets in several verticals and as of today, GIG Media are more than 110 employees and one of the biggest iGaming affiliates In the industry.

Jonas WarnerCan you give an overview of all of the services that you offer and most frequently used channels?

In a nutshell, we provide leads to iGaming operators. We work with multiple traffic generating channels giving us several opportunities to deliver value to our customers.

What sets GiG Media aside from its main competitors?

The combination of working both within sport and casino and having a range of lead-generating channels. We are not the only ones in the industry, but I believe that our extensive diverse approach is at least one of the things that set us apart. Our SEO-supertankers, as well as more fast-moving paid channels, enables us to generate leads to our customers in effect making us very agile and fast-moving to what opportunities arise while at the same time carrying size in the market.

Has COVID had a significant impact on GiG Media’s performance?

With the lockdown of sports as well as the wider unknown effects on the economy I was slightly concerned when COVID-19 hit the world. But my fear was put to rest. I am optimistic about the future and happy with GiG Media’s performance in the last period, not least the agility the organization has shown to adapt to rapid change in the market.


What do you see as the biggest challenge facing iGaming companies in relation to lead generation today?

Changing market conditions, compliance and consolidation of the industry are the top 3 words that come to mind here. For most operators, the affiliate channel makes up a substantial part of the marketing mix and can drive players in big volumes. We as affiliates – across the industry – need to be aware of the responsibilities this imposes on us.

How does the GiG media team solve these challenges?

In a market, with frequent change, we need to act agile and the starting point here is to know when and how things have changed. We focus on quality signals with our publishing assets in order to reduce the risk posed by changes in Google’s algorithm. In our Paid channels we have taken steps to automate and assist our processes in order to make us fast-moving.

We have compliance built into our DNA and understand our roles as affiliates – We need to generate traffic without creating a risk. Sometimes other products come out of that – one example of this is GiG Comply which we launched in 2018 drawing on our compliance technology and processes in Media.

The consolidation of the industry makes it more and more prevalent to build up a strong relationship with the partners we work with – we act and think long-term here in our customer relationships.

What should iGaming businesses take into consideration when selecting a media company to help generate high-value leads?

Stability and a proven track record. Is their success only temporary or can it stand the test of time? We look for long-term partners, operators should do the same.

world sports network website

How do you work with your partners to help them achieve their goals? Close relationships? Flexible approach?

In my mind, the industry always benefits greatly if people employ a bit of a longer-term perspective on their relationships. When working with a partner we seek to help the affirmed brands to increase their presence in their strategic markets. Trust is a key theme for me and hence establishing close relationships. With a strong foundation on trust, it is easier to share goals, objectives and concerns between the partners and we can tailor our services to increase the value delivered to the partner.

What has been the key highlight for you and the media team so far in 2020

How quickly things can change due to unpredictable events happening and how important it is to be agile and quickly adapt to new circumstances. The first months in 2020 have been hectic but also very rewarding.

What is the vision for the future?

A leader in both casino and sports and a well-established presence on each inhabited continent. We have great plans for our two flagship sites World Sports Network, which focuses on sports betting in the US, and, our global casino site. At the same time, we are also working on several new projects in emerging markets. If you ask the 10 biggest operators which affiliate they favour to work with 2 years from now – all 10 should say GiG Media.


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